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Studying at Atelier de Sèvres means giving free rein to one's imagination and creativity. Never limited, students are continually encouraged to create new, original and unique projects. Creativity has an inestimable value in art and animation schools. The Atelier de Sèvres enables its students to enrich this throughout their training. From directors to scenographers, gallerists, animators and more. Throughout the year, the Atelier de Sèvres receives professionals from the artistic world. These lectures provide students with a better understanding of the area in which they wish to work. Successfully passing the competitive entrance exams requires a tightly managed schedule. For optimal preparation before the exam, timetables and classes are scheduled according to these key dates.

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Student Portfolio Examples
Follow this link to check out some live portfolios from Atelier de Sèvres students.
Student Project Examples
Follow this link to view some of the top projects created by Atelier de Sèvres students.



The Art Foundation course consists of a common core for all students, composed of all the essential artistic disciplines, such as contemporary drawing and life drawing, history of art and photography. It is completed by an option that students choose at the beginning of the year. This additional specialism enables them to further a particular technical skill and learn all of its specifics.


The programme is entirely focused on preparing students for the competitive entrance exams. It is centred around two branches: 1. The drawing branch provides students with a solid and methodical foundation and is accompanied by intensive practice throughout the year. 2. The animation branch is composed of 2-D animation and stop motion, storyboard, character design, illustration, history of art, cinema and animation, narration and computer graphic design. 


The course aims to enable students to develop a critical and committed vision of digital transformations by positioning digital equally as a subject of theoretical study and a medium of creation. As such, the curriculum is articulated around the practical learning of digital tools and techniques and the acquisition of a cultural and critical foundation in digital humanities, in particular around the themes of big dataindustry 4.0roboticsartificial intelligence and life sciences.

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