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HKU distinguishes itself with higher education in the arts and media. We are a driving force in courses and innovation for the creative industries, and one of the largest art universities in Europe. HKU has nine schools with a total of 4400 students: Fine Art, Design, Music and Technology, Games and Interaction, Art and Economics, Media, Utrechts Conservatorium, Theatre and Creative Transformation.

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Game Art

Broad, full-time course to become a game artist. Combine your own style and ideas with the practical and technical sides of the profession. Work with professional game engines and the latest development software. Plenty of scope for personal development of your unique talents. Learn from professionals in the gaming industry.

Game Design

A game designer devises and tests the basic ideas behind a game. You’re like a puppeteer, making the gamer do what you want and creating the ultimate player experience. You know exactly how to use the story, the setting and the game rules in order to achieve this. So as a game designer, you have a lot of influence over the game as a whole. Sometimes, you’re involved with the details too, so you need to know enough about game art and programming. But overall, you’re the one who pulls the strings.

Game Development

Game Development at HKU is the first course in Europe to focus totally on games and the creative aspects of game development. We train you to become a creative and innovative developer. So you actually create games, rather than just building them. You work with professional game engines and the latest development software. Your lecturers also work in the game industry themselves and know exactly what’s going on. So on graduating, informed about all the latest developments, you’ll feel like a fish in water in the professional field.

Product Design

Product Design is not just about nice things. It’s far more than that. Product Design is closely linked to what happens in society and the world. On the Product Design course, you learn to develop as a creatively thinking, investigative designer. In your work, you learn to let your imagination speak and to make connections between your interests, what you think and feel, and the spirit of the times. You also learn to show your attitude to design in your work, and what you understand product design to mean.

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