Ecole MoPA

Ecole MoPA

Creativity and passion, an alliance between art and technology, a strong team spirit, demanding standards and innovation, and an international reputation…these are the values that characterize MoPA and have given it the reputation for excellence that it has today.

About School

Creativity and passion, an alliance between art and technology, a strong team spirit, demanding standards and innovation, and an international reputation…these are the values that characterize MoPA and have given it the reputation for excellence that it has today. The school is regularly ranked as one of the best in the world for CG training.

The history of MoPA is intrinsically linked to that of Supinfocom, created in Valenciennes in 1988, the first French school entirely dedicated to CG imaging. In the year 2000, it opened in Arles. Over the next few years Supinfocom Arles forged its own path, gaining a reputation for excellence and winning its first international prizes. Since then the school has trained over 600 top-level professionals who are now working throughout the world and the list of prizes continues to get longer. Training is dispensed by experienced industry professionals who alternate their professional activities with teaching. Graduates are sought out by industry professionals from studios throughout the world. In 2015, Supinfocom Arles became MoPA.

Location: France Students: 201-300 Staff: 11-50 Founded: 1999 Type: Private Industries: 3D Animation, Illustration, Visual Effects

Success Stories

Studies at MoPA are in two study cycles. At the end of Study Cycle 1 (3rd Year) MoPA students have already experienced a wide variety of solo and group projects, notably a solo CG film project in 3rd Year where students use all their production skills acquired to complete a solo 1-minute film. While the Study Cycle 1 allows them to already obtain a 3D generalist level, in the Study Cycle 2 students specialize in CG image production  or animation, and they thus graduate with a full range of professional skills ready to deploy in-studio.

Their numerous film projects in teams also allow them to acquire the communication and organisational skills that assure a smooth transition into the professional world. MoPA recent alumni are currently working as: Houdini FX artist, animator, lighter/compositor, character animator, character rigger, creature FX, FX lead, look developer, storyboard artist, concept artist, previs, surfacing artist, TD…

Alumni have worked on productions like Man of Steel, His Dark Materials, The Grinch, The Swallows of Kabul, Life of Pi, Despicable Me, Zombillenium, Star Wars the Last Jedi, Thor Ragnarok, Dr Strange, Dark Mirror and many, many more….

Franck Balson

Creative Director, Blur Studio

Vincent Baertsoen

Global Head of CG, Framestore

Florian Brauch

Animator, Framestore

Romain Thirion

Character Animator, Electric Theatre Collective

Marina Roger

CG animator, Aardman Animation

Anna Le Danois

CG Generalist, ILM

Juan Pablo de la Rosa (2018) | Houdini VFX Artist, Dwarf Animation

Tackling new challenges, both artistic and technical, was extremely gratifying when done within the learning context of small groups. My classmates at MoPA were like a family who always care for your welfare and your development, always inspiring you to do your best. I was able to grow both artistically and in terms of professional relationships and communication in this environment.

Staff Bios

Here are three staff members from the school that represent the level of professional experience and knowledge of the faculty.

Chad Taylor

Over 25 years’ experience in VFX and post-production, artist and team leader on films such as War of the Worlds, Pearl Harbour, Star Trek Into Darkness, Rango, Titanic.

Lionel Pouchard

Over 25 years experience on numerous animated and live-action projects (eg American Made, Grace of Monaco, Largo Winch, Syriana, The Bourne Identity, Blood Diamond) Lionel Pouchard teaches visual storytelling and storyboarding.

Pascale Ville

With over 20 years experience in France, Japan, and particularly San Francisco at the studio ILM (eg Star Wars, Iron Man, Avatar) Pascalle Ville is lead compositing teacher.

Student Artwork

MoPA candidates are chosen for their technical skills but also for their creative potential. In the first years of Study Cycle 1 students receive rigorous arts training. Their technical and creative skills are deployed on CG tools, and and their mastery of a range of techniques is reflected in the quality of the images and films they produce throughout their cursus to 5th year graduation projects.


The five-year course gives a graduate a 5-year advanced diploma as CG filmmaker. The diploma is state-accredited (RNCP Level 1 France, Level 7 European level).

Our objective: to train professionals in animated film and post-production, future studio professionals, with an artistic vision, an understanding of the CG filmmaking pipeline, and with strong technical expertise and teamwork experience.

The teaching approach at MoPA is centred around giving the students a variety of filmmaking experiences, which allows them at the end of their studies to produce original, professional-quality films.

In Study Cycle 1 (3 years) students:

  • acquire a methodology that allows the students to carry school projects to successful outcomes from beginning to end
  • gain both individual and team experience
  • acquire the artistic and cinematographic fundamentals enabling students to successfully complete an animated film
  • gain experience on the complete technical workflow from concept development to production of an animated short film

The Study Cycle 2 (2 years) concludes with the awarding of a 5-year diploma as CG filmmaker. This cycle allows students to gain real professional experience and at the end of their studies they our students have the skills and knowledge that launches their careers into orbit.

Two specializations in Study Cycle 2: Animation and CG image production.

The final year of all these advanced study cycles is dedicated to the production of a CG animation short film which is evaluated by a jury of industry professionals, and is their passport to ambitious careers.

Ecole MoPA also offers a Preparatory Class. The teaching alternates fundamental artistic subjects with workshops and projects in photography, video, stop motion animation basic principles...Our objective is the bring out creative potential, enrich cultural and artistic knowledge, provide a work methodology and above all the give confidence in the students' talents. This year allows the acquisition of a foundation of solid skills and students a portfolio of artistic works that reflects the student and their career orientation

Concepteur-réalisateur 3D / Advanced Diploma in Digital Filmmaking State accredited diploma. 5 Year. €7250 - €7900 EU students, €8700 - 9500 Non-EU students. Registration for entrance exam January 2020. Entrance exam at a distance February 2020. Academic year begins September 2020

Preparatory Class. 1 Year. €5600. Registration for entrance exam January 2020. Entrance exam at a distance February 2020. Academic Year begins September 2020.

Tuition language: French Tuition language is French, with some masterclasses and guest tutors giving content in English. Recommended minimum French level B1.


MoPA student films have had literally hundreds of festival selections and have won over 150 awards at film festivals throughout the world. Including:

  • Student Award Oscars 2018, Oscar nominations
  • Aniwow 2012, 2013,2014, 2016, 2018
  • Winner VES awards
  • Sitges
  • Panam’anim 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016
  • Siggraph 2013, 2014, 2017
  • Monstra
  • Festival de Cannes
  • Spark Animation
  • and many more...

In 2019 the online review site Animation Career Review ranked MoPA as number 3 of the ranking of best CG animation schools in the world.

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