ArtFX School

ArtFX School

Created by professionals of the film and video games industries.

About School

ARTFX is an international Private School of Visual Effects (VFX), Cinema and new film technologies, 2D & 3D Animation, Video Games, Programming (Coding for Video Games & VFX) and Fine Arts. The school was created in 2004 and is run by professionals from the film and video game industries. It focuses on a solid understanding of traditional artistic disciplines as the foundation for a mastery of digital technologies.

  • 3 campuses in France : Montpellier (South of France) I Paris I Lille (North of France)
  • Post High-School or Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) admission
  • 5 Masters (5-year program) and 1-year Foundation in Fine Arts (optional)
  • 1st Visual Effects school worldwide (The Rookies 2020 / Production Excellence)
  • 4th 3D Animation school worldwide (The Rookies 2020 / Production Excellence)
  • 7th Game Design & Development school worldwide (The Rookies 2020 / Production Excellence)
  • ARTFX Master’s programs deliver the title of ”Réalisateur numérique", officially recognized through the accreditation by the RNCP at level 7 (Master level). The RNCP is the central reference framework for all diplomas, qualifications, and titles recognized by the French government.

    Gravity, The Minions, Star Wars episode VIII, Ready Player One, or The Lion King...: we find ARTFX alumni in all the major film or video game productions released in recent years and in major animation, special effects and video game studios located in the United States, Europe and Asia. More than 70% of ArtFX graduates are posted abroad.

  • Graduation film, Terra Nova, won Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Film during the 17th annual Visual Effects Society awards
  • A total of 9 ArtFX graduation films have been nominated for Visual Effects Society awards since 2012
  • Our graduation films have also received over 900 selections in festivals worldwide
  • Our alumni have a 95% job placement rate within 6 months to 1 year after leaving school
  • We are proud to have over 610 alumni working around the globe
  • ArtFX offers training in SideFX Houdini, Allegorithmic Substance, Autodesk Maya, Toonboom Harmony and Storyboard Pro, Affinity Photo, Mercenaries Guerrilla Renderer, Isotropix Clarisse, Zbrush, Unreal Engine.

    Location: France (Montpellier, Paris, Lille) Students: 101-500 Staff: 50-100 Founded: 2004 Type: Private Industries: 2D/3D Animation, Game Art, Game Design, Programming, CGI/VFX, Cinema, Fine Arts, Immersive Media, Motion Graphics

    Success Stories

    Courses prepare students for a successful transition to a professional working environment immediately following graduation: alumni receive their first job offer within an average of 20 days

    A network of over 610 alumni working on the biggest productions in some of the largest studios around the world: Illumination Mac Guff, Double Negative, Framestore, Warner Bros, Industrial Light & Magic, Ubisoft, Mikros, MPC, Weta, The Mill, Mathematic, etc.

    ArtFX alumni are also solicited to give informative presentations and provide workshop sessions within their expertise for current students.

    Béranger Maurice / Senior Animator / Digital Domain

    After ArtFX, I was rapidly promoted to Lead Animator for the feature film Minuscule (studio 2d3D). I was responsible for animating characters and 3D cameras. This experience really opened up doors for me, most notably towards MPC in London where I collaborated on The Jungle Book (Best Visual Effects Oscar winner) as a CG Animator! Then, I spent over 2 years at Method Studios where I had the chance to work on Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardian of The Galaxy vol. 2, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, and Captain America: Civil War. In March 2018, I joined Pixomondo Studio in Canada as Creature Animator. I am currently working on the next Goosebumps movie.

    Aymeric Ballester

    Senior Digital Compositor, DNEG

    Melanie Geley

    Digital Matte Painter, Framestore

    Yoann Gouraud

    FX TD, Industrial Light & Magic

    Elodie Hicksont

    Lead Modeller, Illumination Mac Guff

    Lou Cortes

    Junior VFX Artist, Ubisoft Montpellier

    Jordan Voisin

    Lighting Artist, Eidos-Montreal

    THIBAULT RHEIN | Class of 2018 | THIBAULT RHEIN | 3D Animator - Axis Studios (Scotland)

    I completed my studies at ARTFX with a short film called Street Credibility, featuring anthropomorphic animals. Bringing these 3D creatures to life, through facial expressions, attitudes and good timings, this is the ongoing challenge of a 3D animator. The level of students leaving ARTFX is appreciated and recognized by professionals: I quickly had my place on ambitious projects! I worked at Axis Studios (Scotland), for Season 2 of Happy!, then I at Dwarf studio (Montpellier) on Monsters at Work (Disney+) and TrashTruck (Netflix), before returning to the United Kingdom to work on the video game League of Legends.

    Antonin Seydoux

    After working for the Duboi group, Antonin Seydoux joined the Mac Guff Ligne studio in 1998. Until 2010, he worked as a VFX Compositing and Supervisor graphic designer on a hundred advertising and film projects.

    Jérôme Duraud

    Trained in visual arts and then traditional animation, Jérôme Duraud has worked as an Animator, Character Animator and Animation Supervisor in a number of studios.

    Gaëtan Blaise-Cazalet

    Worked as a developer, software designer and project manager in the traditional computer and the online video game industries. Worked as a freelancer for mobile gaming studios and communications companies, as well as virtual and augmented reality projects.

    Student Artwork

    All ArtFX students, regardless of their specialization, will have experience creating short VFX, 2D & 3D animation or stop-motion films, video games, VR projects, concept art, paintings, drawings, as well as physical and 3D sculptures.


    Name Duration Price Intake Dates
    Master of Cinema 5 years Year 1 = 7,100€. Years 2-5 = 8,100€ / year November - June
    Master of 2D/3D Animation 5 years Year 1 = 7,100€. Years 2-5 = 8,100€ / year November - June
    Master of CGI & VF 5 years Year 1 = 7,100€. Years 2-5 = 8,100€ / year November - June
    Master of Video Games 5 years Year 1 = 7,100€. Years 2-5 = 8,100€ / year November - June
    Master of Programming for VFX & Video Games 5 years 8,100€ / year November - June
    Fine Arts Foundation Year 1 years 5,200€ / year November - June


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