Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects

Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects

With over 25 years of VFX excellence, Lost Boys have developed the world’s best specialized programs for Compositing, Effects, and Lighting. Coupled with their strong industry connection and unrivaled job placement rate, Lost Boys is the best choice in finding success in high end VFX.

About School

With its roots as an internationally renowned boutique visual effects studio, Lost Boys offers specialized programs in VFX Compositing, Effects, and CG Lighting for feature film VFX & Animation productions delivered by highly esteemed instructors within a studio environment. Thanks to our long history as leaders in visual effects production, our active industry participation, and our track record of producing the top fresh talent for world-class studios, we are experts in guiding our students to build portfolios and demo reels that will get them noticed. Our reputation opens doors and builds connections that most schools cannot. This achievement has given us an unprecedented 99% placement rate for our graduates who have found jobs within their field of study on the latest blockbuster films and TV series.

General Info

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We have designed a hybrid environment that simulates production as closely as possible. We consider ourselves a boutique school and pride ourselves in our high instructor to student ratios, allowing for more personalized teaching. We believe strongly in having full time teaching staff, allowing for solid relationships to form, setting the stage for our instructors to nurture our students to their highest potential. Our hardware and software is selected based on current pipelines in the high end feature film market. We have comfortable personal workspaces within an open floor plan surrounded by the legacy of our alumni film credit posters. We strive to create an inspirational space providing a taste of the best parts of VFX culture. We are the studio that teaches.


The road to career success and mastery of difficult skills are often tricky tasks to accomplish. At Lost Boys, you have direct access to experienced industry leaders available to offer advice and expert guidance to fit your needs.  Each instructor is well-versed in the most up-to-date software and hardware with over ten years experience in the industry. Your instructor will be the first of many connections you’ll make in this industry. Our instructors are full-time which means you will have a direct 1-on-1 link to your instructor. This allows you to ask questions, discuss your progress, or to just brainstorm creative ideas. From preparing you with mock interviews with industry recruiters to creating the perfect demo reel that demonstrates your skill set, our instructors unlock your potential and achieve success.

Employment Rates

Lost Boys currently holds a placement rate of 99% with graduates working within their field of study on the latest feature film or TV series.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork Lost Boys students produce during their education.

Fernando Flores

There was never any doubt that I wanted to be part of the VFX industry. My love for movies and fascination of creating photo-real effects were the foundation of my pursuit for a career as an FX TD. To...

Alexsei Petrov

Creative engineer with good artistic skills and balanced aesthetic vision, professional IT background and competence in photography; delivers fast and quality results meeting production requirements ...

Edmond Boulet-Gilly

I am passionate about VFX and latest technologies related to digital simulations, 3D modeling, and machine learning. Being an FX TD is the perfect blend of my technical knowledge and hunger for creati...

Keiya Hasegawa

I am a Compositor currently residing in Vancouver, BC, with over 4 years of combined international work experience in the VFX, film, and TV commercial industries. I specialize in 2D/3D Compositing, Mu...

Elmoatasem-Bellah Ragab

I was most inspired by my brother growing up. He was always drawing and making art in so many different mediums. Compositing was the most fascinating form of art for me. In middle school, I fondly rem...

Yadu Krishnan

Film and media was always my passion.

Elmoatasem Ragab - Compositor, Sony Pictures Imageworks

My experience at Lost Boys set the bar for what is possible within a teacher-student relationship to a level that I can’t imagine being met by anyone else. It is nothing short of inspiring how they consistently push beyond any of my expectations. This is an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life


Unlike most educational methods that are only learning by listening, project-based learning provides a greater understanding and better retention of complex concepts. As an added benefit, the flexibility of this style of learning allows students coming from different levels of experience to always stay challenged. Students learn real-world problem-solving skills by continuously pushing themselves in new ways. Each project reveals a new craft-relevant challenge to overcome under the guidance of an experienced mentor. At the core of our curriculum, we incorporate project based learning, simulate production patterns, create valuable portfolio content, and adapt to the individual training goals of each student.

Advanced VFX Compositing

The Advanced Visual Effects Compositing Diploma offered only at Lost Boys is specifically designed and continuously updated to provide students with a broad variety of real-world compositing tasks to sharpen and prove their skills on a demo reel. Being a small, specialized school with a strong reputation, we have a long history of successfully creating practicum opportunities that lead to jobs for our Compositing graduates. The overwhelming majority of graduates from our intensive 12 month program, which only holds 12-students maximum for each class, are hired right out of school either as Compositors or BG Prep/Paint Artists, and go on to enjoy long careers in the VFX industry, with some choosing to become Leads or Supervisors.

Effects TD Program

Our accredited Effects Technical Director (FX TD)Diploma is an intensive 12 month program, preparing you to work within Effects (FX) departments on high end feature film & episodic visual effects (VFX) productions.This program is the first of its kind, unparalleled in the depth of its highly specialized knowledge. The curriculum also compliments core craft skills by training students in advanced Houdini workflows while developing problem solving, time management, and career soft skills, setting a foundation for long term career success.

Lighting Program - Online

We offer a 5-Month Digital Lighting Artist Certificate program that prepares future artists for the trade of Digital Lighting for animation, television and feature film quality visual effects production. The program is designed to build a portfolio demonstrating both animated and photo-real lighting skills. This course is taught by a lighting veteran, which will provide you an entry into some of the most sought after studios in the industry.

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You’re one step away from starting something amazing! The best part is that Lost Boys is a Rookies Certified School which is a formal accreditation only awarded to the very best schools that provide the most up-to-date and relevant industry training and education. Trust us, you will be in good hands when you apply to this school.

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