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Think Tank Training Centre

World-class VFX training and mentorship by industry professionals

About School

Founded in 2005 in Vancouver BC, Think Tank Training Centre specializes in the latest software, techniques and technologies used by 3D artists working in the film, television and video game industries. In 2018 we ranked #1 in Canada (#4 worldwide) for Game Development, and #2 in Canada (#3 worldwide) for Visual Effects, and have consistently placed in the top four in previous years. Think Tank's campus is an inspirational place of learning, delivering a one-of-a-kind mentorship program which gives our students the edge as they transition into fully-fledged working professionals.

General Info


VANCOUVER is an amazingly diverse place to live, study work, and play. Besides being consistent in the top 5 world cities for the quality of life, Vancouver is also a mecca of creativity, especially in the CG world. Vancouver is home to more game development companies than any other city in the world.

Think Tank Training Centre is located in a beautiful heritage building at the bottom of Lonsdale, just across from the Quay. This makes it a great location for those who have to commute, as the Lonsdale Quay is a central hub for many bus routes, including the seabus, for those coming from downtown. We are also within walking distance to a wide variety of restaurants and shops that our students enjoy regularly.

First and second semester students reside in the newer upstairs section of the school. Throughout the upstairs we have created a 20,000 leagues theme to provide a unique and creative space for the students.

The ground floor of Think Tank currently is where the third semester and alumni students reside. It is split into three labs; one for the modelers, one for the animators, and the last for the alumni.


Think Tank only hires Professional Artists. In an industry where software, tools and pipelines change as quickly as the movies and games we play, the only way we can stay ahead of the curve is to have the best. Our instructors and Mentors work in the local entertainment industry, and bring their proven tools and techniques to the classroom. This ensures our students relevancy, and maximizes their chance at employment. Our instructors might also mentor students in their mentorship term based on the path that they have chosen.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork Think Tank Training Centre students produce during their education.

Andrea Savchenko

I want to make things people have never seen before.

Rocky Gabardo Arbigaus

My goal is to work with a medium to a large game studio on AA or maybe AAA games. I would love to create games focused on storytelling and art.

Nicolò Granese

Want to be a 3D character artist, involved in high production projects such as cinematics for videogames or films. Blur Studio is the dream.

Trym Roedder

Oh boy, there's a lot to learn.

Javier Pedreño

I really enjoy modeling and sculpting characters. I would love to work making characters for animation movies or video game cinematics

Liam Jones - Lead Technical Animator, MPC

My time at Think Tank was incredible and I’ll never forget it, and I’d recommend it anyone who wants to get into Film/TV/Games. The quality of the instructors was great, and because it’s a smaller school and has smaller class sizes, you get a lot of attention and dedication from the instructors and staff. Everyone wants to see you go places and is thrilled when you do.


The Computer Animation, Visual Effects and Game Design Program at Think Tank Training Centre is an intensive one-year program that specializes in the latest software, techniques and technologies to cater to the needs of the current film, television and gaming industries.

One Year Program

The Computer Animation, Visual Effects and Game Design Program at Think Tank Training Centre is an intensive one-year program that specializes in the latest software, techniques and technologies to cater to the needs of the current film, television and gaming industries.

4 Month Mentorship

Think Tank is constantly improving its services and with that, we are currently making some updates and improvements to our program models to maximize the benefits to you. This process requires a review and approval by the Private Training Institutions Branch. At this time, we ask you to be patient as we focus on this process and making these improvements. We are hoping to have all the work done shortly and will post updated information when that becomes available.

Think Tank Online

Think Tank Online has the same quality of our in-person classes. With that in mind, there are couple of reasons we have decided to offer our program online. Our in person school gets sold out pretty fast and for many they have to stay in waitlist, which is not always a bad thing but the sooner you start the sooner you could get your dream job. With Think Tank Online we are also giving a chance to those great talents who can’t afford traveling halfway around the world to Vancouver attending our in person school. At the comfort of your home now you can attend classes which are going to be delivered live with interactive feedback sessions.

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