VFX-Workshop is the school of digital visual effects and 3D CGI. The training lasts three years. It is directly accessible after the Baccalauréat, without preparatory class. Our teaching is based on a technical technical approach applied to production.

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VFX-Workshop is the school of digital visual effects and 3D CGI. The training lasts three years. It is directly accessible after the Baccalauréat, without preparatory class. Our teaching is based on a technical technical approach applied to production. From the first year, students learn to use a complete pipeline to create VFX and 3D animations. Students also work with 3D scanning, motion capture, and real-time 3D techniques.

VFX-Workshop is a private higher education institution approved by the Rectorat of Paris. Our school is a member of professional networks (France VFX, Cap Digital), certified by Side FX and supported by Autodesk. our goal: to train the new generation of post-production and digital special effects technicians.

General Info

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VFX-Workshop, is a small school in center of Paris. The campus is located in a calm environment surrounded by studios like Effigy and Fabulous. Paris concentrate the vast majority of french studios. The campus offer professional computers labs, with high speed network, internet access, storage servers, and rendering power. Every student has it's own computer, fully equiped with software and graphic palette. In collaboration with Effigy, we offer a 3D scan with 80 cameras, and motion capture studio with 18 Optitrack cameras. With that, the school develops a virtual camera system that helps student to learn virtual location scooting, virtual camera for previz, virtual production using real time CGI. The school has also successfully made it's own "Mandacam", a reduced size Mandalorian studio ! We welcome from 60 to 75 students in 3 level classes. this year there will be 19 teachers, that means a 3.5:1 student to teacher ratio !


They all are professionals and most of them are working in reference industries ! We watch for the evolution of everything. Studios are helping us understanding high end technical setup. And hey, we also know some developers !

Employment Rates

Alumnis from June 2021 are actually +65% in place (we plan on about 90-95% in December). At this moment, 100% of the June 2020 Alumnis had a job opportunity.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork VFX-Workshop students produce during their education.

Clément Roudeau

Back when I was in college, I started to look at 3d car models used in ads. At the same time I discovered softwares like Blender. The grey uniform screen appeared like infinite possibility to me.

Jonathan Truong

I wanted to work in this field when I realized that everyone could learn and do things we watch in the movies or on television.

Jérémie Darcourt

When I was 12 years old, I discovered the stan winston school's youtube channel and I fell in love wih it.



When I was 20 I studied law but I actually didn't liked. As I love animation films I decided to go to another school to learn how to make visual effects and animation. Now I'm in a visual effects scho...

James Ngando

i realise thas i want to work in media creative since i discovered the software blender and way after when i made a traineeship in the school Vfx workshop, wich is actualy my school since 2018

thomas GOUBARD

Nathan Maes

I wanted to work in this industry 12 or 13 years ago already when I watched The Lord of The Rings for the first time. These movies are so impressive, making of are so rich of informations about all th...

Thomas Goubard - 3D Generalist, Buf Companie

I have the chance to start with a top notch experience at Buf companie. I am very happy ! I am on a film which will be released next year on the second war. I can't wait to see the result. I will surely go to different companies afterwards. A very rewarding career awaits me. Thank you to you and to the teachers. This school is extraordinary ! We loved it and my parents too. I don't hesitate to talk about it around me !


VFX-Workshop offers a course for Digital VFX and 3D CGI. It is developed with production in mind, so our course teaches 2D and 3D technics since the beginning ! It is very intense ! Student learn 10 to 12 different software during their first year, then we add progressively Procedural technics, and hardware technologies (3D Scan, Mocap, Virtual Production...) it is completely different from other school because we don't run an applied art approach but a technics for making to CGI image. Also, the course is only 3 years long and compete with some schools that run a 5 years long course.


"Concepteur-Technicien des effets spéciaux numériques" (Designer-Technician for digital special effects)

These course cover everything a student need to understand a be able to design and run a 3D-CGI production pipeline for 3D Animation and VFX. Softwares, hardware, technics are taught thru exercices and case studies.

The course develop a technical approach of the tools and methods since the first year of the curriculum, help students to gain a real know how and be ready for the production.

Duration : 3 years
Pricing : 8450€ per year
Course Start : end of September every year
Intake : after a one to one interview and personal work presentation, please book a meeting with our team from November

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