profileMy name is Aazeddine Serghini, and I am a student at the Infodesign school in Casablanca.  The project I will be sharing in detail today was done for a modelling exercise for school.

We had to model a phonograph as detailed as possible. I liked to the richness of the forms of the object and as I modelled each part of the asset I wanted to give it a surreal-like quality to inspire a sense of mystery.  I wanted balloons coming out from the phonograph which would add a nice detail to the final animation/turntable.

I considered The Rookies competition a professional step in the right direction


For the modelling, I used both Maya and 3ds Max. I like the flexibility of 3ds Max for building objects based on splines. And of course, Maya is super intuitive and fast so, an obvious choice for this stage of the project.



I enjoy using Mari and Substance painter, and so, I had a lot of fun approaching the textures of this asset. I created my textures from scratch using both software. I spent a lot of time making the textures looks old by adding additional dirt layers.

I don’t see any better way than The Rookies competition to present your best work!

One of the reasons I use Mari and Substance render is because of their quick way to get all the maps you need to add more realism and beauty to the textures. For this project I mostly used NORMAL – BUMP – DIFFUSE – GLOSSINESS.  I then used Substance Painter to export my shaders ready to use with Vray.




The lighting was done in Maya with Vray lights. I used 6 Vray area lights, and HDRI plunged in dome light.



The render engine I used was Vray.  I think one of the strengths of Vray is that it passes generators – very powerful and easy to use.



Nuke was the leading software I used to compose all the passes and for color grading. I used a lot of IDs to make a precise adjustment in every part of the object. I used dust elements to add more depth and atmosphere to the image. Final touches such as lens flares and color correction were done in after effects.


And finally, Why the Rookies?:

I considered being part of The Rookies competition as it is a professional step in the right direction, as it is for the rest of the entrants. It’s such a great idea – giving students the opportunity to share their work with studios worldwide. I don’t see any better way than The Rookies competition to present your best work!

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