Insider's Guide - FutureGames

Insider's Guide - FutureGames

Whether you’re already at school, looking to find a new school or even considering moving overseas to study, nothing beats hearing from the students themselves! We speak to Beatrice Tisander about the ins and outs of studying at FutureGames [] in Stockholm, Sweden. The Specifics What’s

Whether you’re already at school, looking to find a new school or even considering moving overseas to study, nothing beats hearing from the students themselves! We speak to Beatrice Tisander about the ins and outs of studying at FutureGames in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Specifics

What’s the name of your school?

FutureGames and it’s run by Changemaker Educations. It’s a small school that’s been growing a lot recently to match the increased demand of good game developers in Sweden.

What’s the name of the neighbourhood?

It’s called Södermalm and it’s the hipster hangout of Stockholm. Right around the corner from a lot of game companies like Dice, Avalanche, Paradox, Fatshark, Mojang and Rovio.

Closest train station or public transport option?

That would be the subway station Medborgarplatsen that’s 5 minutes away or the railway station Stockholm Södra that’s 10 min away.

How long have you been there?

I’m just now finishing my second and final year at FutureGames. After graduation on the 3rd of August I’m off to work at Hazelight which is the place where I had my internship.

Why did you choose to study here?

What peaked my interest was definitely that it was a shorter education (2 years with 30 weeks being internship) that got straight to the point. Just get in, grind and get out with a great looking portfolio and the education demands you have some former knowledge and skill.

What then got me to apply was the positive reviews from former students as well as the close proximity and contact the school has to the industry. Where representatives from the bigger companies are on the board so they can monitor and let the school know their wants and needs.

The Scene

When you walk out of the school, what is the first thing you see?

You come to the inner yard of a beautiful old former brewery which has now turned to housing for many companies as well as my school. There are large brick houses and a big 'ol chimney. It’s pretty, but not the cosiest place if you want to sit outside.

The loading docks works for lunch and a quick tan session but for comfort I recommend the nearby parks.

The closest shop to outside your school is:

That would be Stalands furniture which is in the same building but I don’t think you are going to be hanging there on your student budget. Other than that you are so close to a whole street full of second hand, coffee, decoration shops and also a mall around the corner.

Your school is great, but you wouldn't mind a bit less:

Stairs! So many stairs. I had the fortune to have my classroom on the first floor but i still had to talk too the designers and they were all the way up of 4 stairs and bathrooms where 3 stairs down. Ok, the stairs where probably good as it was the only exercise I got during the day.

The unofficial uniform of your school is:

Nothing really comes to mind, as everybody just wears whatever they want. As it should be. Very casual.

A mandatory stop for anyone new to your city:

Just go explore beautiful Stockholm. A favorite of mine is the view from Monteliusvägen and Skinnarviksberget. Gröna lund amusement park and Skansen Zoo is of course is also mandatory.

A common myth about your school is:

I haven't heard any myths about the school, maybe that’s it’s a dudefest. But It’s not like that anymore whereas for example my 3D graphics class had more girls than boys. In the design class it was significantly less though.

A massive night out for students at your school is likely to be:

I wouldn’t say massive night out as most of us like the cosy bar scene more, but there are regular game events at Baras Imperium.

It’s super close and pretty cheap and lets students and people from the industry mingle and make contacts. Or what usually happens if you are me is just, me sitting with my lovely classmates, drinking beer and not talking too the important people.

There is also the video game bar N3rds like 5 min away and of course Baras Imperium in school that serves on special occasions.

The Superlatives

You won’t find a better place to eat than at:

I would definitely say Shanti who serves amazing Indian food or Grandma’s restaurant & dumplings which serves delicious dumplings in large portions.

The strangest thing you’ve ever seen at your school is:

Ehm.. probably when I stayed up for like three days to finish an art test and started hallucinating. I kept seeing a sailor laughing at me in the classroom. Don’t do that, that was stupid. Lesson learned.

One thing you’d never change about your school is:

How the teachers have one foot in the industry, giving you their experience and knowledge that matters. As well as not having a fixed curriculum but more of a flexible schedule that is changing each year depending on which lecturers they find and the wants and needs of the game industry as it’s so fast paced and the technology keeps changing.

Also the fast paced game projects where the first one being only 7 days that teach you the important lesson of crash and burn, meaning you will learn a lot from failing and trying to do so while still in school where it’s no big deal.

But one thing you wouldn’t mind seeing changed is:

On thing I wouldn’t mind being changed is probably the space itself. The school is experiencing some growing pains as it’s getting bigger. If that means moving to another location it would be sad if it moved away from where the game studios are at.

Someone gives you $1M to pimp out your school. You use it to:

Just fix up the place so that it gets proper ventilation, air conditioning, really ergonomic chairs, tables and light sources. You know the things that makes you able to not fall asleep mid day and doesn't kill your back when you are old. Yes and also make a movie theatre/ game room so that your family will see you even less.

My name is Beatrice Tisander and I would describe my personal taste for my school as a combination of gory and cute. Horror but with all of that sweet color. Working my first job in the game industry as an Environment Artist at Hazelight and I absolutely love it! I only wish game development wasn’t such a deskbound job.

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