Looking for feedback on your latest animated short, VFX project, or game? In collaboration with Autodesk, The Rookies team will be offering one-on-one portfolio reviews right from the Autodesk booth (Booth 1211). Come by to learn insider tips and tricks and get your toughest content creation questions answered.

Dates/Times: Tuesday, July 29 & Wednesday, July 30, 4 - 5PM
Location: Autodesk Booth 1211

"I came to get a Rookies portfolio review at the Autodesk booth at SIGGRAPH 2018. You looked at my reel and gave me some very candid and concise critique. Although it was short, the feedback you gave me really clicked. It was exactly what I needed to be made aware of in my work at the time, and it went on to immensely influence how I approached reworking my reel. I think the last year would have been pretty different without that feedback."

TIP: Have your Portfolio Offline
It may sound obvious, but we are amazed at how often people try to show us their demo reel and fumble around complaining about the wifi. All this tells us is that you are not prepared which is a hard first-impression to dig yourself out of.

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Looking forward to meeting everyone at Siggraph 2019!