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Complete your training in Effects, Lighting, or Compositing. The award-winning Lost Boys Studios operates two extraordinary schools of visual effects. With its roots as an internationally renowned VFX boutique with 20+ years of excellence, Lost Boys has both pioneered and mastered craft-centric specialized Diploma & Certificate Programs for feature film VFX production delivered from within a studio environment. Focused & specialized training sets a solid foundation for growth, puts you in demand, and maximizes your career potential. Alumni enjoy a combined placement rate of 99% at jobs found within their field of study. Lost Boys is your best chance at a career in VFX. We are the Studio that Teaches.

Location: Canada Students: 11-50 Staff: 11-50 Founded: 1996 Type: Private Industries: 3D Animation, Visual Effects

Success Stories

Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels.  The nature of project based curriculum is that it is flexible and can be scaled to push the students’ abilities.  Our graduates enter into VFX careers in high end film and episodics.  Depending on their experience prior to joining our programs, they have been accepted into junior, mid level, and senior artist positions.  Our alumni enjoy open doors within every major VFX Production Studio.  It's always a special moment for us to see photos of our alumni holding Academy & Emmy Awards, sometimes shortly after entering their careers!

Le Yang

Compositor, Method Studios

Naoki Kato

FX TD, Sony Imageworks

Vitor Libardi

Lighter, Digial Domain

Juan Carlos Huerta Marchant

Compositor, Method

Brian Sundman

FX TD, Sony Imageworks

Jina Yoon

Lighting TD, Blue Sky Studios

Alumni Employment Rates

99% of graduates found work in their program of study.  That number reflects every graduate (275) dating back 11 years to class 1. The only graduates not included in that number are students that have chosen to continue studies. (only 3 in total) Of our FXTD, Compositing, and Lighting programs we have enjoyed 100% placement, a testament to specialized programs based on craft.

Diego Rebello | Compositor Industrial Light & Magic. (2016 Graduate)

Having the opportunity to study at Lost Boys | School of VFX was the best professional choice I’ve made in my life. It’s a great school with professional, excellent instructors, really good structure, and an amazing and a very focused program. It was such a great experience, with projects based on how the best studios around the world work, technical lectures, latest techniques, and really good career advice. Lost Boys really cares about its students. They make sure that they’re successful in their VFX career. I had such a great time and made a huge improvement. Even before I finished the program I got a job in one of the top world class VFX studios.

Patrick Schuler

Keeping with the tradition of project based learning, he is designing a one of a kind curriculum to train tomorrows Effects Technical Directors.

Fortunato Frattasio

Fortunato brings over 2 decades of VFX production experience as an artist, supervisor and manager.

Francois Gendron

Francois is a Senior Lighter with 20 years of experience working with visual effects and computer graphics.

Student Artwork

Here is a small sample of artwork created by students during their time at the school. This quality of work is used by students' to apply for jobs.


We are a trade school which trains for careers in high end visual effects and animation production. As the vast majority of jobs are now part of very large department based studio pipelines, educational curriculum must reflect this with equally specialized programs.  Through our experience, the traditional education model fails to effectively produce the high level of skill required to enter into sustainable employment.  

Our craft based programs (FX, Lighting, and Compositing) has our students focussing their development on essential department based skills. This allows students to achieve a very high level of mastery within a one year timeline, far exceeding the expected outcomes from general study programs spanning multiple years.  At the core of our curriculum is project based learning, simulating production patterns, creating valuable portfolio content, and adapting to the individual training goals.

Name Duration Price Intake Dates
Advanced VFX Compositing (Nuke) Diploma 1 Year Canadian Students - $37,900.00. International Students - $39,900.00 September & March
Effects Technical Director (FXTD-Houdini) Diploma 1 Year Canadian Students - $41,900.00. International Students - $43,900.00 September & March
Lighting Artist Program (Katana) Certificate 4 Months Canadian Students - $12,900.00. International Students - $13,500.00 2 intakes per year, rotating dates, please inquire.


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