New3dge is born out of a passion for games and films, but also an understanding of the industry needs. Since our opening in 2010, we have mastered digital art education and taught proven techniques to many of our alumni who are now working in the video game and film industry across the world.

About School

New3dge was born from a passion for movies and video games, but also from an understanding of the needs of these industries in terms of manpower skills.

That's why, since our creation in 2010, our sole mission has been to train our students to become accomplished artists with strong artistic and technical skills so that they can join the best companies in these industries across the world.

We are now recognized as one of the best schools in France in these fields and our international renown grows stronger every year.

From traditional modeling and oil painting, to 3D procedural modeling and photorealistic rendering, we have been teaching generations of game and film artists for a decade and we will continue in the future.

Location: France Students: 501-600 Staff: 2-10 Founded: 2010 Type: Private Industries: 3D Animation, Game Design, Concept Art, Illustration, Visual Effects

Success Stories

With over 200 festival selections, many awards and growing recognition, we are very proud of the work achieved by our students and what they become once on the labour market.

Indeed, our growing network of alumni is now established worldwide.

From concept art to art direction, our alumni have proved their worth on projects like Blade Runner 2049, Overwatch, Ghost Recon, Assassin’s Creed franchise, and many more, employed in companies like MPC, Ubisoft, DNEG, Square Enix, Blur, Arkane, etc

Léo Ribeyrolles

Director of Photography, Square Enix

Alfred Mathieu

Lead Character Artist, Capsule Studio

Adrien Douay

Lighting Artist / Matte painter, Axis Studio

Nicolas Daguin

FX Artist, The Yard VFX

Hermance Bailly

Environment Artist, Unit Image

Alexandre Gomes

Lead Environment Artist, DNEG

Employment Rates

The overall employment rate of our alumni is 92%.

This is a figure we are very proud of, especially considering the last two years and the related health crisis.

Rudy Bourgoin | Environment, Lighting and Render Artist chez UNIT IMAGE

New3dge allowed me to learn to work in the field of my dreams, when I began with nothing. They give this opportunity to anyone who will make the necessary effort. High-quality teaching comes from professionals in an ideal work environment. The equipment is excellent and regularly upgraded, which contributes greatly to a proper education.

Staff Bios

Our staff is composed of a dedicated administration, a group of passionate people that have experience in the field of game and VFX, and are always available to assist our students.

Our staff is also composed of section supervisors from the professional world who know their job perfectly and of professional educators who come to teach to our students the latest practices and techniques used in the industry so that our students are totally in line with the professional world to integrate it as easily as possible at the end of their studies.

By keeping a constant discussion going with the different players of the professional world, we are always redirecting our teaching to follow the industry and classes rarely stay the same from one year to the other.

For example we are currently developing an ACES process for VFX, our own facial motion capture system, our own 3DSMAX plugins, went full Houdini for FX and some environment about a year ago and we are on the lookout for Unreal Engine 5.

Here are three staff members from the school that represent the level of professional experience and knowledge of the faculty.

Marco Plouffe

Marco is Co-founder and artist at Keos Masons. Keos is an outsourcing company for character model and design for mainly the video game industry, but also movie and collectibles. He has many roles: art-director, business manager, supervisor, artist and of course educator at New3dge for many years now. He has worked with companies like CD Projekt, Epic Games, EA, Respawn, Gearbox and many more.

Finnian MacManus

Finnian is a concept artist in the film and game industry. He is working on AAA productions around the world like Ad Astra, Avatar Sequels, Lion King, Battlefield, God of War, Rogue One, and many more.

Fabian Nowak

Fabian Nowak is a Senior FX Artist, Lead and Technical Director amongst other titles. He has worked in the video game industry in companies like Ubisoft and in the film industry for the last decade with MPC, ILM and Illumination MacGuff on projects like Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World, The Lion King, Transformers, Avengers : End Game and many more.

Student Artwork

1st year: work on photorealistic interior decorations individually in autonomy, 2nd year: rendering of an insect in a situation, creation of an animal, creation of a building facade, individually and independently, 3rd year: head / face exercise (redoing one's head in photorealistic CG), animating a character in a set by group of 4 students, in autonomy, 4th year: production of an end-of-study film, in groups of 6 to 7 students, independently.In addition to the courses relating to learning animation, rigging, scripting, fx, chara design, compositing, modelling...


New3dge specialises in digital arts training. Our school welcomes students wishing to develop their artistic and technical abilities in the fields of video games and 3D & VFX animation cinema.

We will put all our skills and know-how at your disposal for a quality professional training.

Our educators will teach you the best practices of the industry, how to sell yourself, how to highlight your achievements, and above all how to integrate yourself into a professional team.

Students will work in groups on graduation projects to have a first experience of producing in a team.

The individual follow-up of the students allows them to be guided naturally to their specialties.

The teaching team is made up of industry professionals who work alongside digital production companies.

It accompanies the students throughout their training in the creation of their portfolio, containing complete exercise reports in line with market expectations.

Traditional Prep (1 year) - 7500€

The goal of the prep year is to acquire the fundamentals, artistic and technical skills to expand your capabilities and actions through the use of the digital tool you will utilize in the next class level.

General Digital (2 years) -  7500€ per year

These two years are designed to consolidate the fundamentals and skills seen in the preparatory year, to familiarize students with the digital world and the learning of the various software that will be used throughout the training at New3dge and commonly used by graphic artists.

During these two years, students strengthen their portfolio in order to become a better candidate for a “contrat de professionnalisation” in a company.

These years also allow the student to make his choice between the specialization they will do for the rest of their training (Game Art or 3D Animation & VFX).

Game Art Master (2 years) - 7500€ per year

Acquire the necessary artistic and technical skills for graphically conceptualizing and producing artistic content of a video game. Study and creation of characters, visual charts, environments, production of cinematics for the engines specific used for video games.

3D Animation & VFX Master (2 years) - 7500€ per year

Acquire the artistic and technical skills necessary for the graphic and scenaristic design of a 3D animated film. Courses in cinematographic production (photography, set/staging, storyboard, filmmaking study). Creation of environments, FX, characters, morphology, meanings of composition in image and video.

Concept Art International program (2 years) - 15000€ per year

This concept art program is taught in english by the best concept artists and designers in the world.

This ensures that aspiring concept artists learn the latest techniques and know-how used by the best industry professionals in the world's most famous studios.


  • More than 90 festivals selections
  • Rookies Awards rankings

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