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Whether you are passionate about film, videogames, advertising or architecture, our high quality face-to-face and online training focuses on the most important thing: to have the best reel or portfolio in the industry. Our methodology and our academic framework make this possible. The best advice we can give you: thoroughly analyze the work of the students.

We have more than 15 years of experience as a Postgraduate Center specialized in Art and Digital Technology. Our academic excellence and our training method have allowed our students (from all over Spain and Latin America) to occupy positions within the entertainment industry, with an 80% job placement.

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3D Character Modeling for Film and Video Games

The master with the best teaching staff you can find. You will know first-hand real and unique techniques. With internationally renowned tutors and speakers. Senior profiles that work at Dreamworks, Disney, Pixar, among others, who constantly create unique content and review your evolution and performance.

VFX and Composition with Houdini and Nuke

Your career as an FX Artist and Compositor is built step by step, and the VFX film, advertising and video game (cinematic) industries are waiting for you. With this master you will master software tools, advanced production techniques, and finally you will develop your aesthetic sense. You will have tutors and speakers of international prestige, senior profiles who work at MPC, Framestore, El Ranchito, Double Negative , among others, who constantly create unique content and review your evolution and performance.

Master of Digital Drawing and 2D Animation

Animate in 2D or specialise in editorial production. The contents of this course are based on the real needs of the audiovisual and advertising production market. With this Master in Digital Drawing and 2D Animation you will learn to work in Digital on Cintiq Wacom, Adobe Photoshop and Toon Boom®.
It is divided into two main blocks: Digital Drawing and 2D Animation.

Animation of 3D Characters for Film and Video Games

The beginning of a career as an entertainer is full of enthusiasm and passion, but also hard work and effort. Do you bet on yourself? Do you really want to advance? We can help you. We offer you our experience, an effective method, and the best teaching talent; and we take everything to your house.

This Online Master's Degree in 3D Character Animation for film and video games focuses exclusively on learning the concepts and techniques of 3D character animation. Animum offers you a unique opportunity to reach the best teachers and prepare your portfolio at a professional level. In addition, you will have at your disposal exclusive Animum characters that meet all the requirements of international productions in terms of control level, deformation appeal, and stability.

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