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Our mentors meet students from around the world online for small classes or 1-on-1 specialised industry diploma courses. Apply now and launch your career in games or film.

About School

CG Spectrum was founded on the principle that students learn best through personalized, hands-on education taught by industry professionals who specialize in the discipline they are teaching. By giving students access to the most talented artists in the industry as their mentors, this helps ensure that CG Spectrum students are the best connected, best trained and best prepared for life beyond school in their respective fields.

Our mentors meet students from around the world online for small classes or 1-on-1 specialised industry diploma courses. This personalised education gives our students an advantage, by allowing them to network with artists of major studios, regardless of their geographic location.

In addition to the unique 1-on-1 approach to training, CG Spectrum mentors spend a majority of their time working within the student files to show them how they would approach their work as a professional. This allows students to quickly adopt professional workflow and reach a higher standard at a faster rate.

General Info

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Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork CG Spectrum students produce during their education.

Ozan Önen

My parents bought my first ever computer when I was 7 years old. I've never considered creating anything but video games.

Nicolas Monteiro Delgado Gomes

I first realise that I wanted to work in the creative media, when I understood that all the "normals" paths that your parents or your school try to put you into were not where I belong to. All the sto...

Jack Meng Kirkman

After finishing secondary school I was deciding what path I wanted to go down. I realised I had neglected my creative passions for most of my education in order to focus on academics. I started resear...

Tom Römer

I always loved watching behind the scenes footage of movies and games, but the one that got me hooked was "Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us". Seeing how those breathtaking environments were crea...

Vittorio Bonapace

My passion for art and beauty came out since I was kid. I was spending everyday routine sketching and painting, with a huge interest for art, photography, cinema and costume design. I studied Academ...

Patricia Tamyo

From the get-go, you’re thrown into hands-on projects that have you itching to learn more. This doesn’t feel like online studying. The mentors are always there to help and the live chats and forum help you get to know your fellow students who are also more than willing to give insightful feedback.


Whether studying full-time or working around a busy schedule, CG Spectrum’s virtual learning model allows you to study when you want, where you want. With all courses, you learn from highly experienced and passionate mentors who are actively working in the industry on major feature films and AAA video games.

Introduction to 3D Animation

Online CourseBeginner ⋅ 6 Months

Learn 3D animation for film and games with this hands-on beginners’ course! Master the essentials including the 12 Principals of Animation, body mechanics, and combat animation. Gain speed and confidence in Maya as you have fun building your own animations from scratch.

Advanced 3D Animation Diploma

Online CourseAdvanced ⋅ 10 Months

If you’re serious about becoming a 3D Animator, this course is for you! Learn how to create believable animations that keep viewers in suspense and wanting more. Discover pro tips and techniques from award-winning artists, as you develop a range of human and creature animations for your portfolio.

Introduction to 2D Animation

Online CourseBeginner ⋅ 3 Months

Learn the basics of 2D animation for film and TV from Disney and Dreamworks animators! Build essential foundation skills including the 12 principals of animation, the bouncing ball, walk cycles and a character take using the industry-standard software Toon Boom Harmony

Advanced 2D Animation Diploma

Online CourseBeginner to Intermediate ⋅ 10 Months

Become a professional 2D Animator! Learn hand-drawn or “cut-out” style character animation, and build scenes that captivate and delight your audience. Train on Toon Boom Harmony (the industry standard software used by top studios) and hit the ground running at your first job!

Introduction to 3D Modeling

Online CourseBeginner ⋅ 6 Months

Discover how to create awesome 3D characters and environments for films and games! Get hands-on experience using Maya (software used by major studios around the world), and learn the latest techniques and workflows used by professional artists.

Advanced 3D Modeling Diploma

Online CourseIntermediate to Advanced ⋅ 10 Month

Get your 3D Modeling career off to the best start! Learn advanced digital sculpting and texturing techniques using ZBrush from industry experts. Cover everything from hard surface modeling to character, creature and environment modeling, plus how to light and render your models to a professional standard.

Introduction to Concept Art & Illustration

Online CourseBeginner ⋅ 6 Months

Find out how to turn a design brief into inspiring concept art that tells a powerful story. Get hands-on experience with professional workflows and discover how to create concept art from scratch. Graduate with a solid foundation and original concept art for your portfolio!

Advanced Concept Art Diploma

Online CourseIntermediate to Advanced ⋅ 10 Months

Turn your artistic passion into a career as a Concept Artist! Master perspective drawing and begin creating your own incredible environment art. Dive into character and creature design bringing them to life with color and posing. You’ll graduate this course with a professional portfolio.

Advanced Illustration Diploma

Online CourseIntermediate to Advanced ⋅ 10 Months

Master digital illustration and discover how to create professionally polished art for films, TV video games and publishing. Using sophisticated Photoshop techniques, learn how to plan, develop and present compelling artwork that is sure to impress employers!

Introduction to 3D Concept Art

Online CourseIntermediate ⋅ 3 Months

Become a studio-ready 3D Concept Artist for film and games in 12 weeks! Build your ZBrush, Maya and Photoshop skills as you learn how to digitally sculpt props and assets from thumbnail sketches, quickly block out 3D environments, and render and polish your concepts to a professional standard.

Introduction to Game Design

Online CourseBeginner ⋅ 3 Months

Discover how to turn your passion for video games into a rewarding career and learn what it takes to become a professional game designer in this introductory course. Guided by industry veterans you'll get hands-on experience designing and conceptualizing your own game from scratch.

Game Design Diploma

Online CourseBeginner ⋅ 10 Months

Build the technical and creative skills to become a pro Game Designer! Learn about game systems and mechanics, and how they work together to create incredible game experiences. Using actual AAA game case studies, you’ll discover the secrets of a successful game, then build your own playable game.

Advanced Game Design Diploma

Online CourseAdvanced ⋅ 10 Months

Take your skills to the next level and master the techniques needed for a successful career as a game designer working in the industry. Taught by AAA game designers, you'll acquire an in-depth understanding of the game design process and build a portfolio to showcase your creations. 

Game Programming Diploma

Online CourseBeginner ⋅ 10 Months

This course is for aspiring game programmers that want to develop games using Unreal Engine 4. This course will take you from an inexperienced programmer to a capable Unreal Engine 4 developer with the confidence to tackle any programming task in just 10 months.

Foundations for Game Art & Animation

Online CourseBeginner ⋅ 10 Months

Make your own video game from scratch! Start by building a solid foundation in 3D modeling and animation, then move on to modeling characters, environments and props using Maya, Substance Painter and Unreal Engine 4. Finish with a fully playable game for your portfolio!

Foundations for Visual Effects

Online CourseBeginner ⋅ 10 Months

Build a solid foundation in 3D modeling, animation and VFX in this hands-on beginners’ course. Guided by industry mentors, you’ll get familiar with the VFX pipeline and gain confidence using industry-leading software Maya, Substance Painter, and Houdini.

Houdini FX Diploma

Online CourseIntermediate to Advanced ⋅ 10 Months

Harness the power of Houdini and create destruction, explosions, water simulations and everything in between! Learn Rigid Body Dynamics and geometry fracturing to build complex scenes, and get hands-on experience modeling, texturing, simulating and rendering believable VFX shots from scratch.

Nuke VFX Compositing Diploma

Online CourseIntermediate to Advanced ⋅ 10 Months

Get the creative and technical skills required for a career as a Compositor. Using Nuke, you’ll master advanced techniques in rotoscoping, digital painting, keying, scripting and lighting. Finish the course with a professional portfolio and the confidence in knowing you are industry ready.

Introduction to Matte Painting

Online CourseIntermediate ⋅ 3 Months

Prepare for a career as a Matte Painter for film and TV! Working with an established Matte Painter, you’ll learn professional matte painting techniques and discover how to avoid technical hurdles that come with working with a studio or client. Graduate with several amazing portfolio pieces!

Introduction to Lighting & Rendering

Online CourseIntermediate ⋅ 3 Months

Get the skills needed to become a studio-ready Lighting Artist! Using the Arnold Renderer for Maya, learn how to create realisically lit, visually appealing scenes for films and television while avoiding common pitfalls. Don’t miss the chance to be mentored by an industry expert with real-world experience.

Introduction to Character Rigging

Online CourseIntermediate ⋅ 3 Months

Increase your technical animation skills and learn how to build character animation rigs from scratch! The need for animators with rigging skills is increasing as studio workflows become more complex. You’ll complete this course with an in-depth understanding of how to properly setup animation rigs in Maya by creating a full character rig from scratch.

Bachelor of Animation & VFX

Online CourseBeginner ⋅ 2 Years

CG Spectrum in partnership with Collarts is offering a Bachelor of Animation and Visual Effects. The Bachelor of Animation and VFX will provide students with the skills to establish a professional animation and visual effects career in the film, television, online entertainment or gaming industry.

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