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PlaygroundSquad is a Polytechnic (YH), designated by the Agency for Polytechnics (MYH).

PlaygroundSquad is very much governed by what the labor market looks like and what is needed at the moment. Our goal is to get students into work as soon as possible. What constitutes our education's curricula is governed by the needs of the gaming industry and by our board, which ensures that students are equipped with the right knowledge to get a job as soon as possible after graduation.

The education comprises 450 YH points, and after the education you get a polytechnic degree.

General Info

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Student Project Examples
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Game graphics include the visuals of the game. As a 3D graphic artist, you create what is visible. At PlaygroundSquad, you get the core knowledge in game graphics and learn how to create game art, while we have left room for you to be able to develop in an area that you yourself want to put extra focus on.


Game designers create the framework for the gaming experience. They create rules, challenges, events and everything in between that happens in the game. As a game designer at PSQ, you will learn basic game design principles that can be applied to any game.


As a game programmer at PlaygroundSquad, you get to create games and also learn how rendering works, while you will gain knowledge in AI, game physics, networking and much more. The education contains very practical learning where you are given space to work towards your own goals.

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