Fake Job Battles - Round #1

Fake Job Battles - Round #1

Applying for jobs is not only stressful, but it's often a black box where you have no idea if you actually performed well or completely stuffed it up. This is why I'm running the first ever Fake Job Battle.

Over the year, I have interviewed more artists than I can remember. I've had people impress me, bore me and even make me want to leave the room (that's for another article). These battles are designed to help do the following:

Reduce stress - Doubts about how to answer tricky interview questions may stress you out & create anxiety. Get over your nerves with mock interviews.

Boost confidence - Test drive your answers with experts to improve your skills & experience and boost confidence.

Constructive feedback - Get in-depth analysis of your interview style and tips to help you improve areas where you may have weaknesses.

Practice interview questions - Mastering questions like -'Tell me about a time you failed' show you have the skills & competencies needed for the job.

How does it work?

For each round, I will post a Fake Job (view further down page) and ask applicants to apply. The goal is to simulate how a real job application works at a typical production studio. I will select a random bunch of applicants and I will then record a video where I review all the applicants over three rounds:

  • Review of applicants details and resume
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Interview stage (optional)

During the video, I will share helpful advice about what impressed me, where applicants could improve and most importantly, things to make sure you don't do when applying for real jobs.

How to prepare?

Just like when applying for a real job, you need to prepare. First impressions are never more important that when it comes to applying for a job. To make sure you are 100% ready, make sure you have the following before applying:

  • a Resume or LinkedIn profile
  • a portfolio with your best work hosted on The Rookies


The winner of each Fake Job Battle will win:

  • $100 voucher to buy merch from our online store
  • details sent to key recruiters in your area (if actively seeking work)
  • official certificate to use as bragging rights

Round #1 - 3D Modeller

Please find below the official Fake Job Battle description.

Job Description

Modelling TDs are responsible for creating 3D models which artistically meet the brief but also technically meet the needs of other departments. If you have a passion for modelling then we want to hear from you.


You would be an absolute superstar if you also possessed the following bonus skills:

  • Previous experience with Linux
  • Knowledge of Mudbox and/or ZBrush and/or a Game Engine
  • Previous education or experience with fine art or design (sculpture, drawing, industrial design etc.)
  • Previous experience working from 3D scans and/or 2D artwork

Important Dates

Applicants for this Fake Job Battle close September 30th, 2019.

Apply Now

Applications are open for the first round of Fake Job Battles.

Please follow this link to apply