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With 12 years of experience and internationally recognized as one of the 100 best animation schools in the world, FX ANIMATION Barcelona 3D & Film School is a high performance centre with its own degrees specializing in Animation, VFX, Video Games, Concept Art, Cinematography and Architectural Visualization, with unique headquarters in Barcelona. Barcelona 3D & Film School is certified by the main software manufacturers (SideFX, Autodesk, Maxon, Chaos Group and Foundry). The school has a 99% employment rate, with students working at over 800 companies worldwide, proving that students are given a high level of formative and professional training.

Success Stories

At FX ANIMATION every student is a success story. For more than 12 years, we have been exporting talent to the leading companies in the sector (MPC, DNEG, Framestore, ILM, Weta Digital, El Ranchito, Digital Domain among others) FX ANIMATION students are recognized as highly skilled professionals with above-average demo reels.

Nacho Doctor

Senior FX Technical Director, Framestore

David Berrocoso

FX Technical Director, ILM

Jordi Torcal

Houdini FX Technical Director, Mill Films/p>

Kris Maevskaya

VFX Artis, MPC

Álvaro Carreras

Senior 3D Artist, Vertical Robot

Sergio López

Lead Animator, Mikros Image

Employment Rates

At FX ANIMATION, we have spent the last 12 years in the top ten centres for training, thanks to our teaching method that is centred upon the business world.    FX ANIMATION works like a trampoline, launching students to great heights in different sectors of this industry. We are proud to say that 99% of our students find themselves working on the most sought-after productions and for the most important companies in the world.

The FX Alumni are the best paid and most highly respected professionals in the international entertainment industry. Every student that graduates from FX ANIMATION is a SUCCESS story.

Jordi Torcal | VFX TD @ MPC

I personally believe that if it is not the best school, it is among the 3 best to study any variant of 3D. In the case of visual effects, it is essential to learn the knowledge that is given at school and take it on with a lot of self-interest. The demand that is given at school, is essential to leave prepared as there is now more and more professional competition which means that your quality has to go up if you want to achieve a job in the industry. I would definitely go back to training at FX ANIMATION.

Student Artwork

Here is a sample of the type of work that students create while at school.


Courses related to drawing / fine art / illustration, art history, image and film analysis, concept art / chara design, storytelling, storyboard, digital image processing (Photoshop), modelling, look dev, lighting/shading, texturing, compositing, animation, rigging, script, fx. Professional English courses.


3 and 2 years respectively
These are the most prestigious VFX formations in Spain and one of the most recognized internationally by both the training sector and the industry. You will be trained as an expert in 3D for visual effects (VFX) at the Official School and recognized by Side FX to provide training in Houdini. This training will give you access to both national and international productions; students from this training have worked on some of the most important blockbusters such as Aquaman, Hellboy, The Lion King and Juego de Tronos, among others.
Registration from 1,900€ to 2,500€


3 and 2 years respectively
With a totally practical and transversal training that integrates the bases of cinema, the principles of animation and the Concept Art, the techniques and the most advanced software of the industry, you will be trained as a high level animator mastering all the artistic and technical knowledge necessary to be part of a work team so that you will be able to face any professional project whether it is in cinema, tv, advertising or video games.
Registration from 1,900€ to 2,500€


3 and 2 years respectively
These are the most specialized training courses with the best level of results in 3D art for video games at a national level. You will learn in depth to work with professional methodologies and pipelines, to master the tools of 3D creation and its integration into standard video game engines (Unreal Engine and Unity3D).
From the first day you will develop individual and group projects achieving results of similar quality to the latest titles published by the national and international industry.
Registration from 1,900€ to 2,500€


3 and 2 years respectively
In these trainings you will learn the artistic and technical basics of conceptual art from 2D to 3D. The main objective is to strengthen your artistic bases and skills to master the creation of characters and environments that are technically suitable for use in real image film production, animation or video games.
Registration from 1,900€ to 2,500€


4 years
Through our own methodology based on continuous practice and work on transversal projects, you will learn both the technique and the creative work of the cinematographic sector in order to develop your professional profile in one of the following specializations: film directing, scriptwriting, production, photography direction, edition and editing, postproduction and/or VFX.
Registration from 1,900€ to 2,500€


2 years
You will be trained in an aesthetic and creative way, focusing especially on the technical and technological side of film, to prepare you for the new ways of approaching filming: chroma shots (indoor and outdoor), image and visual effects integration (VFX), virtual reality photography and, in general, post-production work after the shoot.

You will actively participate as part of a photography team (DOP, camera operator, cinematographer...) in shoots linked to the short films, documentaries, web series and advertising of the students of Film Direction, integrating you also in the professional shooting teams of the production company associated with the school (SeñoraX)
Registration: 1,600€


2 years

Aimed at students and professionals in the audiovisual sector, film, advertising, television, graduates in Audiovisual Communication, Fine Arts or other university qualifications related to the audiovisual sector.

With this Master, you will be able to master editing and post-production techniques with Nuke-X with a complete training in work processes. You will learn in depth the techniques of editing, montage, sound, chromakey, 3D integration, lighting, multilayer composition, rotomasking, camera track, particles, Motion Graphics 2D, advanced composition for VR, color technology and set superstition.
Registration: 1,600€


9 months
This master is aimed at students and professionals in 3D, film, audiovisual, graphic design, creative, composers, animators and 3D artists who wish to complement and/or enrich their knowledge in Motion Graphics 3D and Compositing.

You will learn advanced integration and compositing techniques in After Effects and the creation of quality 3D visuals with Cinema 4D, which will allow you to have a much more complete training than any other postproduction professional, being able to make projects with a faster workflow and optimal quality building functional and harmonious pieces such as advertising spots, visuals for film (bumpers) and TV, music videos, corporate and product design among others.
Registration 1,600€


9 months
You will specialize as a professional by mastering the process of editing and montage (Premier, Protools and Avid), color correction (Da Vinci) and 2D Motion Graphics (After Effects) so that you get to control both the tools and techniques needed and the criteria of professional work so that you can deliver complete and finished projects.
This 100% practical training will allow you to acquire the necessary production experience, so that you can enter the job market having faced projects with professional quality, production times and professional results.
Registration 1,500€


9 months
In this training you will master not only the operation of the programs (3DSMax, V-Ray, Forest Pack and Rail Clone) but also the techniques and methods of building photorealistic renders and virtual reality (Unreal Engine). The student will be able to face any preview project no matter how complex it is and will achieve professional quality finishes.

You will learn how to import FBX objects from 3DS Max to Unreal, the engine's material editor, nodes and textures. You will work with the lighting tools available in Unreal Engine for the creation of photorealistic environments, the use of Blueprints for the development of interactivity, post-processing and dynamic effects, as well as landscape elements that facilitate the generation of natural environments with vegetation, water, etc. You will also learn how to add environmental sounds to make interactive presentations more immersive.
At the end of your training you will have a personal project of renders and VR that will allow you to have a professional portfolio to position yourself professionally.
Registration: 968€


  • Sant Jordi Award to the film industry
  • Toni Mena (CTO FX ANIMATION). Colourist & VFX Supervisor.
  • The Fourth Kingdom, (2019). Directed by Adán Aliaga and Àlex Lora. Cinematography by Adán Aliaga and Àlex Lora. Produced by Jaibo Films. Nominated for Best Short Documentary in the Goya 2018
  • Fishbone (2018), Film. Directed by Adan Aliaga. Cinematography by Pere Pueyo. Produced by Jaibo Film.  17 nominations in the Goya 2019, including Best Special Effects (Toni Mena and Dani Serrano)
  • TIMECODE (Short Film, 2016. Dir. Juanjo Giménez. Prod. Nadir Films ) - VFX supervisor, VFX artist & colorist. Palme D'or Cannes 2016 to best short film, Goya 017 to Best Fiction Short Film, European film award for Best short film, Gaudí 2017 for Best short film and nominated for the Oscar 2017 for Best Fiction Short
  • Nacho Doctor, Francesc Bolló and Melanie Guerreiro (alumniX FX ANIMATION) are part of the team that have created the Visual Effects of The Jungle Book, nominated for the best Visual Effects at the 2017 Oscar awards  
  • Francesc Bolló (alumniX FX ANIMATION) are part of the team that Guardians of the Galaxy nominado a los Oscar 2015 por Mejores Efectos Visuales

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