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Our legacy is the Rookie Awards, but we are much, much more than this. We are a platform that helps digital artists get discovered without having to compete with professionals for attention. We are here to help bridge the gap between production studios and schools.

Most importantly, The Rookies is a safe environment for aspiring artits to share their work without judgement, to be encouraged and motivated to chase their dreams of a career in creative media.

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You are in great hands

Supported by the best schools

The Rookies is a platform for all aspiring artists, but we also have a long history with supporting schools and students. Through initiatives like the Rookie Awards and speaking and education conferences around the world we are here to help guide everyone on their journey to launch their creative media careers.

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The Rookies School

100% free for aspiring artists

Showcase your student's work

The Rookies provides you with a slick portfolio to showcase your work to the world. It's more than a standard portfolio that other sites offer, it's a resume and record of all your achievements. The custom built application allows you to upload everything you need: images, videos, galleries, process view ™, Sketchfab viewer, formatted text and even GitHub repositories for your code.

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The Rookies - Portfolio Example
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Only we have Process View™

Digital media projects are complicated to show the true process behind the finished renders. This is why we created Process View™ which is designed to allow users to "scrub" between up-to 5 different images. Check out an example here. (Look for the yellow slider bar)

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Follow along with Play by Play

We know everyone loves a good forum to share their work and allow people to follow along with updates. This is why you have two choices when creating a project: Standard or Play by Play. Choose Play by Play and keep adding updates to your projects as they become ready.

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Achievents and Badges

Everyone needs a little encouragement, and who doesn't love a good badge or certificate. We have these fully integrated into our platform and award these to our members regularly. Members can then use these to show of their profile page and social media channels.

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Lighting speed and mobile ready

It's no good having a great portfolio if no one can see it! This is why our team has optimised the delivery of member portfolios using a cloud based content delivery network that has been configured for both desktop and mobile viewing.

We love helping members grow their network

Where student's are seen by the right people

The Rookies is a much needed support network for artists during their journey from novice through to the early stages of their professional career. We have a strong industry connection with the world's most highly respected studios. This allows us to help introduce members to our network of recruiters and offer networking opportunities not available on other platforms.

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Weta Digital
Epic Games
Rodeo FX
Axis Studios
Animal Logic
Double Negative
Polygon Pictures
Monolith Productions
Image Engine
Electric Theatre Collective
Ninja Theory
NetherRealm Studios

Track their Journey

From the moment an artist realises they have a passion for creative media, up until the moment they secure their first big job, we’ve are here to help. Our community is full of creators on the same journey and we are setup and motivated to help push members to achieve your goals.

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    This is the beginning of your journey. You are eager to learn everything you can. You are starting to dabble with software and tools. You don't have much work to share just yet, but it's coming soon.

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    This is the learning stage of your journey. You are developing new skills and building your confidence. You are spending your time training online or at an educational facility.

  • 03


    You have a portfolio that is ready to share with recruiters. You are creating industry level personal projects, developing your soft-skills, starting to network and applying for jobs. Your goal is to land that first big job offer.

    Start first year of employment

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    You have reached the ultimate level. Just like in professional sports, you are officially a Rookie for your first year of employment. You still have plenty to learn, but you can see an exciting career ahead of you.

    Complete first year of employment

A environment to gain confidence

Grow and thrive as a student

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Contests & Challenges

To help encourage members to create new content for their portfolios, we regularly have contests and challenges. These provide a great way for members to compare their skills and follow along as people submit their work.

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Learning & Targeted Content

A huge part of our community is helping members learn about software, soft skills and everything in between. Our platform has a fully integrated learning directory which targets content directly to members based on where they are on their journey.

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Support Channels (Discord)

A critical part of any artists journey is to build a strong network. To help with this, we have a dedicated Discord channel where everyone can share ideas, work and talk about industry news. Industry professionals from our judging panel are always found joining in the discussions.

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Job Leads & Studio Directory

As members start thinking about careers, they can dig into our Studio directory to find local and international companies worthy of their talent. With our network of partners, we provide members with job leads the moment they arrive in our inbox.

Largest student contest

Rookie Awards

Started in 2010, this is our biggest annual contest. It's open to young creatives in visual effects, animation, games, virtual reality, motion graphics and 3d visualisation. There is simply no better way to launch your career and start sharing your amazing work online.

Rookie Awards Trophies

The Rookies is a much needed support network for artists during their journey from novice through to the early stages of their professional career. This is their journey, and it is our responsibility to connect them with trusted companies, studios and schools that will help them become the artist we know they can be.

First launched in 2010, the Rookie Awards is our premium advertising opportunity for companies looking to engage with our audience through our dedicated contest platform, customised marketing campaigns and detailed reporting dashboards.

The Rookie Awards is open to all amateur artists. If you are trying to break into the creative media and entertainment industry, you are eligible. Students, recent graduates and self-taught artists are allowed to enter.

The goal of this Awards is to help encourage and motivate artists to share their work. It’s not just about winning. It’s about building your confidence and finding out how your skills stack up against other artists around the world on the same journey.

Simply no better way to drive leads to your school by performing well in the Rookies World School Rankings® 2019.

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Start your journey today

Simple steps to get started

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Join our School Directory

This is a crucial first step. This allows our team to build a relationship with your key school contacts. We can help build and manage a School Directory page for you and support your admissions team.

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Ask student's to register

It only takes a few minutes to get your students registered on The Rookies platform. We recommend that staff take the initiative and walk everyone through the process together. Follow this link to register today.

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Add Rookie Awards to Curriculum

Schools that perform well in the Rookie Awards each year have one thing in common, they have integrated the contest into their curriculum and term schedules. This allows the staff to help make sure students have correctly submitted work to the annual contest and are representing your school the best they can.

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Contact our Team

Our team is always here to help, no matter how small or silly the question may feel. The quickest way to contact us is by using the Live Chat located in the bottom-right of each page. Alternatively, simply email our team directly.

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