CICE, The Professional School in New Technologies

CICE, The Professional School in New Technologies

The Leading School in New Technologies Training

About School

CICE, the Official Training Center of more than 20 multinational companies in Spain, is already a community of more than 70,000 students from more than 30 different countries, with all the homologations of the leading companies in the world from which we give their Official Training And with a staff of certified teaching professionals from the most prestigious Spanish production companies.

Student Artwork

Here is a small sample of artwork created by students during their time at the school. This quality of work is used by students' to apply for jobs.


We are a trade school which trains for careers in high end visual effects and animation production. As the vast majority of jobs are now part of very large department based studio pipelines, educational curriculum must reflect this with equally specialized programs.  Through our experience, the traditional education model fails to effectively produce the high level of skill required to enter into sustainable employment.  

Our craft based programs (FX, Lighting, and Compositing) has our students focussing their development on essential department based skills. This allows students to achieve a very high level of mastery within a one year timeline, far exceeding the expected outcomes from general study programs spanning multiple years.  At the core of our curriculum is project based learning, simulating production patterns, creating valuable portfolio content, and adapting to the individual training goals.

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