Florida Universitaria

Florida Universitaria

A Valencian worker co-operative created in 1977 working in the field of education. It has a wide experience in education and training in several education levels: Higher education, Vocational Education and Training, continuous training and Secondary and Primary Education.

About School

Florida Universitaria is a Valencian worker co-operative created in 1977 working in the field of education. It has a wide experience in education and training in several education levels: Higher education (university degrees, postgraduate courses and Master degrees), Vocational Education and Training (higher and lower levels), continuous training and Secondary and Primary Education.

The University qualifications provided by Florida Universitaria are officially recognised by the University of Valencia and by the Polytechnic University of Valencia. University degrees offered by Florida are related to Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Games, ICT and Tourism.

Currently Florida has more than 250 professionals working in a campus located in Catarroja, municipality in the metropolitan area of Valencia (Spain). The campus is composed by 6 buildings covering 26,869 m2.

Every year Florida hosts more than 4,000 students. Florida, from its origins, has worked in order to provide a high quality, participative and innovative education project. Florida is defined as an innovative and dynamic institution, in close contact with companies and the society. The education and training provided to youngsters and professionals are based on the acquisition of skills and knowledge enabling them to successfully participate in the new business, professional and social scenes of current society.

Nowadays, Florida applies innovative methodologies to promote the socioeconomic development of the territories by generating inter cooperation experiences related to innovation and entrepreneurship. These methodologies are a result of a wide trajectory of participation on cooperation and research projects at regional, national and international levels.

General Info

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Florida Universitària has 6 buildings within a full of life 26000 sqm campus. This space is an opportunity generator due to its multidisciplinary nature. It's placed in Catarroja, Valencia, close to the Mediterranean coast. We invite you to a virtual tour of our campus in Catarroja . From here you can visit our facilities, walk around the campus, visit the library, access the classrooms, etc ...

Employment Rates

Florida Universitària alumni are employed in different sectors, related to digital creativity: advertisement, indie games, AAA companies, serious games, eSports.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork Florida Universitària students produce during their education.


Since I was little I have always looked for new ways of doing things, which is why I grew up as a creative, demanding and passionate student.

Fernando Estrela

When I finished studying high school, I decided I wanted to work in one of my biggest passions: video games. So, I coursed an advanced vocational training degree in 3D animation, video games and inter...

Christian Muñoz - 2D Animator, ViralStudios

You can see that the teachers have a passion for what they do and that feeling is transmitted to you in each class Additionally to their individual expertise, they have experience in companies and they know how to transfer that knowledge to us.


The programs are project-based: students are involved in real projects and in a studio-like environment.

VET program (2 years) in 3D, animation and games.

An starting point for your digital creativity career.

BSc in Game Design and Development (4 years).

Holistic education for future professionals that will be able to use games to solve complex problems and, of course, to have fun. Art, Technology, Science and Business.

MFA in AAA modelling (1 year).

Top-class teachers from industry.

All taught in Spanish.

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