This has been an idea we've had for a while now. Just like in sports, why shouldn't the best artists have trading cards too. Think of it, wouldn't it be cool to have the Debut card for the Visual Effects Supervisor who wins the 2020 Oscar Awards. Or what about the Rookie Card for the Art Director of the biggest game released at a future Game Developers Conference.

We have big plans for these and definitely plan on releasing official trading card pack for fun. At the moment, these first round of cards are just digital. They are are chance for us to promote a few of the amazing artists we have at The Rookies which we think is pretty cool.

The other reason we are releasing these early is to get some feedback from you - our members. What else do you want shown on your card if one gets released with your name?

Here are some ideas:

  • QR-Code so it could be used as a business card
  • Avatar included on card
  • More statistics
  • Additional images from your gallery

We will be releasing new cards each month, so make sure to check back and see if you've been called up to the big leagues.

Tips to get a trading card:

  • pump up those numbers (followers, high fives, following)
  • add a great looking cover image to your portfolio
  • add lots of great work to your portfolio
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