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Animum Creativity Advanced School

We create 3D artists. We are leaders in digital art training in Spanish

About School

We are very aware that the outcome of proper training is much more than merely obtaining a qualification. We aim to offer our students a guarantee that, by the time they complete their studies, they will have a portfolio to meet the requirements of today’s industry, which will enable them to have real employment opportunities. That is why our approach is 100% practical, and our training programmes emulate a real work environment. We do not only teach the technical side of things, but we also strive to ensure that creativity flows through the work we do, and we endeavour to allow the students to get the very best out of themselves.

Our continuous learning and assessment system means the student’s experience is as similar as possible to working in a real project in the industry. They learn discipline, perseverance and rigour in their work, which helps them to achieve excellent results, even if they start out with little or no knowledge of the field, as is sometimes the case.

Even though the classes are online, the students can still feel close to their classmates, tutors and teachers, thanks to the vast amount of audiovisual material available at our own, exclusively designed campus.

Every week, from Sunday to Sunday, the students have to take on a new challenge with which they will take one more step in their career to become, or evolve into, 3D artists. Over the course of that week, the students have access to video lessons, video workshops and additional material, as well as live sessions to discuss any problems and questions regarding the assignments they need to complete.

Lastly, the students hand in their assignments on a weekly basis, which are then corrected individually by our tutors. So the students learn to plan and manage the time and resources required to work on a real production.

General Info

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Animum is a 100% online school. Our head office is in Malaga, Spain, and the academic management team work there, along with the artistic team, the student relations team, and the IT, administration, commercial and marketing teams. Animum’s virtual campus has been made to measure by the company’s own IT team. It has been designed and implemented for the purposes of our exclusive learning methodology.

Through the campus, the students have access to the lessons, additional material and assignments to be completed on a weekly basis. This provides the students with a simple and clear way to follow and complete the scheduled activities each week. There are no distractions and no misleading information; the programme focuses on what the students actually need to learn.

The campus also enables students to access lessons live through our streaming option. Every week, there are live problem-solving sessions with the tutors or internationally renowned speakers.


Animum is an authorised Autodesk Training Centre, Adobe Certified Instructor and SideFX certified school. The master’s degrees and other courses offered at Animum have been designed by certified instructors to meet Autodesk and Adobe standards. In order to be recognised as an ATC, teaching centres and private training providers must meet the strictest standards of excellence, and only then can they be awarded the internationally renowned certificate by Autodesk ®. Here at Animum, we train our students in the tools and techniques they will need in the market. That is why part of our focus is on keeping our permanent staff of teachers and tutors 100% up-to-date with advances in the field. Depending on the needs in each case, but at least once every two years, every member of the academic team undergoes training to update and broaden their knowledge and skills. This way they can offer our students the most updated and relevant information for their professional careers.

Employment Rates

Animum trains over 500 professionals every year from all over Spain and Latin America, with a percentage of people who go on to find employment in the entertainment industry at 90%.

We can, indeed, be proud of the quality of our students’ portfolios. The main recruiters from the major studios and production companies are constantly amazed at the professional level of the reels produced by our animators, modellers, riggers, etc. Companies are assured that a graduate from Animum is going to be a suitable candidate.

At Animum we understand the intricacies of the labour market and the learning processes, and we have graduates working in companies such as Sony Pictures Imageworks, MPC, Illumination Mac Guff, Skydance Animation, Ubisoft, Mercury Steam, Gameloft, Elite 3d and El Ranchito, among many others.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork Animum Creativity Advanced School students produce during their education.

David Megías Fernández

I want work as an FX artist, work in a foreign company to challenge myself and improve my english, be part of a big studio....

David Inlines

HI! It all started when I have created Creative 3d content for audiovisual shows and night shows. In 2012 I studied 3d Studio Max and Animation in Barcelona. In 2014 I studied Autodesk Maya in Madrid...

Alejandro Díaz Magán

Since I was 14 years old I knew I wanted to make videogames. On my own I started learning online tools like Unity or RPGMaker, amazed by the power these tools gave me to create my own worlds an let pe...

Heliodoro Carbonell Cuevas

When I was a child, my experience with video games and cinema world made me have great experiences with my friends. I want to enter the industry because I want to instill this feeling that I felt to o...

Juan Carlos Mesa Machín

After more than 10 years working as Graphic Designer, I felt stuck so I've planned to leave it behind and begin a new path in 3D art. I've left my job the past summer to get involved full time to my s...

Baptiste Tomorszki

I always wanted to work in the art industry, I began my carreer working as a frame maker for national museums in France. Then during a couple of years I started to work on my own in the world of 2d il...

Tania Navarro

I discovered my passion for this wonderful world after watching all the superhero movies that existed so far.

Alejandro González Moreno

When I was a child and I was watching cartoons on tv and animation films. I have always liked drawing and technology. I studied sound and image engineering in the university and finally I ended doing ...

Anfrank Ponce - Animator at Illumination Mac Guff

I only have words of thanks for Animum. I started my career as an animator here, without any prior knowledge in the field of animation. We were guided by extraordinary teachers, all active professionals working at some of the most prestigious animation studios in the world. My family’s support, my insatiable appetite for learning, and my commitment to studying, have enabled me to radically change my profession, thanks to everything I learned at Animum. Less than 8 months after I completed the master's degree, I no longer work at a car repair shop, I am now working professionally in Paris as an animator at Illumination MacGuff. A year ago, when I was still studying at Animum 3D, that was unthinkable for me, but here I am, living proof that if you put everything you have into your dream, you can fulfil it here.

David Inlines - VFX Artist at Gameloft

I was a student on the VFX and Composition master’s degree at Animum 3D, and I only have good things to say about their study programme and all the teachers. You have to “understand” the Houdini software, it’s not enough just to know how to use it. The extremely solid base at the heart of this school’s teaching is essential and unique. Once we have learned all the basics, we move on to advanced classes with instructors who are known professionals in the VFX industry, and they give you real exercises, explaining the lessons and the work itself from their professional perspective. The study plan is perfectly presented to enable you to understand Houdini from the inside out, and prepare shots at a film or AAA games level.


We want to help you fulfil your dream: to develop a successful professional career in the field of digital technology and art. For this purpose, we provide you with a training programme based on strict academic rigour, and a team of teachers with extensive professional experience, to help you become an expert in the field of your choice.
We have been teaching post-graduate programmes for over 15 years, and focus on 3 main areas: Art and Design, 3D Production, and Post-production. The training programmes for each of these areas focus on the live action film, animated film and video game industries.

Teaching methodology:
- Personalised tutoring: academic monitoring and continuous evaluation
- Use of ICT (e-learning) to break down geographical barriers and time restraints
- First-class teaching equipment and infrastructure
- Master classes with the finest professionals in each area and speciality
- Small groups, personalised attention, commitment to excellence

Degree in 3D Art

Description: This degree specialises in Digital Art in Video Games, and it is a comprehensive course in which you will start from scratch, to the point where you will acquire advanced skills in modelling, animation, lighting and rigging. After four years you will be qualified to work professionally in something you love.
Duration: 48 months
Date: 1 call per year (October)

Master’s degree in Digital Drawing and 2D Animation

Description: The contents of this master’s degree are based on the real needs of the audiovisual and advertising production market. The course offers specific training to help you become a professional in this field. Our students learn to master the art and techniques, achieving quite spectacular results.
Duration: 560 hours
Date: 1 call per year (October)

Master’s degree in 3D Character Animation

Description: This master’s degree in 3D Character Animation using Autodesk Maya for film and video games focuses exclusively on learning the concepts and techniques of 3D character animation.
Animum offers you a unique opportunity to access the very best teachers and prepare your professional portfolio to the highest standard.
You will also be given access to Animum’s exclusive characters that meet all the requirements of international productions, as regards level of control, deformation appeal and stability.
Duration: 18 months
Date: 2 calls per year (April and October)

Master’s degree in 3D Character Modelling

Description: You will acquire solid skills about human and animal anatomy, structural changes related to age, race, sex, and proportions.
You will also be able to apply this knowledge about anatomy to simplify forms and create cartoon-type characters.
You will learn to model a creature and a character for video games.
Duration: 12 months
Date: 2 calls per year (April and October)

Advanced master’s degree in 3D Character Modelling and Rigging

Description: This advanced master’s degree in 3D Character Modelling and Rigging will not only enable you to give your characters bones and facial deformation controls so that they can be animated, but you will also be able to apply for professional rigger jobs, thus widening your employment opportunities.
Duration: 18 months
Date: 2 calls per year (April and October)

Advanced master’s degree in 3D Character Modelling and Lighting

Description: This advanced master’s degree in 3D Modelling and Lighting will enable you to present your portfolio with exceptional visual quality, as well as enabling you to apply for professional lighting technician jobs, thus widening your employment opportunities.
Duration: 15 months
Date: 2 calls per year (April and October)

Advanced course in 3D Character Rigging

Description: Animum offers you the opportunity to learn to rig characters with classes from professional experts who work in the 3D character animation industry.
Professionals specialising in character rigging and set-up will teach you how to construct a professional rig, just like the ones they use in their animation studio.
They will explain the concepts and techniques to you, giving you weekly assignments and personally analysing and evaluating your work, so your progress will be continuous.
Once you have completed the course, you will be ready to work as part of a rigging team in animation studios producing feature films, animation for video games, TV series, or advertising agencies and studios.
Duration: 6 months
Date: 2 calls per year (April and October)

Master’s degree in Advanced 3D Production

Description: The master’s degree in 3D Production will enable you to develop the main tasks involved in animation film, VFX for films, advertising and video game projects.
You will also develop specific skills for the Creation and Edition of digital content, such as: Autodesk Maya®, Mudbox®, Substance Painter®, etc.
Duration: 560 hours
Date: 1 call per year (October)

Master’s degree in Infoarchitecture

Description: 3D infographics have become an essential tool for the commercial presentation of any architecture project, reaching unbelievable levels of realism.
As part of this course, you will work with 3D Studio Max and Vray, generating incredible integrations with real-life images and brilliant animated presentations, implementing BIM methodology.
The best tools to display architectural projects in a spectacular way.
This master’s degree will open doors to new employment opportunities in the fields of infographics, interior design, architecture projects, to name but a few.
Duration: 560 hours
Date: 1 call per year (October)

Master’s degree in VFX and Composition

Description: The job of an FX TD is to design technical tools that will make it easier to produce digital effects, and which also provide control parameters so that those effects can be artistically directed. It is an eminently technical profession.
An FX artist is in charge of creating the end effect that will be composed in the final shot, as closely as possible to the art direction. The FX artist normally uses the tools that the FX TD has created previously.
This master’s degree deals with both working areas, in other words, it strives to find a balance between an in-depth knowledge of the creation of set-ups based on low level tools, without losing sight of how the effect finally looks once rendered.
Duration: 15 months
Date: 2 calls per year (April and October)

Master`s degree in Composition and Colour

Description: In the master’s degree in Composition and Colour using Nuke and DaVinci Resolve for Film and Advertising, you will learn the theoretical and practical aspects of digital composition, developing your artistic eye and observation capacity.
You will then learn to use colour to see how you can improve real image shots to enhance what the story is telling.
Duration: 9 months
Date: 2 calls per year (April and October)

Master`s degree in Composition and Lighting

Description: This master’s degree will train you to be a digital composer and lighter, using advanced production techniques.
A lighter is in charge of lighting the shots in a production, to give them the right mood according to the artistic direction, and to direct the viewer’s gaze to where they want it to go.
The composer then gathers all the work from the different production departments and takes the image to its final state, bringing an extra touch of quality and realism.
On this course, you will develop essential skills for these professions, such as your artistic eye and observation capacity.
Duration: 9 months
Date: 2 calls per year (April and October)


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Best Game Design & Development Schools (Position 17 - Animum is the only school from Spain included in this Ranking)

Best Visual Effects Schools (Position 19)

Top 50 Creative Media & Entertainment Schools (Position 37)

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