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CG Spectrum

Our mentors meet students from around the world online for small classes or 1-on-1 specialised industry diploma courses. Apply now and launch your career in games or film.

About School

CG Spectrum brings the industry to you! Advance your career with a world-class education, personalized mentorship from film and game experts, specialized industry-led programs, career development services, and access to a vibrant community: a powerful network of peers and industry professionals supporting you during your studies and throughout your career.

CG Spectrum is a a global top-ranked training provider, an Unreal Authorized Training Center, Unreal Academic Partner, Unreal Connector, SideFX Certified Training Provider, and Toon Boom Authorized Training Center delivering programs worldwide. Courses are 100% online, held in small groups (max. 4 students to 1 industry mentor) or 1-on-1 private mentorship. Apply now and kick-start your career, or skill up, in games and film.

General Info

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CG Spectrum is an online school offering 1-on-1 or small class training options from industry veterans working at major studios around the world.

Students meet with their mentor in weekly live classes and get recorded feedback on their assignments. CG Spectrum mentors spend a majority of their time working within the student files to show them how they would approach their work as a professional. This allows students to quickly adopt professional workflow and reach a higher standard at a faster rate.

As well, students get access to custom created video content created specifically for their course, an interactive Learning Management System and a student forum.


CG Spectrum’s 170+ mentors have worked on blockbuster films and best-selling games at studios like Disney, Electronic Arts, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Framestore, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Ubisoft, Wizards of the Coast, Nickelodeon, DreamWorks Animation, and Pixar Animation Studios. Their expertise, knowledge, and passion helps students understand and successfully implement their newly acquired technical, creative, and soft skills.

Mentors check in each week with a live Q&A call and recorded video critiques of assignments, while sharing valuable industry insights, the latest studio workflows, and tips to manage client/studio expectations. With small class sizes, students benefit from a more personalized education to support their career goals.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork CG Spectrum students produce during their education.

Tiffany L, DreamWorks

CG Spectrum was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my career. I've learned and grown so much throughout this program, and I loved that there are many resources in the CG Spectrum community, such as finding new job opportunities, meeting other students and mentors, and checking out different courses. It's also great that there's a career advisor who can guide students in getting their first jobs. I made sure to take advantage of everything that CG Spectrum had to offer, and as a result, I was able to land my dream job at my dream company (DreamWorks). Thank you, CG Spectrum!


Whether studying full-time or working around a busy schedule, CG Spectrum’s virtual learning model allows you to study when you want, where you want. With all courses, you learn from highly experienced and passionate mentors who are actively working in the industry on major feature films and AAA video games.

Animation Courses

Become an animator for film and games! Explore our range of specialized 2D and 3D online animation courses and learn industry-standard software Autodesk Maya or Toon Boom Harmony. You'll be guided every step of the way by industry mentors who worked at studios like Disney, Ubisoft, ILM, Sony, and EA on hits like Klaus, Rick and Morty, Avatar, Deadpool, Far Cry 6, and Halo 4. CG Spectrum is an Authorized Toon Boom Traning Center.

  • Introduction to 2D Animation
  • 2D Animation Course
  • Advanced 2D Animation Course
  • Introduction to 3D Animation
  • 3D Animation Course
  • Advanced 3D Animation Course

3D Modeling Courses

Take your first steps towards becoming a 3D modeler for film and games. Learn how to sculpt amazing characters, creatures and environments with our specialized online ZBrush career training. Our industry-approved 3D modeling programs are led by top 3D artists with years of experience working on major films and games. Build skills studios are hiring for and be ready to hit the ground running at your next job.

  • Introduction to 3D Modeling
  • 3D Modeling Course
  • Advanced 3D Modeling Course

Digital Painting Courses

Turn your artistic passion into a career with specialized courses that prepare you to work as a concept artist or illustrator in the film, video game and publishing industries. Discover how to plan, develop and present compelling industry-standard artwork using Adobe Photoshop and ZBrush. Progress faster each week through live weekly sessions with your industry mentor, and graduate with original art for your portfolio. Basic drawing skills required. Traditional artists welcome.

  • Introduction to Concept Art & Digital Illustration
  • Concept Art & Digital Illustration Course
  • Advanced Concept Art Course
  • Advanced Digital Illustration Course

Game Development Courses

Make the switch from gamer to game developer and turn your ideas into actual playable games. Learn from game experts who worked on best-selling franchises like Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Borderlands and Diablo. Whether you want to work for an AAA studio or become an indie developer, CG Spectrum's job-focused career training equips you with relevant, practical skills to help launch your video game career.

  • Introduction to Game Design
  • Game Design Course
  • Introduction to Game Programming
  • Game Programming Course
  • Foundations for Game Art & Animation Course
  • ISTQB Certification (Software Testing and Quality Assurance)

Visual Effects Courses

Visual effects is an exciting career where no two days are the same. Become an FX or compositing artist with personalized mentorship from leading artists who have worked on blockbuster films and award-winning shows. Learn how to seamlessly integrate green screen footage with digital assets using Nuke, or create mind-blowing explosions, destruction, water simulations and more using Houdini. Courses are ideal for beginners as well as established artists wanting to upgrade their skills or switch specialties.

  • Foundations for VFX Course
  • Introduction to Houdini FX
  • Houdini FX Course
  • Introduction to Nuke Compositing
  • Nuke Compositing Course

Real-Time 3D & Virtual Production

Start your journey towards becoming a real-time 3D technical artist with CG Spectrum's exhilarating virtual production study pathway. Using the Unreal Engine, you'll discover how to create high quality short films. Develop a solid foundation in world building, lighting, atmospherics, and working with virtual cameras, and see how to pair these skills with their real-world equivalents for job roles on a stage volume.

  • Introduction to Real-time 3D & Virtual Production
  • Real-time 3D Technical Art & Virtual Production
  • Unreal Connectors: Virtual Production (12 Week Intensive)

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You’re one step away from starting something amazing! The best part is that CG Spectrum is a Rookies Certified School which is a formal accreditation only awarded to the very best schools that provide the most up-to-date and relevant industry training and education. Trust us, you will be in good hands when you apply to this school.

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