Bellecour Ecole

Bellecour Ecole

Bellecour Ecole is a specialized art school.

About School

Bellecour Ecole was created in 1937. It was one of the first Design schools in France, and over the decades, has gained great reputation in Fashion design, Space design, Product design and Graphic design. As a pioneer in all creative arts, it started developing courses in the fields of Entertainment, at the end of the 20th century.

Now, we offer a wide range of training programs, including VFX, 3D Cinema Art, Game Art, 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Concept Art, Art Direction, Game Design, Game Programming and Media. All such sections interact on ambitious projects, such as short movies and video games, and they also collaborate with the Design sections, on ventures ranging from VR to mapping and interactive exhibitions.

With 1230 students, we are currently the largest private school of Art in France (outside Paris) and in 2019, Bellecour Ecole was acquired by Galileo Global Education, the European leader of éducation (and n°2 worldwide)

Location: France Students: 101-500 Staff: 51-100 Founded: 1937 Type: Public Industries: 3D Animation, Architectural Visualisation, Game Design, Illustration, Immersive Media, Visual Effects

Success Stories

As for our not-so-recent alumni, we can quote 2003 alum Matthieu Chardonnet, senior VFX artist and VES member (who worked on the Harry Potter, Hobbit, Planet of the Apes, Transformers, Fast and Furious, Avengers and Star Wars franchises, but also Aladdin and Godzilla), 2006 alum Arnaud Fayolle (a BAFTA award winner and an art director on The Division, Forza Horizon, Deus Ex, The Last of Us), 2009 alum Aude Glondu (an animator and motion editor at Weta on Alita and Rampage), 2012 alum Ludovic Gavillet (a concept artist on The Grinch, The Secret Life of Pets or Despicable Me) or 2013 alum Damien Guimoneau (a senior modeler at Framestore, who worked on Justice League and Ghost in the Shell, and was the main sculptor for Simba, Rafiki and Scar on The Lion King) .

Among our more recent alumni, with truly diverse profiles, we can quote the class of 2014 with Romuald Bogun (now a Rookies jury), Fabien Weibel (who created the Barababor TV series), Quentin Sanchez (Head of Rigging at Framestore, whose resume includes Deadpool 2, His Dark Materials and Tarzan), Amaury Rospars (a lighting TD on Godzilla vs King Kong, Free Guy, Black Widow, Lady & The Tramp, Artemis Fowl, Captain Marvel, Christopher Robin, Mowgli, Paddington 2). We are proud of all of our students, as they are accomplished professionals and great humans as well.

Antoine Blanc

FX Artist, Method Studios

Julie Tardieu

Senior Manager, Ubisoft

Marcello Carlino

Game Producer, Bandai Namco

Jordan Bard

Animator, Illumination MacGuff

Manon Denolle

Texturing Artist, Cinesite

Morgad Tillon


Employment Rates

According to our latest study, that was conducted eight months ago, on average, 85 to 90% of our students find a job within 6 months (in détail : 93% for 3D Bachelor’s students, 92% for Game Design Bachelor’s students, 81% for Concept Art Bachelor’s students, and 100% for 3D and Game Development Master’s students).

Marlèle Ranchon, Director and Head of Productions at Supamonks, Paris

I recommend Bellecour Ecole for its quality of teaching, the technical means offered to the students, and the fact that teachers are professionnals more than professors. It gives a fair vision of the industry.

The Staff

The teachers, being part of the industry, are kept up-to-date in their respective studios and share the knowledge they have acquired with our students and the rest of our teams. The heads of study also practice the same software and techniques as the students, therefore they remain updated too.

Sometimes, when a brand new software piece is released on the market, we ask the provider to give a masterclass in the school so that our teachers might be aware of its existence and workings (for instance, new plug-ins and add-ons for a game engine, a vegetation-generating software piece or a project management soft).

Student Artwork

As our students have to be employable at the end of their Bachelor’s trainings, a high degree of competency is expected in a 3-year span. We teach them to create quality visuals, with meaning and a true sense of storytelling. We insist on the necessity for them to be a creative force : for instance, a concept artist should not just produce one beautiful image, they should be able to produce in-depth visual development with tens of propositions.


We offer more than 28 Bachelor and Master trainings (space design, fashion design, product design, graphic design, connected design, architecture & environment, art direction and branding, UX and UI, fashion design business, concept art, 2D animation, 3D animation, VFX, game development…) as well as 2 foundation courses (in Design & Entertainment) and Baccalaureate preparation.

The most popular courses, currently, are the ones related to the movie and gaming industries – which may be due to the increasing popularity of Entertainment in France, the numerous job opportunities all over the planet and our Rookies rankings, which vouch for the quality of our trainings.

Our methodology is studio-based, which means we emulate the organization of a real film company or game publisher, therefore students are not passively listening to teachers - they all interact (concept artists / movie and game artists / game designers) on common projects, in a pro-active manner, and classrooms look like working spaces, not like academic blackboard-oriented rooms. The teacher is not a mere lecturer : he/she acts more like a consultant sharing experience, a supervisor organizing the workload and pipeline, a mentor, someone who helps the students grow.

We truly believe in soft skills and we foster autonomy and empowerment, so that our students may be agile, flexible, mature, self-confident, while remaining humble.

Entertainment Preparation

1 year - 6900 euros - A foundation course in Art, 2D, 3D and Game design : Anatomy & live model, Sketches, Analytical drawing, Perspective, Composition, Color, Lighting, Modelling, Shading, Rendering, Game design, Level Design, Storytelling, etc.

Bachelor’s degree in 2D Animation

3 years - 8100 euros - A thorough curriculum that teaches students to conceive a 2D animated project (film/game), from the early stages of pre-production (storyboard, layout) to post-production (editing, compositing, sound design). Includes acting, posing, model sheet

Bachelor’s degree in 3D Cinema & Game Art

3 years - 8100 euros - A specialized curriculum that teaches students to conceive a 3D animated project (film/game), with a spécial focus on Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Shading and Rendering.

Bachelor’s degree in 3D Animation

3 years - 8100 euros - A specialized curriculum that teaches students to conceive animation on a 3D project (film/game), with a spécial focus on Animation (human characters, quadrupeds, flying animals, créatures…), Rigging, Acting, Motion Capture.

Bachelor’s degree in VFX

3 years - 8100 euros - A specialized curriculum that teaches students to conceive spécial effects on a 2D or 3D project (film/game), with a spécial focus on CFX, Compositing, Post-production.

Bachelor’s degree in Concept Art

3 years - 8400 euros - A specialized curriculum that teaches students to conceive Character Design, Environment Design & Props Design.

Bachelor’s degree in Game Design

3 years - 8600 euros - A thorough curriculum that teaches students to fully conceive a game, from the early stages of game concept (game mechanics, level design) to completion (sound design). Includes UX, combat design, quest design, puzzle design.

Master’s degree in Entertainment

2 additional years - 7500 euros - After a Bachelor’s degree, a student will both expand in-depth knowledge and acquire expertise in project management to be come a lead, a supervisor or a director. Different areas of expertise : direction, animation supervision, VFX supervision, technical art, art direction, and game development.

Bachelor Degree in Environment and Space Design

3 years - 7000 euros the first year and 7500 euros per additional year - A specialized curriculum that teaches students to make a space design project (interior design, landscape design, urban design, décoration)

Bachelor Degree in Innovation and Product Design

3 years - 7000 euros the first year and 7500 euros per additional year - A specialized curriculum that teaches students to make a product design project (furniture, automobile, sport equipment…).


  • Recognition by the Federation for Education in Europe, the state (RNCP),
    SNJV and RECA
  • Faculty status (Microsoft)
  • Houdini-certified school
  • In the top 10 Youtube rankings for schools (classement des grandes écoles)
    More than a dozen awards for the short movies of our students : CG Student Award for Make It Sound Fat,  Mitrici Critici Award for Jamais sans mon dentier, Tziki Awards for Monsterbox and Osmosis…
  • Rookie Awards : 2017 Top 10 Animation School (ranking : 6), 2018 Top 10 Animation School (ranking : 9), 2019 Top 10 Production Excellence Award (PC & Console)

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