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Breda University of Applied Sciences

Top rated, fully English taught Bachelor Games development program in Europe.

About School

Nearly every course/project is team-based where individual contributions are assessed and used to develop a games industry professional that is ready to be effective from the 1st day of internship or graduate job. We want students to start with a foundation in either art, programming or design and then develop production abilities to participate in cross-discipline game development teams that emulate industry.

  • Year 1 is focused on small teams (3-5) and comprises of 3 discipline focused projects and one team project (8-12).
  • Year 2 moves to larger teams with 2 discipline focused projects (4-6) and two cross-discipline team projects (8-10 & 12-15).
  • Year 3 moves to even larger cross-disciplinary teams of 15-40 working on a year-long project.
  • Year 4 is for internships, personal projects or starting your own games company. There are also minors available (across the University or other Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands) and exchanges available for half the year.

Combine that with the possibility for the students to use the latest technology (latest devkits from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo as well as VR / XR) and the freedom to specialize in their field of interest.

General Info

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We have 4 major game development labs of up to 60 people per lab. There are smaller rooms for up to 8 people that can be used for meetings or smaller teams. All these spaces have professional office chairs and desks. Every seated position has a high quality second screen available for use. There are also lecture theatres and large workshop rooms available. Furthermore, we have VR testing spaces and 3 additional smaller labs for UX testing, including a biometric lab and large-scale Virtual Production stage available for students.

The library has all the latest game design, art, development, production, business, and sound/music books. The library also has games from all major consoles (and historical consoles) with game consoles provided to play them on, as well as many board games. Additionally, one of our lecturers makes his personal library of over 1700 boardgames available to students and colleagues. As part of the Master, students publish their work both in our own library as well as in peer reviewed journals. Lastly, our digital library has access to all major academic libraries including Digra, Siggraph and other game development specific journals.

We have dedicated life drawing and technical drawing rooms. We have two dedicated VR spaces along with VR setups in the game labs. We have Dev-Kits from Sony and Nintendo. We have dedicated virtual production facilities, green room, custom facial photogrammetry studio, musical instrument rehearsal space, Xsens mobile mo-cap systems, and audio recording rooms.


All staff have dedicated time scheduled in their roster to use in order to stay up to date with current technology and software packets. Furthermore, with the usage of the workshops (every Friday), both faculty and students can learn with and from each other in various topics.

Employment Rates

Our most current available information is regarding the 2020 graduates. Of that group, 103 students – or 80% - have (immediately) landed a job within the games industry.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork Breda University of Applied Sciences students produce during their education.

Bart Walhout - Junior Character Artist at Guerrilla Games

I did my work placement at Guerrilla Games. Just like our lecturers, Guerrilla staff comes from all over the world. I learned a lot from the field, but also how you can look at a subject from different cultures. I now work as a Character Artist (on Horizon Forbidden West) and I'm experiencing the whole process of character creation from up close.


Creative Media & Game Technology

The first year consists of four blocks. The first three cover fundamental skills that build towards tightly defined projects to enhance your knowledge, all supported by lectures and seminars. The fourth block continues this, while you also work in cross-disciplinary teams to develop a game, practising your skills in a real project and learning how to work in a small development team.

Year 2 consists of four blocks. You spend two blocks further developing your advanced skills in your chosen role. In the other two blocks, you work in small multidisciplinary teams building game projects, supported by lectures and seminars. You also have the possibility to go on exchange for one semester

This year you specialise in your chosen role either working in a multidisciplinary team on a year-long game project or in a smaller specialist team supporting the game project. You also have the possibility to go on exchange for one semester.

In the graduation year you work on two projects that may include:

- completing a portfolio project individually or in a group (always assessed individually);
- working at a company (with a project deliverable);
- developing a business plan and designing a product (to start your own company, supported by our entrepreneurship start-up specialists);
- taking part in a one-semester exchange programme at one of our partner universities.

Or combine the two projects and work on a year-long project, or go on a year-long internship.

We also encourage our students to go abroad during their studies. In year 4, students participate in projects at companies around the world.


4 years, with a possibility for fast track (3 years - if student fits the requirements)


For academic year 2022-2023 tuition is €2751. Students who apply for the first time pay half of this for the first year: €1647. This is ONLY for students with a nationality that is part of the EEA, or the Surinamese or Swiss nationality. Additionally the applying student has not yet obtained a bachelor's degree from a government-funded programme in the Netherlands. If these conditions do not apply, students pay the institutional tuition fee, which - for academic year 2022-2023 - is €10.400.

Intake Dates

Apply before May 1. After the admission is checked and correct, the student will be invited for the online intake assignment. There are 4 deadlines for turning in the online intake assignment, if the student passes pre-selection, an interview will be scheduled within two to four weeks after the deadline they turned in the assignment. For this application year the deadlines were Monday 29 November 2021, Monday 24 January 2022, Monday 14 March 2022 and Tuesday 10 May 2022.

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