Shutterstock Winner - Annual Subscription Giveaway

Shutterstock Winner - Annual Subscription Giveaway

With help from our amazing sponsor ** Shutterstock,** we ran a contest to giveaway an annual license to their amazing online catalog worth $2,028!

The task to enter was simple, we created a Facebook Gallery of sample images collected from Shutterstock that showed the vast array of content you could use for reference, inspiration, textures, backgrounds, patterns, vectors, and even video. We then asked entrants to “like” their favourite images. Simple. We then threw all those names into a spreadsheet and ran our favourite little function to randomly pick a winner…

And that lucky winner of the Shutterstock Annual Subscription is:

Gretel Cummings

Gretel is a Motion Media Designer from Puerto Rico. She is currently studying at Savannah College of Art and Design. You can see her entry into The Rookies here. Hopefully it might even be updated soon with a new project using some of her new found reference material.

Thanks again to Shutterstock for offering this incredible prize!