The Student Art Podcast is a weekly series where podcaster Ross Baxter talks to artists from the film and game industries. Ross Baxter is not only a Rookie Awards Alumni, he is an a artist, twitch streamer and content creator on YouTube.

Every week he hosts The Student Art Podcast - a weekly series where he invites everyone from recent graduates to the best artists in the film and game industries to talk about their journey and thoughts on student education. The main focus of the podbase is to highlight how to make it into the industry which is why we think it's an essential subscription for all aspiring artists.

Ever since finishing University Ross has always wanted to get all the questions answered that students ask on a daily basis. The Student Art Podcast is here to answer all your important questions where artists from all backgrounds give their best advice and stories on how to achieve your dreams.

You can find the Student Art Podcast on all popular streaming platform. So go check it and out and make sure to subscribe and support a fellow artist doing amazing things.

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