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LISAA – L’Institut SupΓ©rieur des Arts AppliquΓ©s – is a private higher education establishment, recognized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. It trains creators in 2D & 3D Animation, Video Game and Special Effects in Paris, Bordeaux and Toulouse. An international programme taught in English is offered in 2D/3D animation. LISAA is at the forefront of digital technology. It provides students with access to top-of-the-range equipment: a green screen studio, a motion capture and stop motion studio, virtual reality equipment and a sound studio, a gaming room. LISAA is recognised by professionals: it is a founding member of RECA, member of CST (CNC), AFCA, FICAM, Capital Games and ACM Siggraph. It has a partnership with many leaders in the industry including Toon Boom Centre d’Excellence, Progiss, Wacom, Adobe and Les Tontons Truqueurs. Teachers are active professionals. End of studies films and games enable students to become familiar with methodology and tools, creative and organisational constraints. Masterclasses and conferences are organised several times a month with different figures from the industry. Students benefit from these exclusive exchanges with professionals, particularly during the final viva exams.

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Teachers are active professionals. They continually update the content of the learning process to follow market evolution. Workshops on specific skills are regularly organised with professionals. Soft upgrades are often scheduled for teachers. For example in 2019 there was a big training on Toon Boom for animation and board teachers.

Employment Rates

85% professional integration rate 6 months after graduation

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork LISAA - The Higher Institute of Applied Arts students produce during their education.

Isela Lara


Nicolas Gardette

I wanted to work in this field around 15 years old. I have always found the realm of magic cinema.

Antoine Cabanne

When I was about 6 or 7 years old or maybe earlier, I don't really know since, the first time I saw the Disney classics in fact, the animation made me grow my portfolio - www.antoinecabanne.com -

Plam Dimitrova

I've always had a passion for art, but recently discovered my love for creating all that is 3D.

β€’Reda Djebbari (Class of 2019 - Lighting Artist - MPC)

A very positive experience! Very effective teaching in multiple areas. An open minded educational team. The two years in Animation & VFX Master's classes were pure happiness!


The teaching staff comes from the 2D, 3D, FX animation and video game industry. With expert equipment at the forefront of digital technology, and a teaching staff of video games professionals, LISAA is ranked as the 4th best private school in France for video games (L'Γ‰tudiant 2018). LISAA often welcomes professional artists and studios: one or two masterclasses or workshops per month. Job fairs are also organized after the end-of-year Jury. Students are used to work both on individual and group projects during the 3 or 5 years of the course.

They work together in teams to produce end-of-studies film(s) or to work on one of the school’s partnership projects, always with the same professional requirements as in the industry. Courses are taught in French (all courses) and in English (Bachelor in 2D/3D Animation). During their course, international students can undertake French classes via an e-learning platform available 24/7.

Bachelor 2D Animation

This course prepares students to become specialists in films for animation, music videos and advertising. Students will tackle the creation of storyboards, layout, sets, characters and the production of 2D animation.

Bachelor 3D Animation

This course prepares students to become specialists in films for animation, music videos and advertising. Students will tackle the creation of storyboards, layout, sets, characters and the production of 3D animation.

Bachelor 2D/3D Animation (+ International Classes)

This course prepares students to become specialists in animated films, music videos and films for advertising. Students broach the conception of storyboards, layout, set design, characters, and production for 2D and 3D animation.

Bachelor Visual Effects

This course prepares students to become experts in special effects design: cinematographic shows, computer animated characters and digital sets are some examples of the use of special effects.

Bachelor Video Games

This course prepares students to become experts in 2D and 3D video game design. Over the course of three years, students will tackle all aspects of game media according to the chosen speciality.

Master Animation & Special Effects

Students develop their skills in directing, use of software, combining 2D and 3D techniques for complex projects and optimizing production calendar management. This approach leads to an in-depth knowledge of the entire production pipeline for 3D animated films.

Master Game Art & Game Design

It allows the future professionals to further develop their abilities in the following areas: 3D animation, concept art, 3D modeling, rigging, lighting, shaders creation, VFX, level design, scripting, game design.

Master Scriptwriter - Animation & Video Games

This professionalizing master's degree allows students to explore and acquire the skills necessary for the elaboration and construction of the story, applied to animation and video games.

Master Sound Designer - Animation & Video Games

It will allow students to master complementary skills in order to process the soundtrack of a film or game.
This two-year course combines theoretical courses, workshops and seminars.

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