Program Preview: 3D Training in just 16 Weeks

Program Preview: 3D Training in just 16 Weeks

The CG Fundamentals program at Think Tank Training Centre is a 16-week online course for aspiring CG artists wanting to explore 3D modeling on a budget. It offers foundational skills for further studies or a career in computer graphics.

The CG Fundamentals program at Think Tank Training Centre is an intensive, 16-week online course designed for aspiring CG artists who just want to dip their toes into 3D Modeling while on a budget. This program provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of computer graphics, offering foundational skills that serve as a stepping stone to more advanced studies or a career in the industry.

Program Overview

Held entirely online, the CG Fundamentals program is perfect for individuals with no prior experience in CG Art.


Over the span of 16 weeks, students learn essential technical and conceptual skills necessary to create a fully rendered 3D asset. The curriculum is designed to give students a robust understanding of the basics, from 3D modeling to texturing and lighting.

  • Delivery: Fully online through Think Tank’s proprietary learning platform, Portal.
  • Software: All software provided (Including: Photoshop, Maya, Mudbox, Mari, UVLayout, V-Ray).
  • Price: $4,050 Canadian Dollars in Tuition.
  • Time: 16 weeks, full time (40-60 hours/week).

Curriculum Highlights

3D Modeling

Students start with the basics of 3D modeling, learning how to create detailed and accurate 3D models using industry-standard software.


The course covers the fundamental techniques of texturing, enabling students to add realistic surfaces and details to their models.


Proper lighting is crucial in CG art. The program teaches students how to light their scenes effectively to enhance the visual appeal and realism of their work.

The CG Fundamentals program was the perfect starting ground for someone who was pretty new to CG like myself, and it gave me more than enough knowledge to know what I wanted to pursue going forward. In such a short period, I was able to create something I was extremely proud of by the end of the term. - Nin Tran, CG Fundamentals Student
Nina Tran’s Fundamentals Final Project

The Final Project

CG Fundamentals students complete their program by creating a high quality CG Asset. They spend the last part of the program developing a fully rendered 3D asset based on an original 2D concept. These final projects help students determine their preferred specialisations and career paths!

Tallee Klewicki’s Final Project (3D Render completed in just 4 weeks!)

Fundamentals Final Project Scholarships

Every term, Think Tank gives out several Fundamentals Final Project Scholarships. Think Tank Faculty vote on the most deserving projects in various groups, and the winners of the groups receive the following Scholarships:

  • First: $3,000 CAD
  • Second: $1,000 CAD
  • Third: $500 CAD

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the CG Fundamentals program leave with a strong portfolio piece and a clear understanding of the various career paths available in the CG industry. Whether they choose to pursue further education or dive straight into the workforce, the skills acquired during this program provide a solid foundation for future success. If students want to continue their education, they’ll receive a discounted price to take Think Tank’s 48-week diploma program. In this program, Think Tank students take Career Development & Job Search classes to better prepare them for the next step!

Credits from Think Tank Graduates

Ready to master the fundamentals?

The CG Fundamentals program at Think Tank Training Centre is an excellent choice for anyone looking to break into the world of computer graphics and offers personalised training and feedback from industry professionals. This ensures that students not only learn the technical skills but also understand the industry standards and expectations.

Applications are now open for the October 7, 2024 Start Date. Contact Think Tank via the contact form here.