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SOA Academy

SOA Academy is the International Training Center for Architectural Visualization. The courses offered are addressed to students, professionals, and CG artists from the entire world who want to improve their skills.

About School

SOA Academy is the International Training Center for Architectural Visualization. The courses offered are addressed to students, professionals, and CG artists from the entire world who want to improve their skills.

Located in a city close to Venice in Italy, we've been training since 2010 hundreds of 3D Artists from around the world, helping them to shape their careers in the industry. We don't simply teach them how to properly use the software. Our goal is to provide a solid workflow to use in any professional situation.

We offer both online and offline courses to meet the needs of all students around the world. Thanks to a team of professionals in the field and to a training offer updated with the latest software available on the market, SoA Academy provides excellent preparation through theory and practice aimed at the working world. Classes have a limited number of students offering a personalized teaching experience with the best tools at your disposal to improve your image quality every day.

General Info

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SoA Academy is located in a context of excellence related to the world of Italian design and architecture. Both in their free time and during classes, students have the chance to breathe an atmosphere in which arts, nature, and innovation all come together in harmony.

The headquarters of SoA Academy is in the Design Centre at San Donà di Piave (Venice), a commercial business area built in 2004 with state-of-the-art materials. The center, which can be recognized by the external rusty Corten, is one of our best subjects for the photography workshops.

Our in-class courses take place in an open space equipped with 12 workstations with double widescreens, Wacom tablets, fast cable internet connection, and free wifi for all our students. All students can access machines with snacks, drinks, and coffee and a kitchen where they can heat their food to taste in a dedicated area for lunches with couches and a table for 12 people.

A special room is dedicated to VR and photography. Thanks to a green screen and a set of lighting, students can take their own photos to integrate people and objects in their projects. And last but not least, we provide a safe place to our students who can study in a sanitized environment, in accordance with current safety health standards.

SOA is involved in the industry on multiple sides: we are SOA Academy, SOA Studio and the organizers of the AcademyDays, the first event ever dedicated to the ArchViz industry.

This involvement starts with the Studio, where we apply our knowledge on projects for international Clients. The outcome of the experience and the R&D evolved for these projects then spread in the industry through our Courses and in addition through our publications on SOA Academy’s blog.

This Studio experience allows us to immerse our students in a friendly but professional atmosphere and start integrating in a real production environment. For many of them, this is the first step to build their path towards a career in ArchViz, which usually jumps to a professional studio as the next step.

And a lot of those students come back to us at the AcademyDays, to get the latest insights and network with other industry colleagues, or even watch one of their fellow colleagues onstage after reaching a Senior position in important Studios and Companies in the field.

Employment Rates

We have an impressive amount of students employed after the academy course. Nowadays being formed at SOA Academy is a standard in the industry. For this reason, our 85% employment rate is an important achievement for all of us here.

Hugues Rebay | Cofounder and 3d Artist, ZUH Visuals

After having watched a huge amount of online tutorials, it seemed to me that coming to SOA, meeting the tutors directly and being able to talk to them, asking them questions, and having instant feedback was the best thing to do. I could say that the month of course at SOA brought me a fresh vision of the job I was doing for about 6 years at that time, and that it was really a pleasure to see things in another way than the one I had been used to for quite some time.


A world full of solutions to broaden your horizons in the architectural visualization field. Computer Graphics is a complex universe in which it is important to have good skills and keep constantly updated to satisfy the clients’ requests. From the basic courses to the most advanced ones and to the workshops, the educational offer at the SoA Academy is innovative and oriented to the professional world. Theory, practice, case studies, and exercises are the right way to improve your skills. To make this happen, we keep constantly updated on the ArchViz world thanks to the contacts between SoA’s teachers, international professionals, and software houses.

ArchViz Masterclass

The ArchViz Masterclass is the most complete course we offer at SOA Academy. The course is addressed to those who want to know all the aspects (both technical and artistic) to enter the ArchViz world with strong and steady methods. Students will have one month to work on a full project from A to Z to deliver the final images. Theory and a full week dedicated to practical workshops will be the key to improve their knowledge and skills in the ArchViz.

Unreal Engine for ArchViz

The course is presented like a Masterclass to explain all details to work with Unreal Engine 4 easily. Thanks to Megascans and Quixel, students will also learn how to create your photorealistic shaders. Starting with basic concepts, we’ll highlight the do's (and don't) in the work pipeline to get always flawless results with Unreal Engine. Always with a closed look on optimization. We'll share 3 different buildings and hundreds of assets like 3D models, rigged vegetation, and textures.

Photorealism with Corona Renderer

The creation of 3D photorealistic images is nowadays a frequent request from Clients. By combining SOA experience, gained in over 10 years of production, and the use of Corona Renderer, we developed a course that will let our students achieve incredible results quickly and easily. The course focuses on a real production workflow. Thanks to Corona Renderer‘s ease of use, the course is made up of different workshops. Starting from the Corona Renderer foundations we will guide the students through a solid and reliable process that will give them all the skills to create photorealistic images: from the creation of different lighting scenarios to the construction of a library with PBR materials to the production of images for portfolios.

Post Production & Matte Painting

The goal of the course is to give Artists full control on the Postproduction phase, focusing on the most used tools and techniques to apply from the raw render to the best possible final image. Students will learn how to use all new features of Photoshop’s latest version to create better images and get quicker results. 3D layers, symmetry, and new AI tools to automatically cut-out people from your photos.

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