2022 Best Creative Media & Entertainment Art Schools in the World

School and College Rankings.
2022 Best Creative Media & Entertainment Art Schools in the World

The most important digital entertainment school ranking system with industry credibility that others rankings just don’t have.

The Rookies has been rankings creative media and entertainment schools since 2009 with a simple goal of helping aspiring artists find trusted schools to help them forge successful careers in games, visual effects, animation, arch viz and other creative fields.

With this simple goal, the Rookies World School Rankings® has become a trusted and industry respected system for showcasing the very best education facilities available to students today.

The Rookies World School Rankings® are not like other education based ranking systems. They are driven and judged by industry professionals without the interference of paid advertising dollars that cloud the judgement of other ranking sites • Scott Thompson, founder of Think Tank Training Centre.

What sets us apart from other school and college rankings systems is that our rankings are based on the quality and performance of student work that is completed at school. To collect this data, each year we ask students to submit their best work to the Rookie Awards 2022 to be reviewed by our industry panel. This year we received 4,500 portfolios from students that attended over 500 schools and colleges around the world which is a whole lot of interesting data that is the basis for our annual education ranking system.

2022 Rookies World School Rankings®

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What makes this ranking system so powerful?

Put simply, because we don't accept advertising money. School and college rankings systems can be found all over the web, but don't be fooled. When you dig into them you quickly realise most ranking systems require payment to be included. The more you pay, the higher you rank. Not exactly fair is it?

We also feel traditional school rankings – that include peer and employer reviews, faculty-to-student ratio, citations and other data – are not adequate when ranking the best creative schools and colleges. This might work in industries with more traditional career paths, however, when it comes to technical and creative roles, such as Visual Effects, Feature Animation and Games, it’s a little more complicated.

This is why each student is reviewed by members of a Judging Panel which includes 150+ highly influential and respected industry veterans. To formulate these rankings, we ask the judges to review portfolios from students based on criteria including — creative skills, technical skills, presentation, variety of skills, complexity, raw talent, and employment potential.

The Rookies World School Rankings® are the most important student award and ranking globally as it has a credibility that others just don’t have. It uses industry to assess and judge student work and discounts for any school flooding the awards with entries. - Darryn Melrose, former Chief Executive of Media Design School


Rookies Global School Rankings®

The Rookies has been rankings schools since as early as 2009. However, it wasn't until 2014 when we realised the importance of sharing this information and how beneficial it can be for young artists. Not to mention how much it helped showcase and reward schools and colleges doing great things and not backing up their glossy brochures with actual results. Feel free to dig through these links to see which schools continue to prove themselves.