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We could say that there are people who have great professional or personal success despite the type of training received. This means that we all have at our disposal a "click" that we can click whenever we want. The authentic formation must be based on producing an atmosphere in which the person awakens his inner self. There must be a climate of freedom of expression and confidence. Once one connects, learning can take off. It's about learning an art and a profession, a whole. At present there is a new revolution in knowledge and intelligence. We take into account concepts such as Emotional Intelligence, 9 Multiple Intelligences, Social Intelligence, Synesthesia, Neurolinguistic Programming, Lateral Thinking, etc. Now it is known that in order to learn, it is necessary to open several simultaneous transversal and connective paths where the person feels that he uses all his abilities, not only the cognitive ones.

General Info

Student Portfolio Examples
Follow this link to check out some live portfolios from Universal Arts School students.



Our Masters is the basic study path that lasts 2 years where training is given in the first year and the second year is used fro advanced training and your final project. You will specialize in a specific skill through practice. Tailor made training with professionally equipped classrooms for maximum of 12 students. Instructors working in the field and much more.

Dual Master

More knowledge in less time. Our double masters, where you study 2 masters simultaneously and create your project in the second year is our most popular path. Gain access to more job posts in record time. Apply now and get a 50% discount on your second masters.


More training means opting to more jobs. At UA School we have designed specialized Careers for jobs in high demand. They will open the doors to the sector. Take advantage of our grants and study to last year free.

Dual Career

5 years of advanced training and specialization is only for the bravest. You'll earn a double fullstack that will open the doors to the sector. Take advantage of 50% discount on your second career.


Do you need professional advice on where to study?

The Rookies has partnered with Mozaik Play - a student placement organization - that can assist you with: Choosing the right digital media colleges and course, full application process support, Visa application assistance and also financial payment advice.

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