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The Voxel School Professional School of Digital Arts emerges as a transversal model of communication between areas of vital importance for the Digital Economy sector: The video game sector , animation , digital special effects , architectural visualization and design , all of them in its different aspects. The center is managed by professionals from the animation, video game, film, special effects and new technologies industry strongly linked to university management and teaching for more than a decade.

Voxel School is committed to being a useful tool for society in the development of new areas related to the field of digital arts, always aligned with the most current workplace reality . For this, the school has its main focus on attracting the best professional talent to teaching and concentrates its efforts on offering a high-performance experience to its students. The School has important strategic alliances for the university-business connection. Among other large companies in the sector, the alliance with Sony PlayStation Iberia for the provision of university studies stands out, which ensures joint work for the integration of Voxel School students in the professional video game environment.

Since 2016 Voxel School has been an Associated Center of the Complutense University of Madrid for the teaching of its own postgraduate university degrees .

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Student Portfolio Examples
Follow this link to check out some live portfolios from Voxel School students.


Master in Digital Art for Videogames

Part of a unique ecosystem made up of the UCM, PlayStation and Voxel School. It consists of a multidisciplinary workshop in which we collaborate with students from the other UCM and Voxel School master's degrees; to jointly develop a video game as a final project that will compete in major programs (including PlayStation Talents) and industry fairs. You will be part of the Sony PlayStation development program and you will have access to exclusive development consoles, SDKs and resources with the ability to publish your game on PlayStation.

Master in Visual Effects

You will explore to the maximum the possibilities of the tools and technologies used by the current visual effects industry, taking control and managing the natural elements and the laws of physics, creating effects such as fire, smoke, explosions, wind and fluids, with a Photorealistic render that allows you to generate images of great impact and visual quality. You will carry out professional practices integrating 100% in the professional team of MIOPÍA FX, Twin Pines.

Master in Animation

You will obtain a highly qualified profile based on a deep theoretical and practical training that will enable you to work in all types of animation productions, both in film and video games, motion graphics or advertising. You will learn to handle the tools and software currently used in the industry. You will know the principles of animation, biomechanics, simulation of weights, timings, interpolations and acting.

Master in Architectural Visualisation

You will be able to project, create and develop all kinds of three-dimensional environments, studying the fundamental pillars of light, materials, color and VR visualization. With a practical approach and making use of the latest techniques of real-time photorealism, you will become a professional specialized in the design of architectural spaces, the modeling of high polygon objects and the photorealistic rendering. The expert handling of state-of-the-art software and platforms will allow you to work in various fields such as infoarchitecture and interior design, cinema, video games, industrial design and advertising.

Master in Motion Graphics

You will be trained in all the phases of creating a "Motion Graphic" from the ideation / conceptualization stage to delivery to the client. You will combine tools, techniques and grammar of the audiovisual language for the creation of motion graphics, using the most innovative resources on the market. You will learn to create a high quality portfolio, according to industry standards, internalizing creative-artistic skills and mastering the latest techniques and technologies. You will focus your portfolio to participate in the El Sol, Laus and D&AD New Blood Awards festivals.

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