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SAE Athens is part of SAE Institute, the world’s largest educator in creative media industries.

About School

SAE Athens is part of SAE Institute, the world’s largest educator in creative media industries.

We are a dynamic college with high industry credibility, providing specialist vocational and higher education courses across creative media disciplines – Animation, Audio, Film, Games, and Web & Mobile.

With a focus on hands-on education, our courses are constantly evolving to meet the needs of students and industry demands. They are delivered on campus and online using cutting-edge technology and offer a highly personalised experience in an interactive and collaborative learning environment.

We’re passionate about our students’ potential and encourage them to chase their dreams.

General Info

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SAE Athens occupies more than 4700 square feet of space across three levels of a modern building in the area of Moschato, near downtown Athens. The campus includes:

4x fully equipped computer classes with more than 80 workstations for games, animation, web, film, music and audio productionCreative space with green screen installation, motion capture system, VR kits (HTC Vive, Oculus) and fine arts oriented resources. 4x audio control rooms (studios) and 4x live rooms. Film studio with green screen installation, equipped with cameras, lighting and miscellaneous film gear. 4x classes with audiovisual setups for theory lectures. 2x post-production film suites. Project space for student group work. Lounge area and roof garden.

Employment Rates

Most of our graduates work as freelancers in project-based work due to the dynamics and structure of the local market, while some others manage to work on international companies. Overall the majority of our graduates (60%+) are active in the Games and Animation industry.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork SAE Athens students produce during their education.

Athena Mela

When i was 17 years old and found out that i want to ''give life'' on my draws and to make new thinks.

Aleksandros Papa

Ever since i could remember myself i wanted to be part of the entairtainment industry.As a child i drew a lot of comicbook characters and writing my own stories.In elementary school used to draw comic...

Marios Konomis

I first realized that I wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry at a very young age. I always wanted to work with computers, and because my father is a sculptor I wanted to im...

Eliana Karampatsou

I've wanted to work on the gaming industry ever since I researched that you can make a career in the gaming industry.

Marios Magklavanis

I was creating and drawing from a really young age, so I always knew that I would follow a career in the creative space. At around 15 years old I realized that I wanted to get into the game industry a...

Mary Brokaki

My name is Mary Brokaki and from a young age I was enchanted by the world of animation.Τhrough my inclination to art and painting I discovered the world of animation.Drawing and Animation are not just...

Chrysanthi Lykousi - 3D Modeler - Para Bellum

I am a professional 3D Character artist from Athens, Greece. When I first began learning about 3D arts, I realized how challenging it would be, as well as the long endeavor that was ahead of me. I consider myself lucky for learning about the SAE Institute of Athens and their Game Art Animation course, as I am very happy with my decision to participate in it.


SAE Athens offers vocational and higher education courses across creative media disciplines – Animation, Audio, Film, Games, and Web & Mobile. More specific in Games and Animation, SAE Athens offers three courses in the field of Game Art, Animation and Game Development. During their studies, the students experience the dynamics and processes of a video game studio by collaborating with each game specialisation, while also they have the opportunity to collaborate with students from other creative disciplines, especially audio students, in order to complete their productions.

BA/BSc (Hons) Game Art Animation - duration: 3 years

The course teaches the students traditional skills, such as sketching, life drawing, clay modeling, storyboarding, together with industry standard technology tools in order to design characters and environments 3D and 2D. The course also teaches animation techniques and production, and it prepares students for games played across multiple platforms.

Key learning topics:
1st Year: Observational Drawing • Technical Drawing • Concept Design • Photo Imaging & Editing • Digital Painting • 3D Modeling Techniques • Materials & Texturing • History of Animation • Animation Techniques • Lighting Techniques • Rendering Techniques

2nd Year: Character Design • Human Anatomy • Digital Sculpting • Environment Creation • Character Modeling and Texturing • Character Rigging & Skinning • Game Engines • Character Animation • Performance Capture and Emotion for Animation • Global Illumination & Multipass Rendering • Project Planning and Management

3rd Year: Motion capture • Advanced rigging • Stereoscopy & VR • Industry trends • Stylised Rendering Techniques • Post production principles & techniques • Artistic and Scientific research and practice • Research Methodologies and their application in the creative media industries • Creative media industries: past, present and future • The role of practitioners in the creative media industries • History of ideas, and scientific and cultural theories • Unreal Engine

BSc (Hons) Games Programming - duration: 3 years

Through the course students develop their technical expertise in programming, problem solving skills within the context of applying game design theory and mechanics, as well as learning two of the most used Game Engines: Unity and Unreal.
In addition, this course also covers how to develop multiplayer games and mobile app games, graphics programming with OpenGL, shader programming and how to create VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) games.

Key learning topics:
1st Year: Introduction to Algorithms • Programming Fundamentals • Game Engines • Game Design • Interactive Storytelling & Narrative Design • Level Design • Game Development Workflows • Artificial Intelligence • Pathfinding • Perception Models • Procedural Generation • Physics Programming • Learning theories and methods • Introduction to basic concepts and tools of project management

2nd: Network Programming • Tool Development • Persistent Data • Data Structures • Software Architectures for Games • Multithreading • Open GL • Renderer Programming • Shader Programming • Business Planning • Legal Issues and Law • Marketing Plan • Product Development • Presentation Techniques

3rd Year: Research Methodologies and their application in the creative media industries • Artistic and Scientific research and practice • Developing a research question / hypothesis • Creative media industries: past, present and future • The role of practitioners in the creative media industries • Animation Programming • Inverse Kinematics • Forward Kinematics • AI Advanced Techniques • Behavioural Trees • Machine Learning

Game Design Diploma - duration: 12 months

The course is teaching students game mechanics and aesthetics so they can produce fun and innovative games. They learn to create goals, levels, rules and challenges for traditional games (board game, card game etc.) and video games, creating immersive experience and interactions for the game players and even the spectators.

Key learning topics:
Game Design • Game Theory • Storytelling and Narrative • Game Mechanics • Prototyping • Game Visual Design • Art Styles for Games • Level Design • Level Flow • Urban Planning • Production Workflows • Interface Design • User Experience • Game Engines • Gamification

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