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The One Academy of Communication Design

In 1991, The One Academy of Communication Design was established as a private art college in Malaysia and soon proved its worth producing industry-standard graduates. Our academic strengths lie in the practice of our teaching philosophy “Masters Train Masters”, where we...

About School

In 1991, The One Academy of Communication Design was established as a private art college and our academic strengths lie in the practice of our teaching philosophy “Masters Train Masters”.

Since our humble beginning over three decades ago, we have come a long way from there, having being ranked as the World’s No.1 Best Concept Art & Illustration School in 2019, World’s No.2 Best Production Excellence (Game Development) School & World’s No.5 Best Motion Graphics School in 2021 by The Rookies. The One Academy was also ranked 8th by Animation Career Review (ACR) in the ‘Top 25 International Animation Training Programs – 2021 School Rankings’ and named Creative School of the Year in the Kancil Awards, Malaysia’s top advertising awards.

Today, as a world-class creative education institution, The One Academy transforms its students into renowned industry players through any of its internationally-recognised courses offered at Bachelor's Degree and Diploma levels.

General Info

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At The One Academy, we believe that an education enriched by industry experts and top facilities is the key to creative success. The city campus worth RM150 million located in the heart of Bandar Sunway is fully equipped with facilities and amenities that have received a 5-Star MyQuest rating, The Malaysian Quality Evaluation System for Private Colleges, and students can be assured of The One Academy’s excellent international services.

The One Academy is conveniently based near Sunway Pyramid mall, which is gearing to be amongst Malaysia’s largest mall owner-operator. Next to it is Sunway Lagoon Theme Park; the world's largest manmade surf beach & Asia’s 1st Nickelodeon Themed Land. Additional amenities near our campus include the 5-star Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa and the 4-star Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel.

The One Academy’s campus is located 44km from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and 11km from Subang Airport (Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport). The Kuala Lumpur city centre is a mere 24km away from us.

The entrance leads to the lobby where a digital wall awaits, showcasing details, information and more. The auditorium comfortably seats more than 300 and caters for numerous international and local events. Industry-standard labs, namely Digital Media Design Lab and Fab Lab, help students hone their creative skills whereas the photography and videography studio aid in sharpening technical skills. An array of classrooms and drawing studios such as the ID Drafting Room, Fashion Design Room and General Figure Study provide comfortable learning spaces. The cafeteria, library and Co-Creative Space are shared spaces that fulfil students’ daily and leisure needs whereby our IOSC Centre offers a one-stop solution for all queries and issues. The Gallery functions as an exhibition and event space for a wide array of events such as graduation projects, fashion shows and more.

Besides offering a vibrant city campus life to students, The One Academy also makes the effort to provide students with a different range of standard hostel for a balanced lifestyle and enriching college life. With the presence of KTM, LRT, BRT Sunway and other modes of transportation, students can travel to and fro the campus without hassle. All these facilities and amenities aid in providing students an excellent creative education journey.


We encourage our staff to be proactive in self-development and seek out knowledge on the latest software and technology on par with industry standards. Teaching staff are sent for training whenever there are new updates on software used. Besides that, they also often use a wide variety of learning sources such as books, online websites, paid programmes and more. Staff are constantly involved in internal and external R&D projects, as well as attending conferences and workshops around the world. Staff are also trained to use the Vicon Motion Capture Systems for areas of Motion Capture Body Performance, Facial Performance, Mocap Data Clean Up & Tracking, Data Solving and more.

In line with our teaching philosophy “Masters Train Masters”, industry experts from the international creative scene are often invited to conduct sharings, masterclasses and workshops. During these occasions, they also hold training sessions for our teaching staff. Some of these renowned professionals include Kyle Balda, Film Director at Illumination Entertainment; Doug Chiang, Vice President of Lucasfilm; Shawn Kelly, Lead Animator at ILM; Jan Urschel, International Concept Designer; and Takasu Masakazu, Maker Movement Evangelist.

Employment Rates

Our commitment to the students does not end once they have finished their studies. We make efforts to constantly stay in touch and monitor their progress in the creative industry. Currently, we have an employment rate of 95%.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork The One Academy of Communication Design students produce during their education.

Alice Dinh - Sales Designer, IQI Concept

I had been so interested in The One Academy after knowing about their student portfolios. It is very up to the industry standard, that’s why I really trust and put in all effort in getting to be here in The One Academy for 3 years.


At The One Academy, we teach a wide range of programmes on various fields that are highly sought after in the creative industry. True to our “Masters Train Masters” teaching philosophy, we have brought together hundreds of experienced creative professionals to educate and empower our students through high-quality syllabus, industry-standard amenities and environment.

Digital Animation

- Animation is about bringing characters to life. Students will learn about posing, drawing, appeal, principles of animation and acting performance that truly add life and originality to character animation. Additionally, students will explore storytelling and acting in more depth and eventually contribute to character animation that successfully entertains.
- Duration: 3 years
- Intakes: January, April, August


- Illustration is widely used in commercials, publications and entertainment in the sectors of animation, video game and film. Illustration offers designers the opportunity to transform their thoughts, feelings and emotions into inspiring visuals, bringing out the truest artist in them. Taught in both traditional and contemporary methods, students are exposed to a knowledge that is concrete and comprehensive.
- Duration: 3 years
- Intakes: January, April, August

Advertising & Graphic Design

- Advertising & Graphic Design is a necessity for any business or occasion. In today's competitive and global environment, it is one of the most sought-after sectors. Our aim is to inspire and train movers and shakers who utilize orthodox and digital visual communication to solve creative problems. Students will be trained to master creative skills that contribute to this trillion-dollar industry.
- Duration: 3 years
- Intakes: January, April, August

Digital Media Design

- In today's technology-driven world, the demand for digital professionals is growing exponentially. Digital Media Design aims to nurture talents needed for this rapidly evolving economy in keeping up with digital trends. We designed the curriculum to help individuals reach their fullest potential through education enriched with real-industry experience. Students will be able to acquire and hone the
knowledge and skills needed to be a professional in this industry.
- Duration: 3 years
- Intakes: January, April, August

Visual Effects

- VFX is now used widely in many films, video games and TV series to generate effects that cannot be done during production. The One Academy's VFX course offers students an innovative learning environment to develop their knowledge and practical skills on how to integrate computer graphics and 3D components into live action. Here, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves and learn techniques that are used in Hollywood to produce blockbuster films.
- Duration: 3 years
- Intakes: January, April, August

Game Design

- The Diploma in Game Design programme is a combination of theory and practice of game design and user experience, with coursework delving in the humanities, social sciences, art, mathematics and computer science.
- Duration: 3 years
- Intakes: March, September

Computer Science

- The Diploma in Computer Science programme establishes a solid foundation in game design theory, supplemented with computer science, mathematics and physics. Students are exposed to scripting languages, level and map editors while mastering designing, producing prototypes and working on projects.
- Duration: 3 years
- Intakes: March, September

Interior Design

- More creative solutions are now available for interior architecture to make the most out of living spaces. Creativity, style and sustainability are all aspects that the masses are looking into, and producing designers who are able to meet all these and more is truly necessary. In order to fulfill the demands, we train designers who not only have the ability to conceptualise, design and create beautiful spaces, but also match the ongoing progression of the interior design industry.
- Duration: 3 years 3 months
- Intakes: January, April, August

Fashion Design & Pattern Making

- Fashion Design & Pattern Making emphasizes on imagination, creativity and intelligence to create and recreate the fashion culture and lifestyle with applications of past references, fabrication techniques, research & discovery in history,
as well as modernity in the vastly dynamic fashion industry. Students will learn to research and recreate sophisticated ideas while acquiring the technical skills to produce them in their own unique interpretation.
- Duration: 3 years 2 months
- Intakes: March, September

Fine Arts

- Fine Arts is a monumental programme that centralises on the importance of concrete fundamental fine arts studies to help students develop the ability to transfer their ideas into works of art. Led by professional artisans from the creative industry who have contributed and are committed to the advancement of the fine arts industry, students will possess artistry & marketing abilities to transform into profound artists and produce sought-after masterpieces.
- Duration 3 years
- Intakes: January, April, August

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design

BA (Hons) Digital Media Design

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

- The One Academy’s top-notch tie-up with prominent partner University of Hertfordshire (UH), UK further extends the institution’s consistent emphasis on highest education quality, one that is geared to lead students further in the pursuit of their international design degree by a UK design education that can be pursued locally and abroad. Bachelor’s Degree students will be able to master subjects and courses that are mostly accompanied with research components and combinations of applied and theoretical knowledge.
- Duration: 4 years 3 months, *4 years 6 months
- Intakes: May, September

BA in Game Design

- This interdisciplinary degree combines the theory and practice of game design and user experience with coursework in the humanities, social sciences and art as well as the fundamentals of mathematics and computer science.
- Duration: 4 years 4 months
- Intakes: March, September

BS in Computer Science and Game Design

- This degree programme combines game design theory and practice, with coursework in computer science, mathematics and physics. You will be equipped with the knowledge and ability to design, program and implement complex systems within a game.
- Duration: 4 years 4 months
- Intakes: March, September

BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation

- DigiPen’s flagship programme, this four-year degree focuses on developing, implementing and programming complex interactive simulations and computer graphics in real-time, using game development as a tool for teaching advanced computer science concepts.
- Duration: 4 years 4 months
- Intakes: March, September


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