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Founded in 1999, AIT has trained over 5,000 students to be leaders of the future in the digital and creative industries. Our programs and philosophy transform hungry creative minds into the industry’s most sought-after graduates. With two campuses based in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as a dedicated online learning system, Students can study knowing they have access to cutting edge facilities and some of the country's best digital educators. Our course offerings include Diploma, Associate Degrees and Bachelor in Interactive Media (focus on 2D Animation, 3D Design, Film & Video and Game Design), Digital Design and IT (Mobile Apps Development and Game Programming). AIT is proudly part of the Redhill Education Group. RedHill currently recruits over 3,000 international students each year via its student agency businesses in Spain, Italy and France to undertake study in Australia. RedHill Education Limited (RedHill) was founded in 2006, and listed with the Australian Securities Exchange in 2010. The organisation operates a number of specialist businesses in the private tertiary education market in Australia.

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Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork Academy of Information Technology students produce during their education.

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Our courses are flexible, you have the choice between a broad approach to digital media or a highly specialised focus.

IT Courses

Web design, mobile development and game development are our three IT focuses at AIT. Develop complex software applications and games across a range of mobile and web platforms, and learn how to test, debug and refine them for the market.

AIT Film & Video

Be a producer, director and cinematographer on your own movie, as well as collaborate with other students as part of a team to gain experience of how the real-world industry operates. Master the editing suite and use green screen special effects technology to bring new dimensions to your work.

AIT 2D Animation

2D animation is for those who want to learn animation using traditional 2D techniques (but with modern tools). Students who take this path will have interests in things like drawing, character development, character animation, story and directing.

AIT 3D Design

3D content is used to tell stories, create characters and portray digital worlds that would otherwise only be part of the imagination. 3D artists work in advertising, video game production, online content creation and web development.

AIT Game Design

Learn everything about the process by which video games are produced, through a combination of different digital media techniques. Graduate with a professional portfolio of awesome games and a broad range of other digital skills to compliment your specialisation.

AIT Digital Design

Build on core design principles with the knowledge and techniques from related fields such as responsive and cross-platform design, UI/UX, animation and game design, for a balanced and wide-ranging education.

AIT Digital Design Online

AIT is proud to launch the nation's first Higher Education Online Diploma of Digital Design. Focus on hands-on industry standard skills and supplement your theory with practical experience in a wide range of design principles. Be more than just a designer and stand out from the crowd!

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