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Ecole des Nouvelles Images

Become a professional in 3D animation cinema.

About School

Ecole des Nouvelles Images Association’s purpose is to conceive, design, create and manage activities in the field of Synthesis Image (3D image) professions. As such, its prime activity is training through one or more artistic education institutions providing initial and continuous training specialising in the Synthesis Image professions. The school ensures that the training it delivers is constantly adapted to the demands of the professional world of 3D animation and digital visual effects. The school is committed to contributing to development and research around the specific language of Synthesis Image - narration, aesthetic issues, staging, production.

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Introduction to the artistic stakes of 3D

This is the beginning of an exciting curriculum when the alchemy between the arts and new technologies appears. The acquisition of the fundamentals is essential to any development: the discovery of the animation world, its vocabulary and working methods.

The year to increase one’s knowledge of 3D tools

Working in a team is both exciting and complicated. On the one hand, the emerging emulation within the group makes everyone progress and one learns from one another. On the other hand, one has to learn how to channel everyone's energy, how to make compromises and accept that not everyone works in the same way. Working in a team is the absolute condition for entering the animation professions.

Appreciating 3D in all its facets with the making of a SHORT film.

Intense and structuring, the 3rd year reveals personalities and places each one face to face with the realities of the professional world. Validating "digital director" 1st cycle implies a fair balance between the learning of 3D techniques and the study of the language inherent to this new art. Students refine their technique and, through practice, tackle the tricks of narration and filmmaking.

One year, two specialities.

The School's 2nd cycle enables the students to determinate their domain of expertise. Even if versatility is an omnipresent objective within the curriculum, as it implies a global vision of filmmaking processes, allowing students to deepen their skills in specific areas is essential to prepare them for their professional integration in the best possible way. These two specialities, which are deliberately open-ended, represent families of professions. Depending on their personality, students integrate the specialisation that best suits them.

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