About School

Changing careers? Looking to build up your technical skills? First time in school? Choosing a well-known online animation school or visual effects school will give you the step you need on the competition. Here at CG Spectrum, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your goals through 3D animation and VFX courses for film and games. The industry rewards those who specialize, and our world-class mentors will teach you how to optimize your technical and networking skills in real-world situations. When you graduate, you will have an understanding of how not only to work alone but within a studio pipeline. CG Spectrum’s top priority is to inspire and prepare the next generation of production-ready artists. Contact us and we will help you find your own path to success.

Chris Ely | CG Spectrum Student

"Your education is their top priority! I didn't realise how much I didn't know before joining CG Spectrum. I feel like missing pieces of knowledge are now clicking into place. I'm learning stuff you just can't get from tutorials and books and each lesson is building you up for the next. At CG Spectrum I'm learning so much and loving every minute of it."

Student Artwork

Here is a small sample of artwork created by students during their time at the school. This quality of work is used by students' to apply for jobs.

General Information