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Founded in 2002, iACADEMY’s specialized programs in Computing, Business and Liberal Arts, and Design were developed to address the mismatch between graduates of academic institutions and the actual needs of the industry. Today, iACADEMY has a total of nine (9) Senior High School programs, and fifteen (15) specialized undergraduate degree programs, which are all geared towards preparing students for a highly competitive professional world. Our campus is strategically located in Makati City’s Central Business District in order to place students within reach of industry practitioners, and over two hundred internship partner organizations.

This prestigious network of companies gives students the perfect platform to immerse themselves in their chosen fields during their 960-hour college internship program. This balance of theory and experience-based learning ensures that they become industry-ready as well as industry-relevant upon graduating. iACADEMY has proven to be one of the best training grounds for future professionals because of its drive and commitment to developing Game Changers who are not only driven to pursue their passions but also inspired to develop real-world solutions to be of service to society.

General Info

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iACADEMY is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to enable and prepare students in their respective fields of Computing, Business and Design. Among these are its fully-equipped iMAC Lab, Sound Room and Green Room for multimedia arts, photography and film production, Cintiq Lab and Lightbox Rooms for animation and Unity Lab for game development. All around campus, students are provided with open spaces that encourage collaboration, creative problem-solving and expression.

Employment Rates

Data from the latest survey of design graduates shows a high placement rate of 96%. Our alumni are professionals who are working in multinational corporations, advertising and marketing agencies, production companies, creative, animation, and game studios, and other technology companies.

Aleks D. Isla - 2D Cut Out Animator, Xentrix Toons Inc.

I've always wanted to become an animator and iACADEMY was just the place for me to learn and achieve that goal. It was filled with fun with my friends and even my professors. I learned so much, from how to animate, create an effective portfolio, make 3D models, and many more. It's not all fun and games though, there were many challenges that I had to go through, but honestly, the best way to learn is trial by fire.


The programs at iACADEMY emphasize the merging of art and design with technology in order to develop students who are critical thinkers, collaborative, socially-aware and competitive Game Changers. The curriculum is ever-changing and flexible to fit the needs of the industry. We pioneer in incorporating the latest software, tools, and technology that are in demand so that the technical knowledge and creative problem solving skills of our graduates are always up-to-date with industry trends. This is made possible through our regular dialogues with industry partners to ensure that our programs are responsive, relevant and updated.

The iACADEMY edge is that it is able to offer students a 6-year experience which begins in Senior High School until College, producing talents who can work at par with the industry well before graduation. This is the experience that extends to College from Senior High School, where students are provided with much room for growth and development. Their foundational learning is reinforced and strengthened. In addition to the 960-hour internship program where they are trained and immersed in the industry, students work with industry partners to solve real world cases and problems. This balance of theory and experience-based learning makes them ready to take on and lead the industry by the time they graduate.


The course deals with film making for traditional and digital animation. Here, you'll understand, learn, and apply different techniques and methodologies for basic and advanced drawing skills and techniques for original character design, assisted with the learning of basic programming, web design, and authoring tools. In addition, you'll gain an in-depth study of perspective for 2D and 3D environments.


This course focuses on developing the knowledge and gaining skills necessary in the global fashion industry. It will enhance the students' artistic, aesthetic, analytical, and technological abilities to integrate theory and practice in the real world of fashion. The program will expose you to all aspects of fashion design such as sketching, creative design, computer applications, sewing, draping, and pattern drafting.


This course will help you learn the necessary art and techniques in film making as industry professionals guide you through the filmmaking process and the current film landscape. Here, you'll create short, full length or documentary films adaptable to a variety of platforms. This program molds students into dynamic and proficient filmmakers by exposing them to the whole process from pre-production – scriptwriting and storyboarding, production – cinematography and directing, and post-production – editing and visual effects, combined with the latest equipment.


The course teaches you how to create innovative content for print, web, and audio-visual communication. The program gives you hands-on training from professionals with a wide range of experience in creative technologies using state-of-the-art tools for digital media. Strengthen your background in modern management techniques as applied to software development.


The course deals with application of engineering concepts and methods in development and improvement of software systems. The program gives you exposure to new technologies and computing techniques. You'll be able to analyze, plan, and create software systems. In addition, you'll get a strong background in modern management techniques as applied to software development.


This course teaches you how to develop, analyze, and apply algorithmic principles in computer science. Here, you'll implement computer-based solutions to complex data-centric problems. Analyze and extract relevant and reliable information from massive amounts of raw data and be able to make data-driven decisions. This program provides thorough training in computer science, statistics, data mining, and machine learning.


iACADEMY is the first educational institution to offer a full-blown Game Development program in the Philippines. This course focuses on the development of computer, electronic, and mobile device games. It integrates fundamental computer science with game design, studio art, electronic art, animation, and storytelling. The program helps students develop technical, professional, and personal skills needed in the industry by learning about game programming, developing game engines and artificial intelligence, and designing and developing a complete games.

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