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University Centre for Digital Art and Technology. U-tad is a first-rate university centre that prides itself on excellence, innovation and for having the technology with which you can refine your talent, creativity and obtain the knowledge you need to prime yourself for professional success. U-tad offers specialised degrees in the main sectors the Digital Revolution relies on: Animation, Visual Effects, Video Games Development, Digital Design and Software Engineering.

General Info

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U-tad is located in Las Rozas, close to Madrid City one of the most culturally and rich cities in Europe and also the Technology Hub of Spain, where the main digital companies have their headquarters. Getting to the university is easy thanks to public transport: train and bus.

It can be challenging to meet new friends and get involved on campus, so the academic coordinators, the international and student affairs departments (among others in the university) help and ensure students to have access to social, learning and development opportunities outside the campus.

Students are encouraged to get involved in all the activities U-tad organizes: Oorientation and Welcome day, Master Classes, Events: in campus and outside

Student will also have access to: Sports facilities, in campus or in our mother university, Camilo José Cela, Careers and Advise Service, University Library: not only books, but also games consoles, board games, movies… Cafeteria and restaurant

The student Affairs department helps students organise many extracurricular activities as university clubs, sport competitions and activities, volunteer and service-related activities.


Our staff has in-depth industry knowledge from their extensive experience in the sector. They are aware that the world of technology is constantly evolving and changing. How do we convey this to our students? How do we keep them up to date with the latest industry advancements? How can we make their transition to the labor market as smooth as possible? Our response to these questions involves a teaching staff of industry professionals. Every day, they face this technological evolution and come up with real solutions for change. Their understanding of the industry provides students with genuine experience. We have recruited a unique faculty of top-notch international professionals to contribute to our Campus’ creative environment. Interaction and knowledge sharing are the main focus of our classes, thanks to small class sizes and close teacher-student relationships.

Employment Rates

The employment rate of our alumni 6 months after graduation is 70%. What best positions U-tad is not only the employment rate but where our alumni end up working and the projects they are participating in. We are very proud of our students because they stand out with their talent and work in top international companies and productions such as ILM, Motion Picture Company, Trixter, Disney, The Spa Studios, Sony Imageworks, Animal Logic, Reel FX, Ánima, Weta Digital, Double Negative.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork U-tad students produce during their education.

María Vidal Moreno - Art Director @ Jellyfish Pictures

When I saw the curriculum, I knew it was the career I wanted to pursue. It introduced me to a lot of essential digital tools and programs that I would never have access to in other majors like Fine Arts. It was also an opportunity to get in touch with the professional world.


B.F.A in Animation

Our students work in top companies and have won at the Oscars, Annie Awards, Baftas and Goya Awards. The students will learn animation from renowned industry professionals and Education PhD experts. Her will graduate with a full understanding of the processes of each phase of production of animated, live action, or video game content: Storytelling, Storyboarding, 3D Modeling, Concept Art, Visual Development, Lighting, Character Design. VFX, Photography, Lighting, Shading, Character Design, CFX, Textures, etc.

Her will learn the pre-production, production, and post-production processes used in large animated features and master the techniques and tools of the top professional studios.

- Work Experience: Character FX Artist (fabric and hair simulation), Preview and layout artist, Color Artist, 3D Modeler, Dynamic simulations and procedural systems developer, Interface designer, Technical Artist, Lighting and digital composition specialist, Rendering technician, Matte Painter, Texture and shader developer, 3D Generalist, Storyboard artist, 2D/3D Animator, Character and environment designer/creator, Character developer, 2D/3D Artist, 2D/3D Layout Artist, 2D/3D Designer, 2D effects developer, Digital inker and colorist (ink & paint artist), Inbetweener and clean-up artist, Cinematic artist and Gameplay Artist.

Other Details: Minors in 2D and 3D/VFX and Game Art - Tuition in English or Spanish Language.

B.F.A in Animation (Online)

This bachelor's degree is the first official degree in Spanish with 100% online teaching in which you will learn animation at the University that trains the best professionals, winners of Oscars, Annie Awards, BAFTAs and Goyas. Our students learn to function in the different processes of a project for film, television or digital platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ or HBO Max: Storytelling, storyboarding, 3D modeling, concept art, visual development, lighting, character design, VFX, photography, pre-production, production and post-production, all fields of knowledge necessary to face any animated feature film using the same techniques and tools of a professional studio.- Industry Mentorship: Skydance Animation, El Ranchito, Cartoon Saloon, Tequila Works, The SPA Studios, Zinkia, Lingokids and more than 800 other companies.

Other Details: Minors in 2D and 3D/VFX

B.F.A. in Interactive Product Design

We train and empower the students with the creative knowledge, game design specific studies and cutting-edge digital tools that will allow to design and create top-notch products. Hewill leave fully prepared to join a professional AAA studio as part of the development team of the next big hit.

Work Experience: Videogame Designer, Graphic Designer for Videogames, Video Game Programmer, Video Game Producer, Level Designer, Game Mechanics Designer, Misison Designer, Advergaming, Gamification specialist, Interface Designer, Digital book, web or interactive press designer, E-learning Interface Designer, Multimedia Designer, Simulation and Virtual Reality Specialist, 3D Computer Graphics Creative Designer, Multimedia Designer, Web Designer, E-business Application Designer, Interactive project manager and Network Society/ Information Networks.Electronic Arts, Ericsson, Gameloft, Gammera Nest

Other Details: Tuition in English or Spanish Language

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