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Games and creative computing are transforming how we experience the world and are driving the development of new technologies. Join us at the Games Academy to become part of this journey, learn from industry leaders and develop real products with team members who live and breathe games and computer science.

  • Build your own games from day one and have the opportunity to establish your own company in your third year.
  • Work in one of largest and best equipped dedicated game making spaces of any university in the UK.
  • Change the games industry by making original games for new markets.
  • Work in a department dedicated to gaming and be surrounded by people working in all aspects of the industry.
  • Develop a multi-disciplinary approach, using Unity and Unreal to touch upon all aspects of game creation.
  • Have the flexibility to change your area of specialism based on your skills and interests.

Creating unique games means working in a unique way. So we anticipate the future of the industry, and collaborate with skill sets from across the creative world. As a game, app or immersive content developer, you’ll have the chance to work with actors in motion capture suites, artists, writers, composers, and business experts who can train you to market and profit from your games while you’re studying.

Location: United Kingdom Students: 101-199 Staff: 11-49 Founded: - Type: Private Industries: 3D Animation, Illustration, Other, Visual Effects

Success Stories

Studio Mutiny, a team of Falmouth graduates, has won a major competition and scooped £25,000 from the UK Games Fund.

Transfuzer is a UK-wide competition designed to seek out and support the next generation games development talent.

For Studio Mutiny, the prize money will allow them to continue to develop their game, Sai, which was started as a third-year student project. It’s a ground-breaking project which uses gaming to raise awareness of environmental issues and the climate emergency.

Studio Mutiny consists of Kasandra Standal, Sean-Kee Murmann, Johnny Lee, Fraser McKay , Charlie Hutchinson, Lucy Stent, Rob FitzPatrick, Natasha Maria.

John Hemmens

Environment Artist, Creative Assembly

Jade Ostle

Designer, King

Connall Blake

Game Designer, Rare Limited

Rex Crowle | BAFTA Winning Game Artist and Designer, Media Molecule

As a student at Falmouth University I consider it a key part of the journey that got me to where I am now, and although this was before digital studies were taught there, I have been very impressed with the facilities, staff and students I have met when returning in more recent times. I’m really quite jealous of what is happening there now!

Staff Bios

Here are three staff members from the school that represent the level of professional experience and knowledge of the faculty.

Dr Douglas Brown

Formerly employed by international games developer and publisher Square-Enix and credited on several of their high-profile titles including the award winning Final Fantasy XII, Doug made the move into higher education from the games industry just as games design courses were being founded, and has contributed to games being taken seriously by academia.

John Pledger

Following my masters I worked as a Senior Artist for two games companies: Evolution Studios and Bizarre Creations. I worked on several internationally recognised next-gen game titles including World Rally Championship 4 and 5; Motorstorm; James Bond Bloodstone; Blur and the BAFTA award-winning Project Gotham Racing.

Terry Greer

Terry started out studying Zoology at Liverpool University before becoming an artist in the early days of the UK game industry, and then progressing to game design. While he has mainly worked in the UK, but also in Australia and the US. More recently he has been involved in business acquisition (game concept/pitch development) and technical UI and application/game engine design at Blitz Games.

Student Artwork

Join a community of people who live and breathe games. From day one, you’ll work as you would within a team in the industry, developing your own games. You’ll replicate professional practice, learning in a range of environments to discover your specialism and prepare for the career you want.


Web Development BSc (Hons)

3-4 Years Full-Time
You’ll begin with a practical introduction to programming, computer technology, and computer science principles. Working in a multidisciplinary team, you’ll learn Agile principles, pipelines, and processes to deliver a bespoke, interactive website for a game under development by other Games Academy students. You’ll also complete an individual creative computing project, learning about physical computing in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT).
9,250 Full-Time UK/EU
16,000 Full-Time International

Immersive Computing BSc(Hons)

3 Years
As an early adopter of new and experimental technology, you'll learn computer science and human-computer interaction alongside practical programming skills to create compelling immersive experiences. By the time you graduate, you'll be equipped to apply your skills to a range of different industries and make an impact on how we interact with technology.
9,250 Full-Time UK/EU
16,000 Full-Time International

Game Development: Animation/Art/Audio/Design/Writing/Programming BA(Hons)

3 Years
You'll learn how different specialisms work together, how to work effectively in a team and the role you play in it. This course simulates how the industry operates, in a studio environment that's built to mirror a real games development studio.
9,250 Full-Time UK/EU
16,000 Full-Time International

Game Art BA(Hons)

3 Years
As a game artist, you'll be joining one of the fastest growing sectors of the games industry, and be in higher demand than ever before. On this course, you'll work within game development teams and graduate as a skilled artist with your own distinctive style.
9,250 Full-Time UK/EU
16,000 Full-Time International

Creative Virtual Reality BA(Hons)

3 Years
You'll join our community of artists, animators, composers, designers, programmers, writers and game-makers to create immersive experiences across different platforms – with the chance to market them in the real world. You'll gain a detailed knowledge of virtual reality, with the opportunity to specialise in preparation for an exciting career.
9,250 Full-Time UK/EU
16,000 Full-Time International

Creative Robotics BSc(Hons)

3-4 Years
Taking a creative and humanistic approach, this degree will challenge you to integrate physical computing with human-centred design. After establishing a firm foundation in developing software and hardware, you'll apply your skills to both individual projects and major collaborations.
9,250 Full-Time UK/EU
16,000 Full-Time International

Computing For Games BSc(Hons)

3 Years
You'll collaborate with other students in the Games Academy – from animators through to sound designers – to develop a multi-disciplinary approach with creativity at its heart. By the time you graduate, you'll be confident in pursuing a career in software development, in the games industry and beyond.
9,250 Full-Time UK/EU
16000 Full-Time International

Game Design MA

1 Year
We'll cover specialist areas in storytelling and design, developing skills to reveal new horizons of gaming. With help from your ex-industry mentors, you’ll gain the skills you need for employment or enterprise in a games and media context. Collaborating with other talented game-lovers, you’ll design your own AAA, indie or board games and see your ideas come to life.
8,500 Full-Time UK/EU
16,000 Full-Time International

Game Art MA

1 Year
Nurture your creativity as you collaborate with like-minded artists in an inspired and focused space. We welcome illustrators, painters, fine artists, sculptors, architects, graphic designers, or anyone with a passion for the visual dimensions of games. Whatever your artistic background, you’ll graduate from this course as a knowledgeable, workplace-ready professional with a strong insight into the games industry.
8,500 Full-Time UK/EU
16,000 Full-Time International

Artificial Intelligence For Games MSc

1 Year
Join the people breaking boundaries in the world of gaming. This stimulating, practise-focused course will give you a deep understanding of how to leverage AI for compelling and immersive gaming. You’ll learn the context of this new global industry and make your own ideas happen. And with mentoring from internationally-renowned researchers, you’ll graduate fully equipped for your career in the revolutionary field of AI.
8,500 Full-Time UK/EU
16,000 Full-Time International


  • Princeton Review: Top 25 Games Courses for Undergraduate and Graduate to study Games Design at Falmouth University Game Academy.

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