CG Academy

CG Academy

The CGAcademy aims to train students for careers in the field of 3D animation, visual effects, video games and real-time 3D.

About School

The CG Academy aims to train students for careers in the field of 3D animation, visual effects, video games and real-time 3D. This unique training program is organised by HELHa in Mons (Belgium). The school has established educational partnerships with several studios including Epic Games (Unreal Engine), SideFX (Houdini) and Pixar (Renderman).

The CG Academy is the department for digital imaging at the Haute-École de Louvain en Hainaut (HELHa). HELHa was created in 2009 as the result of a merger of 3 Belgian higher education colleges. The school is located in Mons at approximately 65 km from Brussels and 30 km from the French border (40 km from Valenciennes and 250 km from Paris). It is close to the city centre. It has 15 different sites throughout Hainaut (Belgian province), proposing 65 different training programs to over 10,000 students. Mons is one of the main cultural crossroads in Europe with many museums highlighting current or ancient artistic creation, as well as science or history.

The CG Academy offers three types of training programs:

  • The Anim Academy, a course dedicated to the animation film industry
  • The VFX Academy, a course focusing on the production of visual effects and special effects, combining compositing and 3D creation
  • The Game Academy, a course leading to careers in the “real time” field, specialising in Game Art and Game Programming

HELHa has assembled a team of experienced instructors, like those you can find in renowned private schools. It is the only school in Belgium to deliver diplomas which are recognized all over Europe for the 3 fields of digital imaging.

Thanks to its dedicated team and close partnerships with studios, the school has adapted its program content every year to meet the needs of a constantly changing job market. The teaching team has made strategic choices to help their students get the skills that perfectly match the industry needs.

In addition to this, HELHa has an ethical, inclusive and responsible vision. It gives the possibility to any «motivated, passionate and creative» person to integrate the training regardless of their social background. A dedicated service offers students from disadvantaged backgrounds funding for educational material.

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