Sneak Peek #2: New Portfolio and Private Dashboard coming 2019

Sneak Peek #2: New Portfolio and Private Dashboard coming 2019

Design and development of our new website is powering ahead. As mentioned last month, The Rookies is changing in 2019 and we are excited about what the team from Envy Labs is helping us to create.

I previously shared some designs of our project page builder, high-fives concept, community pages and some general design elements. This week I'd like to share with you a sneak peak at your new portfolio pages and private dashboard--yeah, you will get one of those!

The only portfolio you'll ever need

With so many art communities out there, we wanted to make sure our member portfolios were original as possible, also without being too complicated.

Our priority was to make sure we didn't follow the crowd and create yet another Artstation knock-off page which we can all agree has been poorly copied enough.

We also didn't feel the need to complicate things by offering two portfolios – a community facing page and a public facing page portfolio page. To us it made more sense to combine the two and offer the best features of both these worlds in one place.

To solve this we believe we have built a system that will be the only portfolio you'll ever need to get a job. The reason behind this claim is that it's been designed with both artists and recruiters in mind. It will quickly provide highlights of your achievements, popular portfolio projects, your experience and expertise, details of your journey and also your career goals.

For those who want to dig a little deeper, there are tabbed pages that will allow you to review a gallery of your finished artwork, browse work-in-progress projects, review your contest entries, see who you are following, compare your achievements and much more.

Private Dashboard with Custom Feeds

We know everyone is only a slightly different journey and that not all artists have the same interests or skills. We know you are all working on different projects, have different priorities and set different goals.

This is why it was crucial we included a customised dashboard for each member to keep up to date with friends, to stay focused on your own journey, to track progress of your contests, to receive targeted blog posts and announcements that are important to you and not someone else.

More Updates to Come

We have plenty more updates to share, so make sure to follow our blog and stay connected via our social media pages for updates.

In the coming weeks we will show you are custom built judging platform. The custom platform includes blind-voting capabilities which means no personal details are visible to judges eg: age, gender, location, education. The judging platform will also cross-analyse individual judges scores to create a consistant and even scoring system. The tool will be incredibly fast and has been designed to remove distractions and allowing judges to review work interactively.