The Game Assembly

The Game Assembly

The Game Assembly is a Higher Vocational Education in Sweden that educates highly skilled game developers ready for the Games Industry.

About School

For nearly 15 years, we have educated highly skilled game developers for the games industry all over the world. Based in Malmö and Stockholm, Sweden, we educate Game Artists, Game Programmers, Level Designers, Game Animators and Technical Artists. Every education is 1,5-2,5 years and one third of the education is an internship at a game company. We have well experienced staff working full time within the educations.

Half of the students’ time at The Game Assembly consists of discipline-specific courses. The other half, running in parallel, consists of making games together in cross-disciplinary teams involving all our programs. That lends the students opportunities to face challenges and possibilities of the different disciplines and to develop knowledge and understanding necessary to become a qualified game developer. The game projects focus on 3D games of different kinds, and they all include practicing agile methodology and recurring feedback exercises.

The Game Assembly have a close relationship with the games industry, both in Sweden and internationally, which guarantees that the content of the education corresponds to the labor market's requirements for future employees. During the studies at the school the students meet guest lecturers, have workshops and gets feedback from industry professionals. Today, our alumni work all over the world and the network is of great value for both the school and our students.

General Info

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The Malmö school moved to refurbished premises in 2016, located close to the sea in the area of Västra Hamnen. The 1500 square meter premises offers classrooms, meeting rooms, auditorium and break areas. Stockholm The school in Stockholm started in 2019 in renovated, well-adapted premises of 800 square meters. Close to the metro station in Kista, the school offers classrooms, meeting rooms and areas for students to spend their breaks.


We have well experienced staff working full time within the educations. All staff are offered upskill training as a part of their contract.

Employment Rates

The vast majority graduating from The Game Assembly starts working in the Games Industry. Close to 90% of all the students graduating from The Game Assembly work in the Games Industry 6 months after finishing their education.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork The Game Assembly students produce during their education.

Catarina Batista - Game Animator, Avalanche Studios Group

I’m incredibly thankful for my time at The Game Assembly! In such a short amount of time you get what feels like a lifetime of new knowledge. With hard work you basically get handed an exciting new career in the games industry and have really fun doing it. The teachers are competent and dedicated, and the courses have been fine tuned to meet the expectations of the industry. This makes the chances of finding a job after your internship very prosperous. I can’t recommend this education enough!


Our programs are unique and our students at the school are working in a setting that are simulating a workplace. They learn to work agile in teams and make games throughout the whole education, always in cooperation with students from the other disciplines at the school.

Our game programming students learn how to make their own game engines which is also used to actually create the games at school. All our programmes are created for the students to constantly grow their skills where the courses become more and more advance. An important part of our educations is also to teach our students to give and act on feedback, which is why this is a constant part of all courses.

One third of the educations consists of internship at a workplace, which is an important part of their education in order to prepare them for the future as a professional game developer. We offer practical and creative training, which prepares the students for a career in the games industry.

Game Artist

The Game Artist education at The Game Assembly focus mainly on 3D and our students learn through the courses different areas of being a game artist, always building to their knowledge and skillset. During the game projects, the students get to dive deep and broaden their knowledge in the various fields. We educate our students to become skilled at collaborating and adapting their work to make great games together with other disciplines. After completing the education, the students are able to work with 2D and 3D software, they can take responsibility for their own process from reference to art in the game, receive and act on feedback and to be part of the creative world of game development.

Duration: 2,5 years
Pricing Details: Free of charge for Swedish citizens
Intake Dates: Application period Feb-May, Start August/September

Game Animator

At The Game Assembly, the Game Animators will, among other things, learn the twelve animation principles and how these are implemented. The education also includes animation of both mechanical and living characters. The student also learns motion capture and keyframe animation as well as rigging of 3D models. The software that the animators mainly work with is Autodesk Maya and Motion Builder. During the education, the game animator creates several games, from first idea to playable game. In the game projects they collaborates with the other disciplines to bring the characters to life in both gameplay as well as cinematics.

Duration: 2,5 years
Pricing Details: Free of charge for Swedish citizens
Intake Dates: Application period Feb-May, Start August/September

Technical Artist

As a Technical Artist, you see technical limitations as a challenge. In your role, you develop tools such as animation systems, shaders and particle systems for your colleagues to use. You find pleasure in finding solutions to various technical problems and also optimizing and improving workflows.

During the Technical Artist education, three games are created in cooperation with the other disciplines at the school. The education is 1,5 years and includes areas such as scripting, rigging, shaders, VFX and game engines. In addition to this, the students will learn how to develop games from first idea to playable game according to the same working methodology that companies in the industry use.

Duration: 1,5 years
Pricing Details: Free of charge for Swedish citizens
Intake Dates: Application period Feb-May, Start August/September

Level Design

A Level Designer creates the world for the player and giving the player a memorable experience. The world can simulate reality with houses, roads and forests. They can also develop puzzles and more abstract experiences for the fame. At The Game Assembly, we train the students so that they will gain insight into all possible roles that working life offers within this area.

A good Level Designer need to be comfortable with three base pillars: Technology, Design and Graphics. Understanding the technical limitations of the game engine is also of the essence for a Level Designer to know the limitations of the world they are building. Further, their mission is also to script events and put life into their creations. The students get a multifaceted insight into what it means designing game flows and experiences. It is possible for our students to immerse and specialize themselves as a Technical Designer or World Designer.

Duration: 2,5 years
Pricing Details: Free of charge for Swedish citizens
Intake Dates: Application period Feb-May, Start August/September

Game Programmer

The Game Programmer education at The Game Assembly gives the student knowledge of the most common data structures and algorithms in game development. The applied mathematics the students learn during the first year will be used throughout the education and develop over time. Students learn, among other things, C ++ - programming, AI, scripting, software development and networking. The students develop their own game engine which is then used in the games created with the other disciplines at The Game Assembly. This is a unique concept and working together in these larger projects is an important part of the education. Our Game Programmers get a valuable insight into what it means to collaborate with other professional roles and understanding the possibilities and limitation to consider when devloping a game in cooperation with others.

Duration: 2,5 years
Pricing Details: Free of charge for Swedish citizens
Intake Dates: Application period Feb-May, Start August/September

Digital Project Game Management

This is an advanced program intended for those already working in the games industry. As a result, the program enables studies alongside work, being online based with 5 hours of studies per week. One of the biggest advantages with this arrangement is that the students can apply their newly acquired knowledge directly to their workplace. The Digital Project Game Management program guides the student through the whole process on how to run a successful digital project. The program teaches practical knowledge when it comes to such matters as legal practise and budget, but also skills when it comes to people, tech and team dynamics.

Duration: 1 year
Pricing Details: Free of charge for Swedish citizens
Intake Dates: Application period: August-October, Start December

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