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Yoobee Colleges

The colleges all have rich histories, dating back 30 years in some cases, and they have been working collaboratively for several years to offer complementary pathway programmes.

About School

Yoobee Colleges officially formed in May 2019. The creative minds and legacies of South Seas Film & Television School, Animation College, Yoobee School of Design, AMES – The Institute of IT and Design & Arts (Canterbury) joined forces to become Yoobee Colleges, an interdisciplinary college with seven campuses located across New Zealand. The colleges all have rich histories, dating back 30 years in some cases, and they have been working collaboratively for several years to offer complementary pathway programmes. The official joining of these forces under one umbrella strengthens these relationships, enabling greater pathway options for students and stronger educational outcomes, as some of the best creative educators in New Zealand come together for the joint purpose of training the country’s top creatives and IT professionals and getting them into rewarding careers.

General Info

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Yoobee Colleges is currently comprised of 7 campuses across 4 regions in New Zealand. Each campus is equipped with spaces, equipment, technology and resources required to deliver the programmes that they offer which responds to the environment and demand of that region. Generally, campuses offer computer labs, workshop spaces, Photography and Green screen studio spaces, Audio recording/editing and colour grading spaces.

Campuses also offer other specialist spaces as required for the programme offerings. While each of the Yoobee campuses have a familiar look and feel, they are also distinct and provide a variety of experiences. An example of this is our South Seas Campus which has a Film and Broadcast focus and operates like a real-world studio. This is a 40,000 square-foot production complex with a variety of flexible spaces designed to meet the needs of simulating Film and TV production. In contrast to this, our brand new Christchurch campus is comparatively smaller, but offers a variety of programmes across digital design, animation, game development, Make-up artistry and web design. This is a purpose built site with a modern fit-out and variety of teaching and learning spaces.


Each staff member has an allocation of professional development funds which they can access each year as appropriate to their PD planning. Heads of Faculty work with their team members each year to develop a PD plan and identify areas in which they would like, or need to up-skill in. This could be attending workshops, master classes, seminars, online courses or other specialist training as identified by the need. Staff have access to departmental resources that have been purchased over time also.

These are monitored and updated as needed. Throughout the year staff will often attend local events and stay connected and current with their area of expertise by connecting with industry and being involved in the local community. Staff are encouraged and supported through gaining additional certifications, such as Adult Teaching and Learning, or software certification. As a part of continuous improvement processes for our programmes, staff are actively involved in developing up-to-date resources and collaborating across the campuses and sharing knowledge.

Employment Rates

Yoobee Colleges has recently implemented a system called Graduate Tracker which gathers data received from each campus through our student management system. We look to survey and connect with graduates at intervals post-graduation to see how they are getting on and offer support into employment if required. The nature of our local industry is that of contracting and free-lancing is quite prominent, and this is usually a starting point for our recent graduates.

In any given year across relevant programmes we would typically see of the total graduates - a third in employment, a third in further study (usually with us) and a third who are either job searching or did not respond to the survey or follow up calls. As a large number of our programmes are 1 year vocationally focused programmes, it is common for students to move through 2 or 3 years of study with us before heading into the job market. Recent graduates from their final programme are likely to be struggling more than other cohorts as they will have finished just prior to the COVID-19 out-break and subsequent lock-down here in NZ. Despite this, we are still getting good feedback on grads who have obtained part and full time work, and some are utilizing this time to establish their own enterprises.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork Yoobee Colleges students produce during their education.

Mickhel Lee

2014 was the first time when I realized I should alter my art direction from architect/designer to film & games industry. I got my wacom drawing tablet that time , start practicing digital painting. A...

Joshua Oxley

I've always been creative and pushed myself in that direction. 3D has always been my most passionate and successful craft. I got to meet Joe Letteri and get a technical breakdown of Alita: Battle Ange...

nik ladoukakis

Started in 2013 but stopped for a bit and then restarted in 2019

Ceasar Ian Pineda

After I saw an old co-workers portfolio in Artstation.

Iona Brinch - 3D Sculpter, Concept artist Weta WorkshopIona Brinch

“I have wanted to go to New Zealand since first watching Lord of the Rings when I was 11, and I finally got the chance to go there on a working holiday visa in 2011. I met some people who were working at Weta and they invited me to a workshop. One thing led to another and I ended up helping out with various projects at Weta Workshop until December 2012. “


Yoobee Colleges offers a selection of tertiary level programmes across our 4 faculties – Animation, Design, Film and Technology. Within each faculty there are pathways designed to offer students a variety of options to pursue their career aspirations. We offer certificate and diploma level programmes across levels 4, 5, 6 and 7 which are typically one year in length. We also offer two Bachelor degree programmes for Animation and Software Engineering. We pride ourselves on being connected to industry and developing graduates that meet the needs of the relevant industries that we work with. We are vocationally focused, and this translates into our programme design. Programmes are hands-on and focused on the creative application of process and software. As a Category One provider (as per our government review cycle), we have a great relationship with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, this helps us to move quickly on meeting the needs of our stakeholders by updating and improving our programmes frequently. As we meet with industry across New Zealand throughout the year, we can see trends develop and prioritize programme development and improvement to meet these expectations.

Diploma in Animation - Level 5

This one-year foundation programme explores the fundamentals of character animation, 3D modelling, VFX, pre-production and specialist software. It’s here that you learn the nuts and bolts of 2D animation methods like movement and dialogue, and build up your knowledge of animator software, workflow and industry practice. You’ll explore visual storytelling and create some insanely cool stuff using industry-standard tools, so you can put into practice everything you’ve been learning. You'll work collaboratively with your peers using an industry-standard production pipeline like real animators and create inspiring animation characters, environments, and realistic, lifelike assets. This programme is the starting point if you want to become a 2D animator, venture into game art and development, or 3D animation production.

40 Weeks Duration (1 year full-time)
Domestic students: $9,812.00 + $340 Student Services Levy + $350 Course Related Costs*
Feb 09 - Dec 10 2021 at 5 campuses

Diploma in 3D Production - Level 6

Combine artistry with the latest technology and get the skills you need to turn your creative concepts into compelling images that capture the essence of movement, bringing characters and scenes to life. Learn techniques in character modelling, rigging and character animation, and use dynamics and particles, with cloth and fluid simulations, to achieve impressive visual effects. With sophisticated lighting and rendering techniques, create work with a professional polish.

40 Weeks Duration (1 year full-time)
Domestic students: $7,757.51 + $340 Student Services Levy + $350 Course Related Costs*
Feb 09 - Dec 10 2021 at 2 campuses

Diploma in Game Art and Development - level 7

Game design is one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet, and Yoobee’s Diploma in Game Art and Development opens doors to the world’s most visionary gaming studios. Bring your virtual world to life with this two-year programme – learn how to create video games from scratch, collaborate in teams in a studio-style setting, develop your graphical style and express your fresh

80 weeks duration (2 years full-time)
Domestic students:
$8,052.96 (Year 1) + $340 Student Services Levy + $350 Course Related Costs*
$8,518.99 (Year 2) + $340 Student Services Levy + $350 Course Related Costs*
Apr 27 2021 - Apr 15 2022 - Wellington
Jul 19 2021 - Jul 01 2022 - Christchurch

Bachelor of Animation

Our Bachelor of Animation is New Zealand’s only degree-level course specialising in 2D and 3D character animation, producing world-class animators who are at the very top of their field. This unique and diverse degree will equip you with everything you need to launch your career as a specialist in story and character, world-building and visual effects, or interactive media and games. The programme kicks off with a thorough grounding in all disciplines, giving you the animation chops to work as a generalist or as part of a studio team. From there you’ll delve deeper into your own chosen field, developing the academic, creative and technical expertise to really set you apart.

3 years Full time
Domestic student: $9,839.06 + $340 Student Services Levy + $350 Course Related Costs* per year
Feb 22 2021 - Nov 17 2023 - 3 campuses.

Bachelor of Software Engineering - Creative

Web and application development, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) development, game development and emerging technologies are some of the biggest industries worldwide today. Traditional computer science degrees have focused solely on software engineering, programming and mathematics and skip many of the skills essential in real-world development. Developed in conjunction with industry, the Bachelor of Software Engineering - Creative, is a trans-disciplinary programme bringing computer science, programming, art and design, social science and business knowledge together with project management so students develop the knowledge and skills they need to participate in a real-world team.

3 years Full time
Domestic students: $9,839.06 + $340 Student Services Levy (per year) + $350 Course Related Costs* per year.
Feb 22 2021 - Nov 17 2023 - Auckland campus

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