New3dge , located in Paris, is a private school of higher education specialized in the fields of game arts and VFX. Their graduates are also some of the most successful professionals in the Gaming and **3D Animation + **Visual Effects industries.

This all sounds amazing, but let’s be honest, most people can’t afford to attend such an elite school. But the playing field has just completely changed!

New3dge is offering an 18-week scholarship over two years to their 3D Animation + Visual Effects or Game Art program.

The winner of this amazing opportunity will be immersed in 18-weeks of intense study, in a space that mimics a real-world animation studio. Supported by industry mentors, the winner will create a quality portfolio to showcase their skills, tell their own story, and prepare them for a career in animation or visual effects.

Course Details

We will put all our skills and know-how at your disposal for high-quality professional training.

Entries Closed: May 31st 2018.

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