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Think Tank Training Centre

World-class VFX training and mentorship by industry professionals

About School

Think Tank Training Centre was born out of a passion for sharing industry knowledge with the next generation of artists creating assets, animation, or VFX for the top Film, Television, and Game companies across the globe. Think Tank has ranked in the top 3 creative entertainment schools in the world by the prestigious Rookies online community the past three years in a row. The school is known for its intimate, personalized support for each student during and beyond the programs. Our training approach is informed, flexible, innovative, and relevant to leading studios worldwide.

Most artists who want to get into the CG industry rarely know what job position or discipline they want to end up in. We believe in supporting our students' journey to discover their true passion and unique point of view. Our program introduces our students to everything CG and then allows them to focus on an area of specialization that elevates them above the average generalist. Steps away from a thriving global ecosystem of film, games, AR/VR studios, and television production houses, our graduates are accredited by leading studios as top-notch, thoroughly trained talent. Our "must be" working industry instructors and mentors, flexible curriculum, distinctive mentorship model, purposefully designed facilities, and one-of-a-kind online program delivery platform provide every advantage for graduates to make a successful transition from student to qualified working professional.

In an industry that is constantly changing, where roles inevitably overlap and change, new artists must be able to adapt and continuously evolve to survive and excel. At Think Tank everything you need to become a professional CG Artist is here for you.

General Info

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VANCOUVER is an amazingly diverse place to live, study, work, and play. Besides being consistent in the top 5 world cities for the quality of life, Vancouver is also a mecca of creativity, especially in the CG world. Vancouver is home to more Visual Effects companies than any other city in the world. Think Tank Training Centre is located in a beautiful heritage building at the bottom of Lonsdale, just across from the Lonsdale Quay. This makes it a great location for those who have to commute, as the Quay is a central hub for many bus routes, and the wonderful seabus, for those coming from downtown. We are also within walking distance of a wide variety of restaurants and shops that our students enjoy regularly. First and second-semester students are placed in the newer upstairs section of the school.

Throughout the upstairs, we have created a 20,000 leagues theme to provide a unique and creative space for the students. The penthouse and ground floors of Think Tank currently house the third semester and alumni students. Students are divided by area of interest to ensure they are surrounded by like-minded artists and have access to the Mentors aligned with their passion.


Think Tank only hires working Professional Artists. In an industry where software, tools, and pipelines change as quickly as the movies and games we play, the only way we can stay ahead of the curve is to have the best. Our instructors and Mentors work in the local entertainment industry and bring their proven tools and techniques to the classroom. This ensures our student's relevancy and maximizes their chance at employment. Our instructors might also mentor students in their mentorship term based on the path that they have chosen.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork Think Tank Training Centre students produce during their education.

Liam Jones - Lead Technical Animator, MPC

My time at Think Tank was incredible and I’ll never forget it, and I’d recommend it anyone who wants to get into Film/TV/Games. The quality of the instructors was great, and because it’s a smaller school and has smaller class sizes, you get a lot of attention and dedication from the instructors and staff. Everyone wants to see you go places and is thrilled when you do.


The 3D Animation, Visual Effects, and Game Art Program

The 3D Animation, Visual Effects, and Game Art Program at Think Tank Training Centre is an intensive 64-week program that specializes in developing artists by using the latest software, techniques, and technologies to cater to the needs of the current film, television, and gaming industries. This program is an intensive, experiential learning model taught on our purpose-built campus. Small, twelve student classes coupled with instruction from currently working industry professionals with enumerable credits + the distinctive value of having a remarkable collaborative experience are at the root of what makes this program so in demand. This is Think Tank’s signature program that was created over 15 years ago, and although it’s continually evolving to stay relevant, it continues to help so many budding artists get the skills and direction they need to fast-track their success in the film, television, and gaming industries.

The 3D Portfolio Pre-Production and Production program

The 3D Portfolio Pre-Production and Production program is designed for students that can prove they have developed advanced skills through previous education or experience and understand where they want to specialize but are lacking the ability to create an industry-worthy demo reel to be used as a calling card for the job market. It provides students with the advanced technical skills to round out their skillset and the tactical tools necessary to take them through the process of preproduction and production so they can create an industry-accepted demo reel designed to open opportunities within existing companies in the world of games, animations, and visual effects.

The 3D Portfolio Production program

The 3D Portfolio Production program is designed for individuals that can prove they have extremely advanced skills through previous education or experience and have started on a demo reel but have been unable to get it to a finished state that gives them the confidence they are truly showing their talents. Through this program, students are assigned personal mentors from leading studios to help them create and polish their demo reels. In addition to some advanced technical skills, there is a focus on presentation skills, packaging your portfolio, and job search. The goal is to create a kickass portfolio demo reel that truly represents your abilities and opens the doors to opportunities within existing companies in the world of games, animations, and visual effects.

Think Tank Online

Think Tank Online has the same quality as our in-person classes. With that in mind, there are a couple of reasons we have decided to offer our program online. Our in-person school gets sold out fast and for many, they have to stay on the waitlist, which is not always a bad thing but the sooner you start the sooner you could get your dream job. With Think Tank Online we are also giving a chance to those great talents who can’t afford to travel halfway around the world to Vancouver to attend our in-person school. In the comfort of your home now you can attend classes that are going to be delivered live with interactive feedback sessions.

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You’re one step away from starting something amazing! The best part is that Think Tank Training Centre is a Rookies Certified School which is a formal accreditation only awarded to the very best schools that provide the most up-to-date and relevant industry training and education. Trust us, you will be in good hands when you apply to this school.

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