Become a professional in 2D or 3D animation cinema or a game artist with the best professors and studios in France with the school ECV in many places in France.

About School

Since 1984, our ambition has been to turn our students’ creativity into a source of professional success. Sharing, exchanges and meetings with professionals ant the professional world are the keys to success. ECV immerses its students in a community of creative talents, to help them thrive, within the school but also once they enter the professional world.

Over the years, our experiences, our independence and our initiatives have allowed us to develop the largest network of creative professionals in France, and to offer the best opportunities to our students by giving them access to that network. ECV students share more than just a school: they share a mindset and belong to a community.

General Info

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Access from 5 place Alice Girou, sliding doors, reception, secure gate with digital code, elevator, cafeteria Surface area of ​​2200 square meters


We constantly work with active professionnals and partners, who inform us about their pipelines, and are constantly on the lookout for new technologies. We keep up to date with the latest advances in the field through webinars, conferences, trade shows and SIGGRAPH. We obtained the Houdini and Toon Boom certificate thanks to the work of our studies.

Employment Rates

In December, our animation alumni graduated in 2021 are 29,1 on internship, 41,8 employed, 12,7 freelance and 16,4 are still searching for an employment. Our game alumni graduated in 2021 are 52,9 on internship, 5,9 employed, 11,8 freelance and 29,4 are still searching for a job.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork ECV students produce during their education.

SALIGNON Pierick - Modeler Illumination Mac Guff

Being a student at ECV has been a chance for me to meet amazing people that become friends, and learn a lot thanks to our teachers. The projects we made during my studies had been a way to learn a lot of things for the production of a movie, and the way to work in a team. It’s very important to be able to work in a studio. We can always talk and discuss with the pedagogic team about classes, soft and always find an help to work or to find a work after.


The fondation year is the first year based on a lot of drawing and technics. Students draw a lot of anatomy and it was a very succesfull way to learn, they are able to work on any subjects thanks to their good practice of drawing and all the art technics.

On bachelors years, they begin to learn about softwares and to specialize between games and animation. There is a lot of various courses to propose to them a panel of specialization.

In master, they choose between 3D and 2D and they have to pick a specialization among all of the positions currently available today in animation.
Drawing practice, high degree of specialization but also a curriculum based to form cg generalist prepare our students to enter in the work world in animation and game.

the pedagogic staff pay attention to students needs : if they want a particular masterclass to create their final games or movies, we can tried to do our best to make a great champion in the subject to came to school.

They realized a movie, to the storyboard to the VFX, at the end of their two masters years or a game and it's the best way to learn all the aspects of the industry

Bachelor degree in animation or game

After the acquisition of basic knowledge through the Foundation year, ECV students in Animation get to learn the fundamentals of animation and of digital creation.

  • 2 years after the foundation year
  • 8 450€ each year
  • October to end to September

Master degree in animation or game

The master cycle is constituted by two years of studies after the bachelor 2D/3D Animation. Its objective is the professionalization and the acquisition of a field of expertise towards the training of high-level professionals, employable as soon as they leave school, and with a strong career progression.

  • 8 450€ each year
  • October to end to September (on profile)

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