Save the date, it's nearly game time!

Save the date, it's nearly game time!

The Rookies 2018 starts March 7th, 2018. It’s going to be a huge event and we really hope you get involved again this year.

The Rookies isn’t just about winning jobs, internships, and scholarships. It’s about helping young artist’s realise there is a career path for them that doesn’t involve wearing a suit. It’s about learning from other creatives around the world and being genuinely inspired by their stories and achievements. Most importantly though, it’s about having the courage to show your work to the world, often for the very first time.

With less than 30 days until kick-off, things are about to get a bit crazy. However, there are a few things that you can do to get ready and make sure your entry blows our judges away.

1. Prepare your work

You will be able to create unlimited projects and upload as much content as you want. So take some time now and get all your best artwork together. We want to see how you work from start to finish, so don’t hold back.

2. Lock in these dates

07 March, 2018 – Open for Submissions
15 May, 2018 – Submissions Closed
29 May, 2018 – Finalists Announced
11 June, 2018 – Winners Announced

3. Dream about prizes

We are giving away prizes every single week. As always, we giveaway a small fortune to all the category winners, but we want to share the love a bit more this year with random prizes just for being involved.

4. Get social

Make sure you don’t miss any important announcements or prize giveaways by heading over to the usual social networks. Take your pick, there is always something going on and we always love to hear from the community.

5. Tell your school

We love a good battle! Just like years before, we want schools around the world to motivate their student’s to go head-to-head with other schools and show us what you can create. We believe this is the only way to truly find the Best Schools in the World. If you think your school is the best, get your class mates together and get ready to upload your work in March and roll the dice.

We can’t wait to see everyone again. Our new site will be going live very soon so hang tight!

The Rookies Crew