The Animation Workshop/ VIA University College

The Animation Workshop/ VIA University College

The Animation Workshop/VIA University College enjoys a strong and wide reputation due to the top education we provide for the international animation industry. We offer Bachelor Degrees in Character Animation (since 2003), Computer Graphic Arts (since 2007) and Graphic Storytelling (since 2013).

About School

The Animation Workshop/VIA University College enjoys a strong and wide reputation due to the top education we provide for the international animation industry. We offer Bachelor Degrees in Character Animation (since 2003), Computer Graphic Arts (since 2007) and Graphic Storytelling (since 2013).

The Animation Workshop holds expertise in the areas of education, culture, communication and business development, consisting of 7 strong departments: The Bachelor of Arts Department, Open Workshop - Artist Residency, Professional Training, Visual Talent Center, Research and Development, Business Development, and Animated Learning Lab.

Location: Denmark Students: 101-200 Staff: 11-50 Founded: 1988 Type: Public Industries: 3D Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Other, Visual Effects

Success Stories

Our alumni is known for working and gaining success in a broad professional field of animation industry. To name a few notable alumni:

Pernille Ørum

Character Designer, Disney

Christian Bøving – Andersen and Eva Lee Wallberg

Cartoon Network/ Sun Creature Studio

Bodie Jahn – Mulliner and Sylvester Rishøj

Creators or Sybo Games company

Sandra Norup Andersen

Character Designer, Cartoon Saloon

Bo Juhl Nielsen

Creative producer, Sun Creature Studio

Slaven Reese

Senior Character Animator, The Spa Studios

Employment Rates

Our commitment to the students does not end once they have finished their studies. We make efforts to constantly stay in touch and monitor their progress in the creative industry. Currently, we have an employment rate of 88%.

Bo Mathorne, Creative director of animation studio “Wicker.Works

The school’s ability to offer a challenging and rewarding environment to all students regardless of experience and skill level is directly a result of the unique reliance on guest teachers from the industry. The emphasis on industry veterans over full-time teachers is probably the most distinguishing factor of the school’s success as it creates an ever challenging, always rewarding, continually cutting-edge education that often feels ahead of even what the industry is doing.

Staff  Bios

As described above, during the last year we had around 100 part time faculty members – industry professionals working as guest teachers, sharing their state of the art  industry knowledge and skills with our students.

Some of the full- time staff members continue their training to develop further academic qualifications. Uri Kranot received his Master of Arts from MOME (Hungary) in 2018. Martin Holm Agersnap-Grevy will become associate professor (“lektor” in Danish) in spring 2020 and Leigh Russel -  associate professor in 2021. Uri Kranot, Martin Holm Agersnap-Grevy and Leigh Russel are required by the university to work on research and development projects to develop relevant knowledge to share with the students and industry.

Uri Kranot

Together with partner, Michelle Kranot, Uri has made numerous internationally award-winning short films, among other “Hollow Land”, which was shortlisted for an Oscar Academy Award in 2014, and VR-experience and short film “Nothing Happens”.

Martin Holm Agersnap-Grevy

Graduated from The Animation Workshop as Bachelor in Computer Graphic Arts in 2011. Since August 2016 has been working at The Animation Workshop.

Leigh Russel

Leigh Russell has been making digital images for over 25 years. He has been working on projects like “Star Wars”, “Interstellar”, “Hunger Games” and “Harry Potter”. Since November 2015, Leigh works and teaches at The Animation Workshop.

Student Artwork

During the Bachelor program in Animation, students acquire foundational skills in animation filmmaking according to their line of study - Character Animation or Computer Graphic Arts. Furthermore, students have a chance to specialize during project work (Short Film Project, NGO spot, Bachelor project) and by selecting elective course during Spring semester in their second year of studies.


The Animation Workshop offers three Bachelor degree programs: 3,5 year Bachelor degree in Character Animation, 3,5 year Bachelor degree in Computer Graphic Arts and 4 year Bachelor degree in Graphic Storytelling Character Animation and Computer Graphic Arts study line admits 25 students per year each, Graphic Storytelling admits 20 students every other year. Total number of students in our Bachelor programs: around 220.

The Professional Training department organizes high quality, short training courses and masterclasses for animation professionals. Currently offering the following courses: 3D Character Animation course (17 weeks), Visual Effects course (17 weeks), Houdini & Simulation for Film and Games (12 weeks), Illustration (18 weeks) and Storyboard (12 weeks). New course – Animation Film Production will be offered from March 2020.

In addition, following training programs takes place in collaboration with Professional Training department/The Animation Workshop: Anidox:Lab and Animation Sans Frontiers.

Visual Talent Center consists of The Drawing Academy and Visuel HF. The Drawing Academy offers semester courses in classical drawing (TDA Classical) and in developing a portfolio (TDA Portfolio). Visuel HF offers upper secondary level education in visual arts and communication and is a collaboration of The Animation Workshop and Viborg Gymnasium & HF.

  • Bachelor in Character Animation
  • Bachelor in Computer Graphic Arts
  • Bachelor in Graphic Storytelling
  • Professional training: 3D Character Animation course
  • Professional Training: Visual Effects course
  • Professional Training: Houdini & Simulation for Film and Games
  • Professional Training: Illustration
  • Professional Training: Storyboard
  • The Drawing Academy: TDA Classical
  • The Drawing Academy: TDA portfolio


Bodil Awards

  • Received “Sær-Bodil” (Special Bodil award) in 2018 for its contribution to Danish Animation industry. Bodil Awards is the most important Danish film awards given by the Danish Film Critics Association.

Wiesbaden International Festival of Animation

  • Winner - Prize of the Office of Cultural Affairs of the City of Wiesbaden

The Animation Career Review

  • 7th best animation school internationally 2020
  • 6th best animation school in Europe 2020
  • 9th Best Animation School in the World - 2019
  • 5th Best Animation School in Europe - 2019

Rookie Awards 2019

  • Production Excellence - 2D Animation School of the Year - Runner Up
  • Production Excellence - 3D Animation School of the Year - Top 10
  • Production Excellence - Console & PC School of the Year - Top 10

International animation festivals

  • Animals (2019) won the Talent Award at OFF – Odense International Film Festival, won the Lotte Reiniger Award at Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film and was a finalist for Film of the Year for the Rookie Awards.
  • Forglemmegei (2019) won the Audience Award at Oslo Short Film Festival as well as being short-listed for the BAFTA Student Film Awards
  • Deepness of the Fry (2019) won the Jury Diploma for the Most Special and Unique Film International Animated Film Festival KROK, won Miguel Guillem Award for Best Experimental Short Film at Prime The Animation, received a special mention in the category of International Student Animated Short at Animattikon project in Greece and was awarded Film of the Year – 2D Animation by the Rookies
  • Bacchus (2018) won the EKKO Shortlist Award and Sparks Animation Festival in Vancouver
  • Vermine (2018) was nominated for the Berlinale and won the Special Jury Prize at Siggraph Asia
  • Reverie (2018) which won the Best Student Film at Siggraph Asia and was short-listed for the Robert Prize (Danish Academy Award) in 2019.

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