Best Architectural Visualisation Schools in the World 2021

Best Architectural Visualisation Schools in the World 2021

2021 Update! The Best Architectural Visualisation Schools and Colleges in the World. Find the best places to learn Architectural Visualisation and become industry ready.

The 2021 Best Architectural Visualisation Schools and Colleges in the World rankings is something we take very seriously and no external influences or payments are entered into at any point. Our rankings focus on the quality of students portfolios that are submitted to our judging panel which best reflect the recruitment interview process.

We feel that traditional school rankings that include peer and employer reviews, faculty to student ratio, citations and other data are not adequate when ranking the best creative schools. For a complete breakdown of how we rank the best schools for 2021 please read how we rank the best schools and how we analyse the data in the sections located at the bottom of this page.

The Rookies World School Rankings® are not like other education based ranking systems. They are driven and judged by industry professionals without the interference of paid advertising dollars that cloud the judgement of other ranking sites.

Scott Thompson, founder of Think Tank Training Centre.

What is Architectural Visualisation

In the field of architecture, visualisation refers to the practice of representing a new structure in a way that can be easily digested. Thought of as the language between the client and the designer, visualisation generally takes place before the building process begins.

The most recent development in architectural visualisation refer to creating three-dimensional models of a structure using computer software. Clients can walk around a 3D model and view it from any angle. Elements such as carpets, furniture, paintings and lights can also be added and their effects can be observed.

School of the Year Trophies

Top Architectural Visualisation Schools and Colleges in 2021

The official rankings for 2021 have been calculated based on the performance of students work submitted to our industry panel. Full details can be found further down the page about how we calculate and rank schools.

Learn more about how we rank schools.

Rank School Location Score
1 SCHOOL-ING Spain 106.80
2 FX ANIMATION Barcelona 3D and Film School Spain 67.90
3 Yrgo Sweden 65.26
4 Animum Creativity Advanced School Spain 63.78
5 University of Kent Multiple Locations 57.42
6 SAE Creative Media Institute Multiple Locations 57.27
7 Butic The New School Online 54.32
8 3D College Denmark 47.05
9 Savannah College of Art and Design Multiple Locations 41.82
10 The One Academy of Communication Design Malaysia 36.31

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Top entries submitted by Architectural Visualisation students from these schools and colleges

Follow these links below to view some of the incredible entries that our judging panel were tasked with reviewing. These entries showcase the quality of work created by students which helped rank their schools.

Adam Karlsson

Since my early teens. I have always been very creative and fascinated by the power of art. As a hobby I begin taking a lot of photography and filming using my camera. It was first when I discovered th...

Alberto Navarro Sánchez

For the past four years my professional profile has been very technical. Now I would like to shift my work towards something more artistic, expertising in modelling and rendering techniques.

Aina Barceló Jordana

After graduating in BA Architecture I landed my first job as an architectural assistant. Soon after I started I realised that the professional architectural environment lacked the artistic aspect I wa...

Omkar Sachin Dake

i am inrerested in learning new skills

Pablo Sanchez Martinez

Hi, i'm an architect and during my degreee i started to fall in love with the word of the architectural visualization and being more comfortable using photoshop and trying to showcase my projects usi...

Gonzalo Eleta

When I was studying architecture I really got in architectural visualization but never really learned it correctly so I decided to study at School-ing

Pedro Egea

When I started studying architecture I realized that I was very interested in all those tangent disciplines. I was very interested in graphic design, photography, art, advertising, etc. When I desi...

Shamanth S

My talent in creative media was found by my teacher in class 8 and now I want to take my talent to sky where I can express myself in a outstanding way and moreover iam really interested in this field.

Wessel Huizenga

At the age of 14 I followed an accountancy trial in middle school for 2 years. Once a month we would work in photoshop to let our head relax from all the numbers. I always got really excited whenever ...

Fabio Guerrero Quirós

From the first day I saw a render, seeing how the buckets through a virtual frame buffer revealed a project that didn't exist. At that moment I knew that Archvis was the path I wanted to take. Being a...

Patricio Branca

I've studied graphic design but I have always been interested in architecture and ArchViz so I decided to learn by myself a 3D software. This is how I found Adan Martin's youtube channel and School-in...

Susana Rodriguez Gandia

While working on my previous job I realized that it didn´t bring me any joy. So while I was wondering what to do I discovered Archviz. This is something I really enjoy and I would like to make a li...

Jonathan Ridell

From an early age, 3D and computer graphics have been a captivating and intriguing factor in my life. From a humble beginning in designing 3d-levels for an old Star Wars game, my journey has progressi...

Emma Johansson

When I got my first camera when I was 12 years old

Paulina Wdowiak

I come from a small village where no one has ever heard of a profession like CGI artist. So... in high school, when I didn't know what I wanted to do in my life, I decided to look for a profession tha...

Detailed information about the top schools and colleges for Architectural Visualisation

The following schools are the top Architectural Visualisation educational facilities for 2021 and offer great courses and curriculum that produces students that are ready for the challenges faced by professional artists working in Architectural Visualisation. Follow the links below to find out more about these schools, their facilities, team, success stories, student artwork and more.



School-ing was born out of a love for 3D and VFX, a vocation for teaching and the desire to help revolutionize the way of teaching and learning. School-ing is a specialized school that seeks to give a twist to traditional training, to bring the reality of the professional market closer to the classroom and offer tools so that students can develop their artistic and creative potential. ...

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FX ANIMATION Barcelona 3D and Film School

2. FX ANIMATION Barcelona 3D and Film School

FX ANIMATION Barcelona ArchViz School, pioneer in the field of architectural visualisation training and with 14 years of experience, offers you the possibility to complete your professional profile as an interior designer or architect thanks to its high performance training. Our specialised training and live online methodology (for English or Spanish speaking students) will allow you to master the leading software in the sector with great technical and visual depth, which will allow you to carry out any type of space visualisation project with great quality....

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3. Yrgo

Yrgo is a higher vocational college situated in Gothenburg Sweden.Our programs main focus is architectural visualization where our students spend two years studying both practical applications, theory and doing internships at companies all around the world. Our first year focused on learning 3d visualization with programs like 3ds Max, Sketchup, V-ray, Corona, Revit and Autocad. We also place a high value on teaching what makes good images, so photography and Photoshop is a given.On top of this we have courses in analogue workflows and terminology held by architects to better help our students communicate in future projects. After the first year they are sent out to companies to start their internship and this is where we feel the real learning begin...

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Animum Creativity Advanced School

4. Animum Creativity Advanced School

We constantly network and advise with Industry Stakeholders and academic partners globally to ensure we are constantly industry relevant. We network with Epic Games, Unity 3D, Rokoko, Reallusion, GSU, NYU, Southern Institute of Technology, Ara Institute, Yoobee Colleges, and more.Students are regularly hired by Epic Games, Weta Group, Eleven FX, Graphic Monk, Geo AR....

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University of Kent

5. University of Kent

Established in 1965, it now has over 19,800 students studying at its various campuses including Canterbury, Medway and Tonbridge in the picturesque south-east of England and European sites in Athens, Brussels, Paris and Rome.

Kent provides outstanding teaching, excellent employability and fantastic student support. Our teaching has been recognised in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) where we were awarded gold, the highest rating. Based on the evidence available, the TEF Panel judged that the University of Kent delivers consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for its students. It is of the highest quality found in the UK.

Our reputation for research excellence is confirmed by our success in the most recent Rese...

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SAE Creative Media Institute

6. SAE Creative Media Institute

Creative Media Institute is the world’s leading education provider in creative media industries with over 50 campuses globally. SAE offers degree, diploma and certificate courses across the six disciplines of: Animation, Audio, Design, Film, Games as well as Interactive Technologies.For over 30 years, SAE Institute has maintained a strong commitment to providing high-quality practical education in creative media technologies, producing graduates with industry skills to fill integral professional roles within the sector. Each course at SAE focuses on teaching high-end technical production techniques specific to its niche, developing broader industry perspectives, and creative, analytical, communication and project management skills.

As an S...

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butic The New School

7. butic The New School

butic is actually the only focused online school simultaneously authorized by leading companies like Autodesk, Adobe, Chaos Group, Itoo Software or Epic Games Unreal Engine, something extremely important in order to get a high quality and certified education recognized around the world.

“The only constant is change”, so training in the field of new technologies is essential to progress in today's digital world, but attending to online remote education (especially when focused on architectural visualisation, immersive media, product design, engineering, animation, etc.) require expensive hardware and software applications and the students and instructors need to buy highly priced hardware and software.

Applied on the educa...

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3D College

8. 3D College

3D College, a part of Viden Djurs, is one of Denmark’s largest technical colleges in the field of media production. Since 2004, we have established ourselves as the leading vocational education (VET) and training institution for 3D graphic students in Denmark. Over the years, we have built up close relations to Danish businesses that focus on graphical development in games, VFX/motion design and architectural visualizations. Before starting in a traineeship, our students have worked with advanced modelling, animation and graphics. We train them in the most used 3D programs within the fields of film, games and architecture. Our students live on our campus, where there are a wide array of workshops and courses they can make use of in their spare time; ...

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Savannah College of Art and Design

9. Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Art and Design prepares talented students for creative professions through engaged teaching and learning in a positively oriented university environment. SCAD is continually recognized for educational and professional excellence, affirming our commitment to the highest standards of achievement in art and design in the U.S.

SCAD constantly researches and reimagines programs to instill the critical skills and knowledge students need to succeed in their chosen careers. SCAD consults industry leaders, gathers data on business and design needs and collects student feedback to inform the genesis and evolution of every degree taught at the university. SCAD offers more programs and specializations than any other art and design u...

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The One Academy of Communication Design

10. The One Academy of Communication Design

For over 25 years of creative education excellence, The One Academy has been renowned as one of the best art and design colleges in Asia with over 2,500 existing students in two of our main campuses. We are committed to our role as a world-class education provider by nurturing creative pioneers who can brace and surpass international standards.To achieve this, we provide comprehensive courses, for instance, Film Visual Effects and Digital Animation with Game Development, in collaboration with industry masters such as Andrew Gordon, Pixar animation director, Eduardo Pena, concept artist of The Hobbit trilogies, and also Ubisoft, to name a few....

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How we calculate the school rankings

Data is based on the quality and performance of student work that is submitted to our judging panel for the Rookie Awards.

We feel that traditional school rankings – that include peer and employer reviews, faculty-to-student ratio, citations and other data – are not adequate when ranking the best creative schools. This might work in industries with more traditional career paths, however, when it comes to technical and creative roles, such as Visual Effects, Feature Animation and Games, it’s a lot more complicated.

Why our rankings are more accurate than others

School Rankings systems used by other websites focus on Incoming Student Skills. schools rank higher based on how selective they are. In other words, schools are rewarded by only accepting students with straight A's. This is like ranking hospitals by how sick their patients are when they arrive!

What we do at The Rookies, is rank school based on Outgoing Student Skills. We focus on how well a school has prepared a student for the job they've been training for. This the real sign of a top school and it can only be achieved by reviewing every single entry multiple times by highly respected people working in the industry.

The Judging Process

Each entrant is reviewed by members of the official Judging Panel which includes over 150 highly influential and respected industry veterans. The Judges were asked to score entries based on criteria including — creative skills, technical skills, presentation, variety of skills, complexity, raw talent, and employment potential.

School Calculations

Based on the results of student submissions we received this year we have released the following in-depth breakdowns about the best schools.

Each school is awarded a final score based on the performance of each student representing their academic facility.

When analysing the average scores of each student per school there are three possible data formulas available to use: mean, median and mode.

The Rookies uses median. The median is the middle point of a number set, in which half the numbers are above the median and half are below. A median is intrinsically understandable. It is the middle number when the values are put in order.

  • Schools with < 8 student entries are excluded from ranking.
  • Incomplete student entries are removed from calculations. No penalties.
  • Each student receives a performance score. Max 100 points.
  • Median students score calculated per school. Max 100 points.
  • Each category finalist receives 10 bonus points toward School Score.
  • Each category runner up receives 15 bonus points toward School Score.
  • Each category winner receives 20 bonus points toward School Score.

Is your school missing from this global ranking?

Over 4,000 international students represented their school by submitting their work to the Rookie Awards 2021 and were reviewed by industry professionals.

To make sure your school is considered for next year's rankings, please email us or chat with us live right now to learn more.