Breda University of Applied Sciences

Breda University of Applied Sciences

Top rated, fully English taught Bachelor Games development program in Europe.

About School

Nearly every course/project is team-based where individual contributions are assessed and used to develop a games industry professional that is ready to be effective from the 1st day of internship or graduate job. We want students to start with a foundation in either art, programming or design and then develop production abilities to participate in cross-discipline game development teams that emulate industry.

  • Year 1 is focused on small teams (3-5) and comprises of 3 discipline focused projects and one team project (8-12).
  • Year 2 moves to larger teams with 2 discipline focused projects (4-6) and two cross-discipline team projects (8-10 & 12-15).
  • Year 3 moves to even larger cross-disciplinary teams of 15-40 working on a year-long project.
  • Year 4 is for internships, personal projects or starting your own games company. There are also minors available (across the University or other Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands) and exchanges available for half the year.

Combine that with the possibility for the students to use the latest technology (latest devkits from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo as well as VR / XR) and the freedom to specialize in their field of interest.

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