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The School of Creative Arts is the oldest part of the University of Hertfordshire, and its roots date back to 1890 with the formation of St Albans School of Art that later merged with the University in the 20th century. The School prides itself on its devotion to teaching creativity and the skills required to enable students to reach the goals they want from a degree and future career. It combines a wealth of physical resources that cover all aspects of creative arts production from animation, games and film, to fashion, print making, ceramics and architectural design to name a few.

A large base of talented staff with working experience of the industries they teach in allows students to gain knowledge from those who have already worked in the areas they wish to enter after graduation. The School maintains close links with many companies in the creative industries, allowing students to be part of live projects, company visits, guest lectures on specialist cutting edge topics and to get to meet the people and companies who inspired them to begin their journey into art in the first place.

General Info


The majority of the classes take place in the Film Music and Media (FMM) building on the College Lane campus with additional classes (life drawing and theory lectures) taking place in the Art and Design building nearby. Students from all three years of the programme will meet and mingle in our labs and are encouraged to collaborate together on the larger second and third year animations, films and games, so encourage an atmosphere of learning that goes vertically through the student body, and is not restricted to just one cohort or year group at a time. This experience allows final year students to know graduates in the industry who they worked with previously, and this assists them enormously in helping them to gain employment when they graduate.


The university provides an annual staff training budget so that staff attend relevant courses in their field, but also many of the main companies in the industry offer training to us if they want to recruit graduates with specific skillsets; by training the lecturers in those areas we then pass on the learning to the students. Our own alumni are also very useful for advice regarding cutting edge techniques and knowledge and we reach out to them frequently. The university also provides access to Linkedin Learning, and via SideFX we have access to their considerable body of learning materials for Houdini. The university allows 20 days of research time per year for full time staff to spend on updating skills.

Employment Rates

59% of graduates (2017- 2018 cohort) are employed in the animation, games, visualisation or VFX industries. 88% of graduates go on to work overall (2017-2018 cohort)

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork University of Hertfordshire students produce during their education.

Manouk Manoukian

To work in a top level AAA game studio creating stunning characters, from a junior to senior level

Joseph Anderson Luck

I am looking to pursue a career in environment design for games.

Josh Herring

To make challenging and engaging games for people to play.

Alina Fedaseyenka

Aspiring 3D and Concept Artist

Callum McKay

To work in the VFX industry as a compositor working on a wide variety of shows.

Aidan Gibbons | CG Lead | The Mill London

The University of Hertfordshire’s Visual Effects work really impressed us on the live projects we ran with them; we feel that their students are the ones to watch at graduation time.


BA 3D Games Art and Design

This course has been ranked 1st place in Console & PC – Games Design & Development for Production Excellence (Rookies World School Rankings® 2019). This course focuses on high-end 3D games art and has been recognised as one of the best courses of its kind. It explores the digital modelling of characters and environments, shading techniques and level creation. Students discover how to create optimised models and textures and apply them to real-time 3D graphics. They also explore games and gaming trends, looking at scenarios that can be applied to PCs, consoles and interactivity and VR. This degree is TIGA accredited.

BA (Hons) 2D Animation and Character for Digital Media

Ranked 5 in Top 2D Animation Schools for Production Excellence (top in UK) (Rookies World School Rankings® 2019)

This course focuses on animation, storytelling and character creation, encouraging groundbreaking and innovative visuals in traditional animation, 2D gaming, concept art and many other possible traditional and digital mediums. Students develop essential skills in character design, production design and animation, and explore context to your studies. Using the latest technology in our award-winning Film, Music and Media Building, the students hone their individual style. Eventually they will produce an eye-catching showreel and body of work to wow potential employers or set yourself up as an independent director.

BA 3D Computer Animation and Modelling

Ranked 7 in Best Animation Schools in the World (top in UK) (Rookies World School Rankings® 2019)

This is an award-winning and world-renowned course taught to the highest level by industry professionals. Its graduates have worked on many Oscar-winning films and are in the best companies in the world. The course trains students to be 3D animators, or modellers for film or children’s cartoon series, or become technical directors or design characters and concept art, or work in visualisation. It allows students to either specialise in the above or be a generalist. We have great resources with cutting-edge software and hardware that is constantly

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