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Created in 1988, RUBIKA is a private college specialized in Video Games, 2D/3D Animation and Design. Located on 4 campuses in Valenciennes (France), Montreal (Canada), Pune (India) and Nairobi (Kenya), RUBIKA trains each year more than 1300 students determined to turn their passion into a profession. Our school aims at a balance between cultural, artistic and technical education. Throughout their training, students work on projects in studio mode. This experience-based learning ensures students a rapid professionalization, forging their personal organization and their culture of collaborative work.

RUBIKA is also an international presence with 4 campuses and partnerships abroad. The international dimension has become essential for our businesses. This is evidenced by our network of more than 4,000 graduates, nearly half of whom work internationally.

General Info

Student Portfolio Examples
Follow this link to check out some live portfolios from Supinfocom Rubika students.
Student Project Examples
Follow this link to view some of the top projects created by Supinfocom Rubika students.


Art & Design Prep Class

Preparatory Class is aimed at high school graduates wishing to move towards artistic professions, animation, game art or industrial design jobs. The objective is to give you every chance to pass the entrance exams of the best schools and more particularly in the fields of animation, video game or industrial design. This year of training aims at learning the artistic grounding (observational drawing, volumes, creative methods, illustration, etc.) and building your portfolio. The teaching program offers a variety of classes and workshops. The study of academicism and drawing techniques basis are at the heart of the training, allowing students to acquire a solid grounding in applied working methods. Throughout the year, students benefit from the support of professionals in the field of artistic and digital creation.

3D Animation and Digital Visual Effects

The Supinfocom program includes five years of learning and is aimed at students wishing have 3D Animation or Digital Special Effects positions. RUBIKA Animation educational model aims at reaching a balance between cultural, artistic and technical teachings. Throughout their training, students exercise their skills on practical projects, during which they will occupy several positions. This project-based approach is a valuable asset in their future professional careers. Rubika has a in-company placement rate of more than 90%, six months after graduation. The fifth year of study is devoted to the making of an animated short film,, presented in front of a professional jury. This short film represents the completion of a complete educational course. The Animation program short films are acclaimed by professionals from all over the world, including the most prestigious animation festivals: MIFA Annecy, SIGGRAPH, ITFS Stuttgart.

Game Art 

The Game Artist is in charge of the elements constituting the graphic universe of a video game. Some are specialized in character design, others in environments, and some in 3D object textures. This specialization is aimed at creative people who are passionate about digital creation and who are able of creating different kinds of graphic universes.

Game Design

The Game Designer is in charge of the game design. His/her objective is the player’s immersion and the pleasure. The means to achieve this are narration, game mechanics and all the interaction possibilities offered to the player. This specialization is aimed at video game enthusiasts with a great imagination, a good analytical mind and an excellent level of general culture.

Game Programming

The Game Programmer is in charge of the video game technical realization and proper functioning. His/her objective is to implement elements that will give life to the videogame product: game mechanics, functionalities, artificial intelligence…This specialization is aimed at developers who are passionate about video games and who want to challenge themselves on videogame projects.

Tech Art

The Tech Artist ensures the video game’s graphic quality and performance while respecting the artistic intentions and technical limits of the tools. Your qualities: passion, technical orientation, acute sense of detail and aesthetics, general and videogame culture, team spirit

Rubika Design

The RUBIKA DESIGN program includes five years of learning and is aimed at students wishing to integrate industrial design jobs. By joining RUBIKA, you will benefit from all the advantages of a coherent, structured and professionalizing program. Throughout the training, you will lead industrial design projects. To do so, you will rely on the teaching of a rigorous and creative project methodology, present in design studios around the world: exploratory research, ideation phase, feasibility analysis, concept development, prototyping and communication. A large part of the training is also devoted to management, with practical application in numerous group projects. All our speakers are active professionals, and the total duration of the internships at the end of the course is at least one year. This valuable experience facilitates professional integration, which varies between 70% and 100% depending on the specialisations.

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