Trending Projects Featuring the Power of Marmoset Toolbag

Trending Projects Featuring the Power of Marmoset Toolbag

Each week we are amazed by the diverse creations on The Rookies project pages from students worldwide. This week, we shine a spotlight on projects using Marmoset Toolbag, a beloved tool known for its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities.

Every week, we peruse the project pages of The Rookies, and get so excited by the diverse works created by students and self-taught artists from across the globe.

This week, we wanted to spotlight projects featuring Marmoset Toolbag, a versatile tool loved by students for its intuitive interface and potent capabilities. Beyond its renowned rendering prowess, Marmoset Toolbag offers functionalities crucial for 3D artists and game developers alike. From texture baking and shader editing to animation previews and presentation features, users can elevate their work to the next level. Equipped with tools for lighting and environment setup, post-processing effects, and material editing, Marmoset Toolbag empowers students to explore and refine their artistic visions, resulting in the stunning portfolio pieces showcased below!

Poison Martyrs

Created by: Gabriele Amante
School Name: IED Istituto Europeo di Design - Milan
Country: Italy
Description: Hi guys! I am so happy to share with you my personal artwork, and also the first one of 2024! Everything was sculpted in Zbrush and Maya. I used substance painter for texturing and marmoset for baking the low poly model. The original concept comes from an amazing artwork from Tooth Wu Art Studio !
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Nintendo Ds

Created by: Jesús Sáez Florencio
School Name: Florida Universitària
Country: Spain
Description: Hello, I want to show the latest project I have done. As a player I wanted to model my Nintendo DS in 3D. It was an idea I've had for a long time. And I have used this project to learn how to use Blender. I love the result and I hope you do too.
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Léo Magnus

Created by: Jeremy Leung Kalong
School Name: Sae Institue Geneva
Country: Switzerland
Description: Stylised character named Léo Magnus made for my portfolio.
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Motorcycle BMW R69

Created by: Manon MICOULEAU
School Name: LISAA - The Higher Institute of Applied Arts
Country: France
Description: It took approximately 80 hours to create this 1960's motorcycle, from modeling to rendering. It was a challenge that taught me a lot of things and kinda pushed me to be more patient with my workflow. This model is game ready with ~60k polygons. I used 3ds Max, Substance Painter and Designer, Zbrush and Marmoset Toolbag
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Created by: Pau Ocasar
Country: United Arab Emirates
Description: In the heart of the Enchanted Forest, a wise Chaman Mushroom named Chamush cared for the delicate balance of nature. Chamush used his magical abilities to create illusions and summon forest spirits. The once-destructive intruders became guardians, learning from Chamush's wisdom. The Enchanted Forest thrived, and Chamu
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16th Century German Clock

Created by: Loïs MISTROT--DAUZERES
School Name: e-artsup
Country: France
Description: This asset is a study of a type of objects I rarely do wich are old manufactured items with some organic details like engravings. I made the patterns in Photoshop then applied it as an alpha in ZBrush.
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Autumn Guardian

Created by: Anna Altimira
School Name: L'Idem Creative Arts School
Country: Spain
Description: Here's the latest character I've been working on as my final personal project as a student! The idea was to create from start to finnish a whole character with hand-painted textures. The reference for the character is from the talented ZNF (in ArtStation), and I have to say that I've had the most fun with it (specialy
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Italian Courtyard

Created by: Martiine Mayeur
School Name: Vertex School Inc
Country: Estonia
Description: Inspired by a cultural building in Milan, Palazzo di Brera, I created this scene as part of my 2nd term at Vertex School. I wanted to make a 3D environment that you can run around in and learn as much as possible about environment art creation. I had so much fun while making it and I hope you like it!
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Birdman Demon (Real-Time)

Created by: Gábor Meggyesi
Country: Hungary
Description: Mr.Birdman aka ThickSkin Workshop Vol.2 The base idea from Anastasios Gionis:
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Created by: Mohamad Mahdi Abbasi
Country: Netherlands
Description: Hey guys! Let's kick off 2024 with some positive vibes! ⭐⭐⭐ I'm excited to share my latest artwork with you all "Cheerleader" 🔥🥳🤞🏻 Based on a concept by amazing artist @brittmyersart
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Ledoux Cousins' Compound – True Detective fan art

Created by: Michał Zieliński
School Name: Academy of Fine Art in Wrocław
Country: Sweden
Description: Rendered in Unreal Engine 5.3 I wanted to push myself with new portfolio scene. My first goal was to feel more confident with landscape materials & creating foliage by using SpeedTree. Secondly, I wanted not to just capture the reference, but also to rearrange it, reconcept it to some degree.
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Sci-Fi Battle Armor

Created by: Vipin Bhonde
Country: India
Description: Hi there! Sci-Fi Battle Armor. 3D character model . This is my new personal project, wanted to model and texture hard surfaces totally in ZBrush from scratch. The model is also rendered in ZBrush.
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Cyberpunk 2077 Fan Art - Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X Motorcycle

Created by: Charlélie Le Mao
School Name: e-artsup
Country: France
Description: I wanted to extend my skills and practice other forms of hardsurface, so I decided to make a vehicle to learn new skills. The Yaiba was rather tough to make for a first vehicle, but I'm proud of the result and it encourages me to do vehicles again.
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Star Guardian Neeko - League of Legend Fanart

Created by: Yuna Zhai
School Name: Ringling College of Art and Design
Country: United States
Description: fanart for my favorite Neeko skin. I'm still figuring out the way to do NPR... So this one is not perfect but still have lots of fun work on this The body and face is quite high poly because of the vertex color painting hmmm
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Japanese shrine

Created by: Diana Feodorov
Country: Spain
Description: Japanese Shrine. I modeled and textured all the models are seen in the scene.
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Agent 147: Lost Horizon - Real Time

Created by: Thiago Fonseca Brandao
School Name: Think Tank Training Centre
Country: Brazil
Description: This was my project for the mentorship term at Think Tank Training Centre, a journey that significantly elevated my skills and deepened my understanding of the game pipeline.
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The world of Roos

Created by: Rong Rong Wu
School Name: FX Barcelona Film School
Country: Spain
Description: Hola, mi nombre es Rong Rong y el año que viene terminaré mis estudios en Fx Barcelona film school. Espero aprender y crecer más como artista en los próximos años. Espero que les guste mi proyecto
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Created by: Omar Donghi
School Name: Event Horizon School
Country: Italy
Description: I am proud to present to you my FanArt of Warwick, a Champion of League Of Legends, with this project he taught me the approach to intersecting anatomies of different entities, the whole thing was developed to be Game Ready, the model consists of 3x1k textures, and has a total of 33k tris.
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Temple Of Birds (4K)

Created by: Anna Kalantarov
School Name: Think Tank Training Centre
Country: Canada
Description: Hi everyone, I would like to share my demo reel that I started as a graduation project in Think Tank Training Centre, and I finally got some time to wrap it up and publish it. I hope you enjoy it!
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Created by: Nadine Himmler
School Name: PIXL VISN | media arts academy
Country: Germany
Description: As part of my portfolio I really wanted to model and texture a creature. During my research I stumbled across the great artwork of Brian Valeza ( and his Drawgonicon series. I immediately fell in love with the artwork and wanted to realise it in 3D.
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