Showcasing your artwork on massive Digital Billboards across LA

Showcasing your artwork on massive Digital Billboards across LA

The Rookies has been working in collaboration with WOW Media and Pause Fest to share artwork from our community onto digital billboards all across Los Angeles. The promotional campaign has been an incredible success and an opportunity that even professional artists would kill for.

How is this possible!

This opportunity is all thanks to two amazing companies:

WOW Media is a boutique media company with a focus on development, operations, and marketing of unique outdoor advertising signage. They believe in honoring the tradition of out-of-home advertising while promoting new technologies and innovation.

Pause Fest is the world's leading creativity infused business event. Pause Fest founder George Hedon – an accomplished designer with an entrepreneurial streak – saw an opportunity to bring together this inspired new breed of thinkers, makers and doers for an annual, creativity-infused event. Today, Pause draws global luminaries from a huge range of industries and is the leading conference and festival of its kind in the world.

Billboard Stats

The digital billboards are approximately 15m x 4m in size and the billboards receive about 4.6 Million impressions a week. There are 6 locations across Los Angeles.

The Lineup of Artists

During 2018, The Rookies has help promote a huge amount of work from young aspiring artists and we hope to continue this incredible opportunity as long as possible. Check out some of the examples below:

More opportunities coming soon

Opportunities like this are what we believe makes The Rookies special. We are always on the look out for new and interesting ways to help artists get discovered and to start careers in digital media & entertainment.

We have big changes coming ion 2019, so make sure to follow us on social media, or right here on the blog (form below) to get the latest news.